Roasters Pack Review - April 2015 - Canadian Coffee Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? The Roasters Pack 
How Much? $29.99/month. Save on 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. Includes tax and shipping! 
What's in it? Three 4oz bags of fresh coffee beans, roasted by independent Canadian roasters

The Roasters Pack is a Canadian coffee subscription service. Each month, The Roasters Pack sends three roasts from three different artisan roasters. The independently roasted beans can make more than a month’s worth of coffee. You can choose your grind or go with whole bean. 

We dig to find coffee roasters that aren't available on your average grocery shelf but are producing exceptional coffee. For the one beverage most folks drink daily, we want to make it as enjoyable and interesting as possible. Our goal is to put the light on some of the smaller roasters who are creating a great product but don't have the means to get through the regular channels of distribution.

Along with three packages of coffee each month, The Roasters Pack also offers tasting notes and special extras. On their website, you can find in depth information about the roast and the roaster behind it.
All our roasters have a unique story to tell. Through videos, photographs and interviews of the roasters, we present a unique and intimate perspective on their craft. We share their coffee, their story and then share a portion of the profits with the charity.
First look

The box smells delicious!

Along with a card detailing the coffees and tasting notes, we also received a tip card with instructions on how to use an AeroPress coffee maker.  As a bonus, there was also a free download offer for a brewing guide called "Put on the Coffee" and a code for a download of "A Film About Coffee", which is just what it says - a documentary about the coffee industry.

Detour Coffee Roasters Kivu Kibuye
Source: Rwanda
Roasted: Burlington, Ontario
Tasting Notes: Mandarin Orange, milk chocolate, black tea
"This coffee is super fun, complex and interesting. As it cools loads of mandarin orange, cherry and peach come forward with milk chocolate and black tea."

Bows & Arrows Coffee Roasters Noel Miranda
Source: Bolivia
Roasted: Victoria, British Columbia
Tasting Notes: Shortbread, plum, gulab jamun
“Noel Miranda’s coffee is very sweet, with a caramelized sugar and cassia aroma; low acidity and pleasant texture, a lingering sweetness. Friends and family, really everyone who lives on your street, will enjoy this coffee. Also did I mention its ridiculously sweet.”

Hale Coffee Colombia Huila
Source: Colombia
Roasted: Toronto, Ontario
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, honey, cinnamon, citrus
“The coffee has a subtle fruitiness to it that underlies the traditional chocolate base when brewing on Chemex. On Espresso, the flavours were incredible, an instant tang on your tongue might shock the system, but a gradual sweet honey develops, leaving you wanting more and wondering how a perfectly frothed milk will go with it.”

The April box from The Roasters Pack included three pouches of coffee, plus a few extras to enhance your coffee tasting experience. Each pouch weighs 125 grams (just over 4.4 ounces each). On a monthly subscription, it works out to $10 per bag. I love that they source their coffee from small, independent roasters all across Canada. It's a great way to sample varieties that you normally wouldn't be able to source on your own. With Father's Day coming in June, this could be a good gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life.

Click here to check out The Roasters Pack.

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