Simple Loose Leaf Review - April 2015 - Tea Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? Simple Loose Leaf
How much?  $15/month. Save on 3 and 6 month subscriptions. (US$)
What's in it?
4+ teas from around the world. Approximately 1/2 ounce of each variety.

Simple Loose Leaf is a tea subscription service that sends 4-5 pouches of tea each month from around the world. Each pouch contains approximately half an ounce of tea, and is enough for a full pot or several single serve cups. Upon subscribing, you also get a member ID code that allows you to get 50% off all teas ordered from the Simple Loose Leaf shop. 

I first reviewed Simple Loose Leaf in July 2014. Since then, Simple Loose Leaf has re-designed their website and changed the subscription model to make it more affordable.

Product Card

Each box includes two re-usable muslin tea bags. I prefer paper tea bags because I'm not really keen on rinsing out my tea bag after each use, but I appreciate the thought.

Taimu Mountain Green
A green tea from the slopes of the Taimu Mountains in Fujian, China. These delicate, unopened buds appear perfectly white against the young, opened green leaves. Look for a wildflower scent and a slightly dry finish.

Fujian Fine Black
Our fine leafed black tea comes from Fujian, China. Look for a naturally sweet cocoa not, with a deep fruitiness and a hint of spice. If you are looking for a soft sweet tea with a mineral finish and a smooth delicate astringency, you will love this black tea.

Jasmine Rooibos
Our Jasmine Rooibos tea comes from South Africa and is infused with the elegant and elicate scent of the night blooming jasmine flowers. Rooibos has a mellow and smooth taste with a wonderfully aromatic presence due to the Jasmine.

Nutty Mocha Mate
We present a Brazilian toasted mate with a mellow chicory note enhanced with the bold flavors of chocolate and hazelnut.

Tropical Green Rooibos
Green rooibos is a lighter bodied, un-oxidized version of the traditional "red tea". Our blend of passion fruit, mango and apricot will take you back to the beach.

The April offering from Simple Loose Leaf included five pouches of tea, originating from across the globe! I weighed each pouch and they range from 12-14 grams (0.42-0.49 ounces), so there is a fair amount of tea to last through the month. Simple Loose Leaf sells each variety for $6 per ounce, which means the value paid is pretty well equivalent to the value received. On top of that, subscribers get 50% off on store purchases, so if you find a tea you love and want more, you can get an ounce for only $3. It's an easy and affordable way to sample different teas from different regions.

Click here to check out Simple Loose Leaf.
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