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Glossybox Review - May 2015 - Beauty Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review & this post contains affiliate links.
What is it?Glossybox
How much? $21/month plus $5 shipping. Save on 3, 6, & 12 month subscriptions. Prices in US dollars.
What's in it? 5 surprise luxury beauty products packaged in a glossy pink gift box
Glossybox is a deluxe beauty sampling program, operating in more than a dozen countries worldwide. They consider themselves the "leading purveyor of luxury beauty samples on a global stage". Glossybox US started shipping to Canada in November 2014. Products in your Glossybox are selected based on your beauty profile, age, location, and sign-up date. 
Glossybox has some of the best packaging in the business, but the contents always come off centre like this. How the heck does that happen?

According to the May 2015 Glossybox page, there were 23 different products sent out in the May boxes. I mentioned last month that Glossybox changed their subscription model a bit, and instead of s…

Ipsy Review - May 2015 - Beauty Subscription Box

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What is it?Ipsy Glam Bag
How Much? $10 per month, plus $4.95 shipping to Canada (US$)
What’s in it? 4-5 beauty products every month
Ipsy is a San Francisco based beauty subscription that sends a beautiful Glam Bag filled with with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Once you've received your Glam Bag, you can head over to the Ipsy Community to watch tutorial videos and play along with the Ipsy stylists, using the same products they are using.
The theme for May is Jet Setter. 
Buckle up, buttercup. We'll bring the beauty essentials, and you bring the flair. Celeb status or not, we're flying first class to fabulous, and the sky's the limit. Jetlag is for amateurs. The pouch this month is a special edition mini makeup clutch by Breakups to Makeup. There were three versions available. You can see them all here. A full-size Breakups to Makeup clutch goes for $35, but Ipsters can save 20% using code IPSY20 at checkout.  

Luxie Beau…

SprezzaBox Review - May 2015 - Men's Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review and this post contains affiliate links.
What is it?SprezzaBox
How Much? $34 per month, including shipping (US$). Save on 3, 6, and 12 month terms.
What’s in it? 3-4 lifestyle products and 1 grooming item to help a man redefine his style experience.
SprezzaBox is a subscription box for men that sends 4-5 products each month to help men add more style to their wardrobes. Each box will contain 3-4 lifestyle products and 1 grooming item. A typical box will have a tie, socks, an accessory and a grooming product. You may also be surprised with an occasional pocket square, bow tie, cuff links, or other trendy product. SprezzaBox is geared towards the "modern corporate man, everyday dapper gent ", or just those looking to spruce themselves up once in a while!
Each box is chosen based on seasons, current fashion trends and most importantly the quality. Our head stylist personally hand picks, wears and styles the products before curat…

Bespoke Post Review - April 2015 "Charred" - Men's Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it?Bespoke Post Box of Awesome
How Much? $45 per month + tax, plus $10-20 shipping to Canada (US dollars)
What's in it? Fresh & interesting lifestyle brands for men built around a central, unique theme   

Bespoke Post is a lifestyle subscription box for men. Each month, Bespoke Post sends a new "Box of Awesome" - a box filled with a limited edition collection of products built around a specific theme. To complement the box, Bespoke posts how-to-videos, tips & tricks, and interviews with the makers. Their goal is to introduce men to something new. Many of the boxes could appeal to women as well, which is why I subscribe!

There were a few boxes available for April. I selected "Charred", a barbecue themed box. The warm weather has been gracing the shores of Vancouver for a couple weeks now, so I'm declaring it officially BBQ season!

Grilling is more than just a way to cook your ribeye. It's a celebratio…

PawPak Review - April 2015 - Canadian Pet Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.

** This company is no longer in business ** What is it? PawPak How Much? $34.95/month + tax. Save on 3, 6, & 12 month plans. Shipping included.
What’s in it? A mix of toys, treats and other goodies for your furry friend 
PawPak is a Canadian subscription service for dogs. When you sign up, your furry friend will receive a box of toys, treats, and other goodies every month. PawPak is a family owned company, run by dog lovers. They are proud to be Canadian and in every box PawPak makes a point of including Canadian made products from Canadian companies.
I didn't take a picture of the product card this time, but the April box was all about Earth Day. All the products came tucked into this re-usable cotton tote. I try to use re-useable bags whenever I can, and this one has already been put to work.

Darford Treats Megabone in Mega P'Nut ($3.69)
This really is a mega bone! Darford is based in Vernon, BC.

Whimzees Hedgehog Dental Chew …

BarkBox Review - April 2015 - Pet Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it?BarkBox
How Much? $29 per month, plus $5 shipping. Save big on 3, 6, and 12 month pre-paid subscriptions (US$).
What's in it? 4 or more products and presents for your dog

BarkBox is the original subscription box for dogs. I first subscribed to BarkBox in June 2013 and was very happy with the two boxes I received. BarkBox sends a monthly box of carefully selected products for your dog. Products may include toys, bones & all-natural treats, hygiene products, or innovative new gadgets. BarkBox also has a BarkShop so you can order more of your favourite products at a great rate.

I'm been wanting to do an updated review on BarkBox for quite a while. Along with a review, I also have a great story to share. BarkBox has referral program which awards you one free box for every new subscriber you refer. I cancelled my BarkBox subscription in July 2013, so I didn't think much about it, but this past October, I logged into my account to …

Simple Loose Leaf Review - April 2015 - Tea Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? Simple Loose Leaf
How much?  $15/month. Save on 3 and 6 month subscriptions. (US$)
What's in it? 4+ teas from around the world. Approximately 1/2 ounce of each variety.
Simple Loose Leaf is a tea subscription service that sends 4-5 pouches of tea each month from around the world. Each pouch contains approximately half an ounce of tea, and is enough for a full pot or several single serve cups. Upon subscribing, you also get a member ID code that allows you to get 50% off all teas ordered from the Simple Loose Leaf shop. 

I first reviewed Simple Loose Leaf in July 2014. Since then, Simple Loose Leaf has re-designed their website and changed the subscription model to make it more affordable.

Product Card
Each box includes two re-usable muslin tea bags. I prefer paper tea bags because I'm not really keen on rinsing out my tea bag after each use, but I appreciate the thought.

Taimu Mountain Green
A green tea from the slopes o…