Pony Express Girls Review - May 2015 - Canadian Equestrian Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Pony Express Girls
How Much? $44/month for 3 months, $42/month for 6 months, $40/month for 12 months or One time box for $45. Additional shipping cost of $4.50 per box.
What’s in it? New and trendy products, everyday staples, and cult favourite products for horse and rider.

Pony Express Girls is a new subscription box that caters to horse lovers. PEG is the only equine monthly subscription box in Canada. Each month they deliver an exciting package full of all the best gear for horses and riders.  Your box may include fun new-to-market products, the best grooming tools to gourmet treats & more. Pony Express Girls also strives to get Canadian made, organic and natural products in the box.

I am not an equestrian, but I do work with one! My co-worker Angela owns 7 horses and in her spare time, she runs a barn in Langley, the horse capital of British Columbia. She has experience with riding, raising and training horses, so I gave her this box and asked her for her honest opinions.

The theme for the May box is "Good Clean Fun" and includes several items to help get you and your pony squeaky clean.

Hydra Scrub & Wash Sponge (Medium, $2.29)
This sponge has a scrubby on one side and sponge on the other. It can stand up to tough use and the part that interested Angela the most is that it can be boiled and sterilized to use again and again. Aside from the boiling aspect, Angela felt it was just a sponge like any other and didn't perform and worse or any better than a regular scrubby.

Tail Tamer Products Inc. Two Grooming Shammies ($3.49)
At first Angela was skeptical of the shammies but after the weekend she reported back that they are fantastic and multi-use. She said they were great for using dry to wipe the horses of dust and dry dirt, spot drying, and cleaning faces. They were also great for polishing cowboy boots and tack.

Cedar Point Soaps Citrus Sunshine (4-5oz, $5.30 CDN)
This is a human soap so I kept this one for myself. It smells great and is a great wake-up aid in my morning shower. These soaps are handmade by a Metis artisan in Ontario!

Effol Horse Balm (50ml, $2.99)
Angela described this as A535 for horses, but humans can use it too. She said it's good for horsey legs, but this little jar wouldn't do even an entire leg, but it's a good starter sample. She also said Effol is a good, well known equestrian brand.

Slick N Easy Grooming Block ($2.99)
Angela raved about this block, saying she uses them regularly and they are handy at removing bot fly eggs, dust, dirt, and hair. She referred to it as a "bot block" and said they are a pretty standard tool in a horse-groomers arsenal.

EquiGroomer (5", $16.95)
This is a very popular item right now. It can be used on horses, cats, and dogs and is said to remove loose hair, dirt and dander. The underside has a very fine comb that almost looks like a small band-saw blade, but it's not sharp. Angela said she had heard of this tool but hadn't tried it before so she was very curious!

Feelgood Treats Apple Trail Blazin Bits (2oz sample bag, $1.12 CDN)
These treats are Canadian made from natural, preservative-free ingredients. They did contain a lot of sugar though, which meant the horses loved them. Angela said they were gone in an instant.

My Barn Child Woven Bling Bracelet ($12 CDN)
This bracelet is magnetic so it goes on and off easily. I gave it to my niece and she was thrilled.

The May "Good Clean Fun" box from Pony Express Girls included eight products, with a retail value of about $55 CDN. It's a nice box, full of useful items for horses and their owners. My horse expert Angela approved of every horse-related item in the box. The two items for the human were a nice touch as well, although the bracelet gave the box a younger vibe. The FAQ say PEG box is for everyone, but I think it would be a great treat for a 'tween or teen equestrian. 

 Is there a horse girl in your life? Click here to check out Pony Express Girls.
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