Popbasic Review - Ariel Collection + April Sneak Peek & DISCOUNT!

**This company is no longer offering collections.**
What is it? Popbasic
How Much? Between $50-100 per collection, with free shipping (US$ - does not cover duties/tax). Save $15 off your first order using my referral link.
What's in it? Three-piece micro collection plus a beauty or lifestyle surprise from a partnering company.

Popbasic is a fashion service based in San Francisco, California. Popbasic believes "staples are a necessity in every wardrobe".  Popbasic produces "beautiful, luxurious pieces so you can build your wardrobe over time". It's not a subscription service. If you sign up to receive one collection, you will not automatically receive the next one. Instead, Popbasic releases details on each collection and let's you decide whether or not you want to purchase it. 

The Ariel Collection was released March 18th. The collection includes a tank top and two necklaces. I have the Popbasic Le Breton top, and I love it, so I was hoping the tank top fit similar to the Le Breton. The Ariel Collection was also priced more affordable than past collections, at only $55.

The box was pretty light and sparse compared to past collections! It shipped within days of ordering and it arrived quickly. The box was delivered by Canada Post and I wasn't charged any additional fees/tax by CBSA. (I have never been charged tax by CBSA on Popbasic deliveries, but you should be aware that it could happen).

Product cards

Ariel Necklace (Retail $35)

Add to your treasure trove with our Ariel Necklace. Stack it with your Crystal Rainbow Necklace or wear along with your Charcoal Tank. Zinc alloy, rhinestone. Length: 20 inches.

Crystal Rainbow Necklace (Retail $35)
We couldn’t choose just one sparkly accessory for you. Pair this holographic beauty with your Ariel Necklace or wear it wrapped around your wrist for a subtle pop to your outfit. Zinc alloy, rhinestone. Length: 20 inches.  

(Bonus ribbon hair tie pictured! It was used to secure the jewellery box).

These necklaces are nice and are much better quality than some Popbasic jewellery pieces I've received in the past. I feel like their retail price valuations on jewellery items are really inflated though. These necklaces are also identical, aside from the colour.

Bonus Sample - Pinrose Try-at-Home Fragrance Kit
Petals are the newest way to experience luxury fragrance. These single-dose sachets keep your fragrance fresh and are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.  
This kit contains five "Petal Packs". It's a really cool concept. I haven't tried any of them yet though. 

Basic Charcoal Tank (Retail $45)
An essential wardrobe staple, our Basic Charcoal Tank can be worn with our Great Stretch Skinny Jeans for an easy date outfit, or pair it with a blazer and pencil skirt for work. Rayon blend.
This tank is not what I expected. On the one hand the fabric is soft and the tank is well made. The problem is it has zero stretch, and the sizing is very strange. I order XL to accommodate a large chest. Unfortunately because this tank has zero stretch, it's large in the chest and gapes at the arm holes, and then it's way too tight around the torso and waist. It's a very strange cut and completely different than how it looks on the model.

This ended up being a disappointing collection for me, but I am happy to report that some sneak peeks have been released for the next collection, coming at the end of April, and it looks awesome. Popbasic revealed on Instagram that their next collection will include a black dress, sunglasses, and a bracelet. A leather lilac coloured clutch is also being released this month. We haven't seen a full view of the dress yet, but it looks good so far. I estimate this collection will be in the $70 range and previous leather clutches have gone for $100. Remember that you can save $15 on your first collection by using my referral link!

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  1. Looks like you get some nice stuff but bummer to hear that you were disappointed about it.


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