Scent Trunk Women Review - May 2015 - Canadian Fragrance Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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** This box no longer ships to Canada.** 
What is it? Scent Trunk
How Much? $18 per month, plus tax. Free shipping. Save on 6 & 12 month terms. Prices in US dollars.
What’s in it? Three fragrance miniatures, tailored to your preferences

Scent Trunk is a Canadian fragrance subscription service that initially only offered men's fragrances, but as of May 1st, Scent Trunk now has a women's subscription as well!  Each "trunk" contains three 1.5-3ml fragrance miniatures, which Scent Trunk says will last the entire month. The box also includes fragrance notes on each sample.
Your whole mood can be swayed by the scent that you wear. Scent is extremely personal – everyone’s different. That’s why we custom-select fragrances based on your Scent Profile. Let us know what you’re into and we’ll find something niche and unique so it’s always interesting! We call it personality in a box! – Scent Trunk Team.

Scent Trunk takes the guesswork out of selecting fragrances and helps you find your perfect scent. You fill out a personalized Scent Profile quiz, and Scent Trunk selected samples tailored just for you and sends them to your door. When you find one you love, head to their shop and buy a full size version.

This video explains their service a little more:

Scent Trunk also hopes to educate their subscribers about fragrance, which is why they started publishing "Scent School" posts on their blog. One of the lessons is about fragrance concentration, and explaints why it's not such a bad thing to get small sample sizes. Here's an excerpt:
Scent School: Fragrance Concentration
One interesting thing you’ll find with Scent Trunk, is that you’ll get a different amount of each of your fragrances, and you’re probably wondering why!
The fragrance oil is what makes a scent rich, and long-lasting.  Different fragrances have different amounts of oil and this affects its longevity.  Here are the different types of fragrances and the amount of oil in them:
1)      Eau Fraiche: 3% or less
2)      Eau de Cologne: 2 – 5%
3)      Eau de Toilette: 4 – 10%
4)      Eau de Parfum: 8 – 15%
5)      Soie de Parfum: 15 – 18%
6)      Parfum: 15 – 25%
So if you get less of one your scents, don’t fret, you probably need to put less on!

Now for my review of the new Scent Trunk Women box. You can see my previous Scent Trunk Men review here

The package is just like the men's box, except it's white and the men's box is black. There are no "useful tips" in this box. It's all about the fragrances.

Each fragrance comes with a colourful info card. On one side is a promo image and the other side has fragrance notes. This is the inaugural Scent Trunk Women, which was sent out for review purposes. As a subscriber, you will get to complete a scent profile and scents will be tailored to your preferences.

Parfums de Marly Paris - Safanad 
Safanad by Parfums de Marly is a Floral fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Safanad was launched in 2013. Top notes are orange and pear; middle notes are orange blossom, ylang-ylang and iris; base notes are amber, sandalwood and vanilla. 
I really like this scent. I enjoy citrus and vanilla scents so one that has citrus and vanilla is great. It had a slight sweet scent.

Rance 1795 Milan - Pauline Eau de Parfum
Top notes offer luminous and sparkling zest of Sicilian orange, accompanied with exotic ylang ylang and cotton blossom. A heart is intoxicating and floral, composed of white Grasse rose, wild violet and Indian patchouli, while a base closes with Lebanese cedar, Siamese benzoin and tonka beans. Pauline offers icy cold and warm notes in the same time, and they present the perfect balance on the skin and enrich it with top notch floral essences used for the purpose of creating this shiny composition.
At first I didn't like this one because I could only smell the alcohol, but then the subtle orange and floral came through and it was pretty nice.  According to Fragrantica, this scent was launched in 2011.

Zoologist - Panda Eau de Parfum
Panda Eau de Parfum is a fresh green fragrance that combines the delightful scents of bamboo and zisu leaves to send you on an unforgettable aromatic adventure. Your journey begins at a quaint Sichuan pepper farm surrounded by mountain streams and then leads you through a forest of osmanthus flowers as you finally make your way into a cozy garden filled with juicy mandarin trees and blooming lilies. Panda is a scent ensemble that will truly awaken and rejuvenate your senses.
This one I absolutely did not like. I smelled like grass. Thankfully, as a subscriber, I would be able to specify which scents I prefer, so I wouldn't get any more earthy scents like this. Fragrantica says this one was launched in 2014.

The inaugural May Scent Trunk Women contained three fragrance samples, with approximately 4.5mL of fragrance. There isn't really any value to the products themselves, instead the value of a subscription like this is in the curation. All three of these fragrances are from brands that aren't readily available in North America. I like that Scent Trunk searches far and wide to bring in new scents and new brands, instead of the usual ones that we see all the time in subscription boxes. These are fragrances I never would have been able to try on my own. If you are someone who loves trying new perfumes, this could be a great subscription for you.

If you are interested in trying Scent Trunk for yourself, or someone you love, you can save 25% off your first Trunk. Use promo code NICHE25 at checkout to claim your discount. Code is valid until May 15th! 

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Click here to check out Scent Trunk.
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  1. The scents sound good! The first fragrance sounds like one I would like a lot sinceI like citrus scents.


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