Harry's Review - March 2015 - Men's Grooming Subscription Box

What is it? Harry's
How Much? $15-$38 per shipment, plus $6 per box shipping to Canada (US$)
What’s in it? Harry's shave supplies, automatically delivered to your door, based on how often you shave.

Harry's is a shaving product company that aims to give men "the best possible shaving experience – and always at a fair price". Harry's keeps costs down by manufacturing their own blades and selling them direct to the consumer.
We design and manufacture our own products using an exacting construction process and only the finest materials. By selling directly to you online, we're able to shave away the excess and offer a great shave at a price accessible to every Tom, Dick and…(sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).
My boyfriend received a Harry's gift set for Christmas. We were looking online at how to reorder blades and discovered the subscription service. In addition to the subscription Shave Plans, Harry's sells their products a la carte, or in curated gift sets in their storefront. Blades cost $2 each or less. The more you buy, the more you save.

Harry's isn't a usual subscription service. The shave plans, products, price, and shipping frequency is all based on your (or your man's) shaving needs.

First they ask, How often do you shave? This helps determine your shipping frequency.
  • Shave 5-7 days per week - boxes ship every 2 months
  • Shave 2-4 days per week - boxes ship every 3 months
  • Shave 1 day per week - boxes ship every 5 months
Next you select your supplies 

The price per shipment is the same no matter which plan you choose. The only difference is the shipping frequency - boxes come every 2 months, 3 months, or 5 months. If you need more blades, or would prefer Shave Cream instead of Foaming Shave Gel, you can also create your own custom plan.

Next select your free razor handle. This comes with your first shipment and is designed to last a lifetime (or so they say).

Once you've made all your selections, you pay, and you're done! My boyfriend opted for a shipment every 3-months of the Blades, Gel, Aftershave.

First look

Harry's was built out of respect for quality craftsmanship, simple design, modern convenience and most importantly for guys who know they shouldn't have to overpay for a great shave.  

Harry's Foaming Shave Gel (2 x Large 6.7oz, $24)
Our foaming shave gel lathers up to help your razor glide smoothly over your skin. And unlike many other foams, it's packed with natural ingredients that soothe irritation and hydrate your face. Say goodbye to dry. 
BF normally uses the Shave Cream so this gel is new to him. Hopefully he likes it!

Harry's After Shave Moisturizer (Regular 1.7oz, $10)
For those of us with more sensitive, dry, or otherwise temperamental skin, we went the extra mile. Our light aftershave moisturizer is packed with soothing ingredients that refresh and hydrate your skin post-shave and absorb quickly, leaving no shiny or oily residue.
This is another new product for him, but I'm trying to encourage moisturizer (and sunscreen) since he's getting up there in age. (Mwhaha!)

Harry's Blades (8 Pack, $15)
The magic of a great blade is strength at the base and sharpness at the tip. We grind steel into a specialized “Gothic Arch” angle to deliver just that. Our razor cartridge has 5 precision-angled blades to spread pressure evenly across your face for maximum ease and comfort.
He's a fan of these 5-blade cartridges. The more you buy, the more you save. Order 16 at once (4 packs), and it's only $1.56 per cartridge.

The Truman Handle ($10)
The Truman handle was designed for comfort and control. The handle has a weighted core for substance, and the molded exterior provides an ergonomic grip. It may be the best-looking thing in your bathroom. (Other than you.)
BF already has a handle so we didn't get one this shipment. The handle comes with a protective travel cover. Your first shipment will come with a free handle, with colour of your preference.

G's quarterly Harry's shipment included all the supplies to meet his shaving needs for the next few months. This bundle cost $38 US plus $6 shipping ($44 US total) and contains $49 worth of products. I think for future shipments we are going to downgrade to the middle plan, or $30 per shipment. That's $36 every 3 months for 8 blades and two shave gels, or $12 per month, with shipping. G really likes Harry's products. I think he feels kind of posh using such fancy stuff! The susbcription plan is easy and convenient, so it's perfect for a busy 9-5 guy like him.

Click here to check out Harry's.

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  1. Nice men's subscription box!

  2. "This bundle cost $38 US plus $6 shipping ($44 US total) "

    For a handle, 8 blades and some cheap ass man stink??

    I can beat those numbers locally - thanks for your interest in the Canadian Market, but get back to making this stuff for euro snobs. Though, you likely sell to your own people for what's an ACTUAL fair price.

    1. I'm guessing your comment is directed at Harry's and not at me? I only write reviews. I don't sell products. Also, if you have a company to promote, there are more professional ways to go about doing so.

  3. From what I read about Harry’s I had great hopes for a comfortable shave. Once I added the Canadian exchange rate and the shipping the starter package came to over CD$32.00. The shaving cream came out enough to do four shaves and I am still unable to adjust the amount of cream dispensed. The cream dries in a hurry so one side of my face is already dry before I have even started to shave causing the blade to glide over the hair and not shave it. The blade itself need to be rinsed every half a stroke causing me to go over my face several times while rinsing the blade. This excessive shaving has caused skin irritation and ingrown hairs. The blade is not good on jaw lines and chins, so you wind up having to pull the skin making an excessive amount of strokes. All this seem to shorten the live of the cream and blade. The handle is very much off balance and seem heavy. There is a CD$10.00 shipping fee for replacement blades. At this cost I could just go back to disposables… use then for a week and still save money while getting a better shave.

    1. Dee - Thank you for all 5 of the comments you left. Comments on posts older than 2 weeks require moderation. If you don't see your comment immediately, there is no need to leave repeated comments, or return 5 days later and leave additional comments under a different account (D Bishop). I don't censor comments and will get to moderating comments when time permits.

      I'm sorry to hear you weren't happy with your Harry's experience. My boyfriend is still enjoying his razors and shave gel.

  4. What a horrible product. Heavy unbalanced handle, blades that clog and only last for 4 to 7 shaves. Impossible to get a close and comfortable shave. Harry’s knew they could not sell the product on its own merits so they bombarded the market with advertising. They do not honor any guarantee and of course for their Canadian customers add CD$10.00 shipping. Stay clear of this overpriced gimmick.

    1. Thank you for your second comment on this post. Your dislike for Harry's is very apparent!

  5. I use this product and yes it's cheaper than paying for Gillette products and its better quality. I'm very happy with it and it's right to your door.
    I shave 3-4 times a week and never run out of blades. Plus the wife says it feels smoother too.

    1. Great to hear! My boyfriend is still using his as well. The original post above was done in March 2015, so it's been over a year. He prefers the gel to the shave cream, but he never got into the moisturizer so we don't get that anymore.

  6. Good old Gillete thats what I'll say.
    Just to mention I dont like the way you respond to people's dissatisfaction to your product or people you represent. You are very 'curt.

    1. I don't represent or have any affiliation with Harry's. I wrote this review on my own volition for no compensation or benefit and the products were paid for out of my own pocket. As for my tone, I responded in kind to what I received. I feel the commenters here have been more 'curt', yourself included. Everyone perceives things differently.

      If Harry's isn't for you, check out Top Shelf Razors or Razor Blade Club. Both Canadian and very affordable.

    2. you promote this product Jill, like so many others you are compensated for writing glowing reviews on products, properly under different names. The fact you dont acknowledge the face of exchange rates,duties and the cost of shipping tells me you dont know Canada. Stick to your USA female products.

    3. I will reiterate... I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the product with my own money. As far as I am aware, Harry's does not have an affiliate program. If they do, I am not a part of it. There are no affiliate links for Harry's on this page. I have never been in contact with anyone from Harry's regarding this review, or review opportunities. I wrote this review because that's what I do. I write reviews on subscription boxes as a service to my readers. Some I pay for, and some I do not. I always disclose first thing if box is provided complimentary in exchange for a review. This box was not.

      The review states several times that prices are in US dollars. It also states that the cost of shipping is $6 per box. I don't mention duties because I didn't pay any tax/duties upon delivery. This box arrived via Canada Post (as did the next two Harry's shipments my boyfriend received) and none were subject to tax/duties upon delivery. I didn't reference the exchange rate because it fluctuates and it not an accurate portrayal of the cost. The exchange rate for the month of April 2015 (a year ago), when I purchased this box was between .79 and .83.

      Comments will be closed for this post now, as it's over a year old and that is in line with my comment policy. The misogynistic tone of several commenters here helped me get to it a little sooner that I'd planned.


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