Lip Monthly Review - March 2015 - Beauty Subscription Box

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What is it? Lip Monthly
How Much? $10 per month, plus approximately $3 shipping & tax.
What’s in it? 4 - 5 lip products such as lip Glosses, lip Sticks, lip Balms, lip Stains and much more. 

Before I begin the March review, I'm going to address an e-mail I received from a reader. The e-mail basically said that I should include warnings about Lip Monthly in my reviews because, after signing up for the service based on my February review,  she later read about people being double charged. Unfortunately this reader ended up being double charged by Lip Monthly as well, and said had she known up front that this was an issue, she never would have signed up.

Every review I write is a reflection of my own experience with a service. I've never written about billing issues because I have never experienced these issues. I have experienced shipping issues and concerns about product selection, which I wrote about in December. I wrote about shipping delays again in January. I also linked to my December Lip Monthly review in the February post. I've been pretty open about my feelings on Lip Monthly.

Ultimately I think it's important for the consumer to research a service fully before subscribing. I've written about this before here. It's good practice to review several months worth of reviews from several sources. Another tip is to read the comments section on reviews and check social media sites to see what others (non-bloggers) are saying. Everyone has different experiences and opinions. Liz from MSA wrote about Lip Monthly in March as well, and received a mixed bag of reviews. Some love the service and some have had issues. The only way to protect yourself is to do due diligence before subscribing, keep all e-mails, and review your credit card statements regularly... but still, every subscription service comes with a risk, regardless of the reviews. Remember Whimsey Box?

The one warning I will give is that it appears that Lip Monthly is up for sale (according to the comments in Liz's post). Knowing how that has turned out with other services that have changed ownership (Seasons Box is the best example), I would be leery about signing up for a long-term subscription.

Now for my March Lip Monthly review...

The first bag of spring includes a bunch of bright and sunny colours. Pinks and corals from known brands are included. I'm going to address the bag again... it doesn't stink this month! It's actually useable. But it's a repeat of the January bag. It seems like they only have a handful of designs and recycle them every few months. I will say it again - I would prefer no bag at all.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Mighty Mango  ($1.99)
I don't mind this colour. I think it would be great for a pedi. This colour has been in the Sally Hansen collection since 2012, but it's still listed on their website and available for purchase from several drugstores.

Jordana Cosmetics Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Raspberry ($1.99)
I've never received a Jordana product before, but this colour is to pink for my tastes.

J Cat The Big Lip Pencil in Plum ($3.99)
I like lip pencils like this, but this colour is too dark for my tastes. Where are the neutrals!?

Hikari Cosmetics Lipstick in Crush ($13)
This lipstick is bright pink and totally not my colour so I gave it to a colour loving co-worker and she really likes it and said it's long lasting.

My March Lip Monthly bag included four full-size products with a retail value of $21 US. I like that they included a variety of lip products, with a pencil, lipstick, and gloss. It's also nice to get a non-lip products (one that isn't a silly perfume sample like January). However, after the great bag last month, this one is very underwhelming. None of the lip products were shades I would use, so I ended up giving them all away. I kept the nail polish because it will be good for pedicures. This will be my last Lip Monthly review because I didn't renew my subscription. I kind of feel about Lip Monthly the same way I feel about Beauty Box 5. If you want a cheap box that offers inexpensive drugstore products and older stock, this could be the subscription for you. For the price point, I think there are better options out there.

Click here to check out Lip Monthly.

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  1. Okay bag to me too. Not the best one.

  2. I am so annoyed with this company. I haven't received a single bag since I subscribed in February and they just keep telling me to call USPS.

    1. Contact your credit card company ASAP and start a dispute for products not received. Ultimately it's the vendor's responsibility to get your products to you, not the postal service.


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