Wet Shave Club Women's Review - Grooming Subscription Box

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What is it? Wet Shave Club 
How Much? $29 per month plus $5.99 shipping. Save on 3, 6, & 12 month plans. (US$) 
What’s in it? Hand-picked selection of the best wet shave products and accessories, such as premium blades, soaps, aftershaves, and other essentials.

Wet Shave Club is a subscription service for men and women that aims to "bring back the manly ritual of traditional shaving". I had no idea there was such a huge wet shave subculture until I started researching this box. This article appeared in the National Post just the other day. The women's subscription service is brand new, so the website is still very male-oriented. Hopefully this review will give you an idea of what you can receive from the women's box.
A warm lather, a sharp blade, and 10 minutes of bliss. Experience the joy of wet shaving, with a monthly box filled with different soaps, blades, aftershaves, and more from around the world.
When you order, your first box ships the same week. In your first box, you will receive a premium safety razor, a genuine leather razor cover, a shave brush, a luxurious shaving soap (scents and brands vary), 10 blades from our current selection, one of our awesome aftershaves, and some instructional cards to help with the process. Each month thereafter, you will receive a hand-picked selection of the best wet shave products and accessories around. 

Instructions Card

Wet Shave Club Safety Razor in Pink ($35 retail price, $29.99 sale price)
This double edge safety razor can tackle all things, big and small. This safety razor will leave you with silky smooth skin, irritation-free. This investment will last for years to come and will instantly up your shaving-game. Think pink – life’s better that way.
This is a really nice quality razor with very good weight to it. The shaving instructions say let the weight of the blade do the work, don't press, which is why the razor is built this way. I wish the handle had a grip to it though. It's pretty slippery once things are all wet and lathered up.

Treet Dura Sharp Double Edge Blades (11 pack, $3.99)
These are carbon steel double edged blades, and they're very sharp!

Stirling Soap Co. Black Cherry & Strawberry Bubbly Shave Pucks (30g sample pucks, $1.25 x 2)
These smell great! They're made of beef tallow though, so if you are a vegetarian, these won't be for you.

Satin Tip The Purest Synthetic Shave Brush  ($49.99 retail, $29.99 sale)
Made of 100% pure synthetic materials. Ultra soft ends, but firm enough core bristles to make a great lather. These brushes rival and yield better results than most badger hair versions.
This is a lovely shave brush!

Whoos Soap Strawberry Citrus Body Frosting (2oz, ~$3)
This cream smells delicious! More citrusy than strawberry, but still great. This is the finishing touch.

The inaugural Wet Shave Club for Women included everything needed to get a close and luxurious shave. The retail value of these products is around $95 (or $70 sale prices). Keep in mind that you won't receive the razor handle or brush in subsequent boxes, so going forward, the box value will likely be lower. I did not receive a leather shaver cover in my box, so I guess that's only in the men's starter box. To be quite honest, I was pretty intimidated by this box. I am clumsy enough when it comes to shaving, so shaving with a duel edged blade kind of worried me. The wet shave process is long and time consuming. You can't wet shave your legs in the shower that's for sure! There is a whole process to wet shaving, a ritual of sorts. Start by prepping your razor, then your shaving brush, then your skin (most important). Then you need to build a good lather with your soap, start shaving, rinse, and go for a second pass. You keep going until your legs are totally smooth, then finish with aftershave or lotion. In the end, the shave was amazing. My legs have never felt so smooth and there was zero razor burn or irritation. Once I got the hang of things it was somewhat relaxing and I can see why men enjoy this style of shaving. You just need to slow it down and take your time. It was an interesting experience and I enjoyed the products and the process!

As far as a subscription for women, I think a monthly box is a bit too much. I shave once or twice a week, so I would only need a box like this every two to three months. If you are someone that shaves more often, you might be good with a monthly box. Since women's shaving needs are different than men, it would be great if they offered a quarterly box for women.

If you are interested in trying Wet Shave Club for men or women, click here.

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  1. Some interesting shaving items.

  2. I signed up for the subscription based on your review and was happy with my first box. I've been charged for my second but have not yet received it. I really feel like the company needs to expand on it's lady products and knowledge - their site is VERY male dominated and even the shave card had a misprint stating that you should wash your face as one step - not sure I want to stop shaving my legs to give my face a wash! I am very in favour of a bi-monthly subscription, especially since the Canadian dollar is not on par right now and it costs us canucks more!

    1. I felt the same after the first box since the website was still very male-oriented. I was hoping it would change as time went on.

  3. Found a much better deal on razorcompany.com. Canadian, get what you want when you want for men and women.


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