BetterBox Review - Gratitude Sample Quest - Life-Affirming Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? BetterBox 
How Much? $29/month plus free shipping (US$) 
What’s in it? A collection of joyful activities to shape your happiest life

BetterBox is a new subscription that aims to help you live your very best life. The idea is that if you better yourself, you will better your life. Each BetterBox includes a Quest, built around a life-affirming theme. The Quest is composed of simple, daily deeds to cultivate positive habits, uplifting emotions, and a happier outlook on life in just minutes a day. Each box contains a collection of life-affirming activities, hand-selected goods to support your quest, and step-by-step guidance and inspiration. It's like a personal life coach in a box!

Much more than just another source of life-enhancing advice, each BetterBox will provide you with concrete steps to make a real difference in your wellness and happiness. And it's all designed to fit easily in your life.

The VIP Sample Quest I received is all about Gratitude. The Gratitude Quest is crafted to incrementally train your attention to gravitate toward the gifts and blessing is your life-instead of the problems. Gratitude can elevate your moody, improve your energy, and enhance your physical well-being. This is an abbreviated 7-day Quest, designed to give readers a taste of BetterBox. The full Gratitude Quest, which ships in July, lasts 30 days!

Once I received the box, I was instructed to visit the website and enter my e-mail address and an activation code. My daily deed would appear in my e-mail inbox each day.

I unboxed all the goodies and wondered what might be in store for me during the week ahead.  The instruction sheet noted that the gifts are included to support my daily deeds, and specified "don't eat the cookie"! Darnit!

I activated my code around 8:00PM on a Thursday. My first quest appeared in my inbox within 10 minutes. 

Each day for the next seven days, you’ll be getting a new BetterBox Deed from our Gratitude BetterBox. Each one is designed to be quick, easy, and effective in helping you connect meaningfully with the many blessings that can be so easily overlooked in our lives.

Day 1: Reflection Mind Map
In this activity, I had to write down a person, place, and thing that I am grateful for. Then I had to list some qualities that these things share that make me grateful for them. In the last step, I had to think of other  people, places, and things that share the same qualities, that may have been overlooked or neglected by my gratitude. I won't share the finished product, because it is quite personal, and it was also quite hard. There are definitely a few people in my life that I overlooked.

Day 2: Showing Gratitude
My first issue with BetterBox appeared on Day 2. Since I activated my quest at 8:00 pm on day one, I didn't receive my next e-mail until 24 hours later, just after 8:00 pm on day two, and every day thereafter. This made it very difficult to complete my daily task, since the day was nearly over. To solve this issue, I postponed day two till the next day. This way, I would receive the e-mails the night before and be able to plan my day accordingly. Keep this in mind if you embark on your own Quest. It would be better if the e-mail showed up first thing every morning instead of every 24 hours. 
Gratitude can be infectious—both for you and your loved ones. That’s why showing you care is so important.
For this one, I ended up writing a "love note" to my boyfriend, thanking him for being in my life and for everything he has done for me. It felt good putting it down on paper, and I really think he appreciated my thoughts.

Day 3: In Thanks for the Simple Things
Simple things can have such power in our lives. If we notice them. Today’s deed will help you bask in warm appreciation for a simple pleasure we too often miss.
My patio has an obstructed view on the west, so I wasn't able to admire the sunset while drinking my tea, but I did enjoy a quiet few moments enjoying the good weather and delicious tea.

Day 4: Your Happy Place

Today we’ll be reflecting on the power that a special place can exert in our lives.

This was  taken on the beach in Comox during a weekend getaway to Vancouver Island. The beach and the ocean relax and rejuvenate me so this was the perfect place to be on Day 4. I did not complete Step 3 of the Quest though. I love the Gratitude stone so much I couldn't bear to part with it. I'm actually thinking of taking it on all my travels and doing a series of photos like the one above, so I never forget to be grateful for travel opportunities, but also remember to be grateful for home.

Day 5: Inspire Gratitude in Others
 Let’s do something that gives someone else reason to feel grateful!

BetterBox induced some ideas for BetterDeeds. I ended up baking my co-workers homemade brownies for no reason at all! We ate them too quickly to get a photo.

Day 6: Make a Wall of Gratitude
Out of sight, out of mind, they say. And in our experience, there’s some truth to it. That’s why it’s so important to stay connected to the gifts and blessings in our lives—which is what today’s Deed is all about.

My Wall of Gratitude is affixed to my bedroom mirror, under my "Be Brave" decal.  I can see all the things I'm grateful for each morning.

Day 7: Gratitude for Yourself
Our final Deed is one that turns gratitude back on the beautiful one who looks back at you in the mirror each morning. We hope you enjoy.

No photo of bath time, but it was great! I often forget to take time to myself. Even when I'm alone, I'm still working on the blog, cleaning up the house, or doing things for other people. I am constantly multitasking and am very rarely idle. Bath time is the only time I can be truly idle and do absolutely nothing but sit, soak, and relax.

My week ended and I still had a cookie. I wondered if I missed something along the way, but I read back through every e-mail and there was no mention of the cookie. Maybe I was supposed to give it away on Day 5? Instead, I enjoyed it on the final day and showed myself some more gratitude.

My BetterBox Gratitude Sample Quest included 7 simple and rewarding activities to help me train my brain to remember gifts and blessings in my life. I'm not usually one for self-help or spiritual approaches, but I truly enjoyed this experience. I looked forward to receiving my e-mail each day to see what task was in store for me. The Gratitude Quest allowed me some opportunities that I probably wouldn't have had or given myself time for without BetterBox. My one complaint is that the e-mails came too late in the day because I activated my Quest in the late evening. It would be better if the e-mails arrived first thing every morning so people can plan their day with the quest in mind. I'm also confused as to what I was actually supposed to do with the cookie as it wasn't referenced in any of the e-mails, just the Quest Briefing (where it said don't eat it). I didn't value any items in this box because the value isn't in the products. This is an experience box and it's not something you can put a value on. I enjoyed it so much, I'm thinking of signing up in time for the full 30-day Gratitude Quest.

The first box ships in July so if BetterBox interests you, sign up today!

Click here to check out BetterBox

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  1. this is actually a really cool idea. I don't know how sustainable it would be for more than one "experience" but as a one-off, I think it's really neat. Thanks for sharing.

    1. From there website it looks like they have quite a few "quests" set up. It could go on for quite a while if they have an audience for it. Here is what's listed on the "How it Works" page:


  2. Hello Jill!

    Thanks for your kind review.

    We've gone ahead and adjusted our BetterBox mail system to send out each day's deeds at 6:00 am. It's a great suggestion sure to improve the overall experience. We so appreciate your feedback!

    Your friends at BetterBox


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