Project Candy Box Review - April 2015 - Canadian Candy Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Project Candy Box 
How much? $30/month plus tax and $5 shipping (Canada wide) 
What's in it? At surprise assortment of at least 10 different candy items

Project Candy Box is a Canadian candy subscription service that sends a monthly box of sweets from around the world. Each month you will receive an assortment of different candies and treats, tied together with a theme. I first posted about Project Candy Box back in September 2014. I also reviewed their Launch Box in December 2014. Read my previous review here.

Every month will be a different experience and a fun, new way to sample new treats. From sweet to sour, gummy to chocolate, old to new and near to far, our candy combinations have been carefully crafted to wow your taste buds.
Instead of a product info sheet, the details are posted online each month. You can learn more about the April box here.  
This month, Project Candy Box subscribers are enjoying a box full of candy and chocolate inspired by Easter! We hope you enjoyed the month of April and are happy to say goodbye to the cold and depressing Canadian winter. April is a time to celebrate not only Easter but the beautiful weather and colors that we see in spring!
At first the box looked packed full, but upon closer inspection, there was a layer of packing peanuts on the bottom of the box.

Cadbury Fudgee-O Egg and Cadbury Caramilk Egg
New on the market this year are a spin on yolk filled Cadbury eggs. These delicious chocolate and caramel filled eggs by Cadbury and Christie are extremely rich. Hard to split it up, the easiest thing to do is tear it open and pop the whole thing into your mouth.
Caramilk is my fave! I gave the Fudgee-O to a friend and she could only finish half of it. Tsk Tsk.

Simple Chocolate Eggs (x2)
Classic chocolate eggs are a must in any Easter package. These simple milk chocolate treats are extremely nostalgic and are a reminder that sometimes it is the simple things in life that often taste the best. 
I'm not a fan of eggs like these. The chocolate isn't very good quality and they didn't taste great.

Mighty Malts Speckled Malted Milk Mini Eggs
Who isn't a fan of chocolate covered malt balls? What about chocolate covered malt EGGS?! Super cute and very appropriate for this holiday, enjoy how easily these malt chocolate eggs melt in your mouth.I guess I'm the only one who is not a fan of malted milk balls. I think it's a texture thing. These were passed to my co-workers.

Candy Land Fruit Salad Raspberry & Pineapple Chews
British candies are amazing. If you have been getting Project Candy Box for a few months now, you will begin to understand how candy from the UK is more flavorful and chocolate is smoother and creamier. This holds true for the raspberry and pineapple flavored chews inside of this fruit salad candy.I wasn't a fan of these either. They weren't as chewy as say, Starburst chews, and the Raspberry/Pineapple combo was kind of muddled.

Choco-Pick Crackers
Another innovative Korean creation is the Choco Pick Cracker. The best way to describe this treat is to compare it to a classic snack that you have either had in your lunchbox or packed in your children's lunchbox at one point of their lives. DUNKAROOOOOO'S! The Choco Pick Cracker has long biscuits with a section of chocolate icing and a section of sprinkles. No instructions necessary and double dipping is encouraged! Have fun with this treat. 

I love treats like this because they are tasty and fan. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the cracker dippers of this one. They were too savoury so it made for an odd combo with chocolate and sprinkles. 

Giant Caplico Ice Cream Cone
WHAT IS THIS?! I know you are all wondering. Definitely the most unique item in our box this month. This Japanese strawberry ice cream cone has the most flavor of any item we have put in the box so far. As you begin to eat through the layer of strawberry chocolate, you will be greeted by an inside layer of pure milk chocolate. The crunchy and bubbly texture will leave you wanting more but it is definitely rich enough for one person. No shocker that this is Aaron's pick of the month. Very excited for you to try this one!

This strange thing is from Japan. The strawberry chocolate top was very light and airy, like Aero. My friend enjoyed the cone filled with chocolate.

Maynards Sour Patch Kids Beanz 
In our opinion, Maynards just does it best time and time again. These bean (or egg) jellies have just a hint of sour but are packed with fruit flavors that explode in your mouth. The semi hard shell with the soft jelly is a great combination for your taste buds. Definitely one of the top items in the box this month.
These are new to the market. I love that we get to try brand new products through Project Candy Box.

Air Heads Bites in Berry
Not sure why they call them bites because each piece of candy is about the size of 2 Maynard beanz! These chews have the great Airhead flavor that you may be used to in the past but there are new flavors like blackberry and banana berry that you need to try. The packaging is awesome and I wouldn't be surprised if you pick this package up first. Definitely one of the top items in the box this month... wait did I say that already?
This is another brand new product. I'm saving these two to share with my nieces!

Candy Land Chewy Nougat
Barratt Nougat Original is a traditional British confectionary delight comprising soft and chewy vanilla and raspberry nougat infused with tasty peanut pieces. This delicious bar of nougat is made with natural flavours and colours. Did you know: Nougat is thought to have originated in southern Europe, and the name “nougat” comes from the Latin “nux gatum” - which translates as “nut cake”.

E. Fruitti Gummy Candy Fried Eggs (x2)
There isn't much said about these gummies. They taste like peach and were pretty tasty.

Huer Super Sour Whips 
Last to the April box is a heavy dose of strawberry and sour. These sour whips are chewy and fun and if the packaging is any suggestion, it will make your neck twist round and round. If you are into that then you will really enjoy these sour whips. If you are not into that, then you will probably still enjoy this treat.
These weren't as sour as described, but they were great and they're all gone!

The April Project Candy Box included fourteen candy items. It's not easy to put a value on a box like this, since many of the snacks are sourced outside Canada, but I estimate the value to be right around the cost of the box (not including shipping). That works out to about $1.64 per item. It's a fun mix of snacks to celebrate Easter and sharing. I like that they include old favourites, as well as new products, and some treats from other countries. Asian candies and treats are always interesting!

If you are interested in trying Project Candy Box enter promo code CBACANDY10 at checkout to save 10% off your first order!

Click here for Project Candy Box.

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  1. They look good! I want some now.

  2. Once again, Jill, you are a bad influence ;) I just subscribed !!!


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