Carnivore Club Review - March 2015 - Canadian Gourmet Food Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Carnivore Club 
How Much? $50 per month, includes shipping. $55 one time purchase. Gift options also available. 
What’s in it?  4 to 6 selections of handcrafted cured meats from top artisans

Carnivore Club is a Canadian subscription service that aims to satisfy your inner carnivore! Carnivore Club sends and impressive faux-wood box filled with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from top artisans. I last reviewed Carnivore Club in November 2013. It's been quite a while and there have been a few changes. Most notably, instead of receiving a variety of products from various sources, they focus on a single producer each month.
Each month’s box is themed around one producer specializing in a particular style of cured meats: French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong and Artisanal Jerky are but a few.
Carnivore Club offers monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscriptions. You can also purchase a single month (non-recurring) to try it out, or purchase gift subscriptions for your friends. Cancellation is easy and can be done any time through your online account. They also have a referral program, which earns you $15 credit for every friend that signs up and places an order.

For those wondering about meat products being sent through the mail, Carnivore club notes that the meats are cured and sealed, but once the box arrive, store it in the fridge to ensure quality.
We encourage all members keep their Carnivore Club boxes in the fridge. The meat in the boxes change from month to month but on average they have a shelf life of 1-3 months. The meats are cured and sealed which makes it possible for them to be stored at room temperature (60 degrees) for at least month. You will increase the shelf life and maintain the quality of the meats by storing properly in your fridge.

I gave this box to G so he could share with his friends and give me some notes for the review. He was pretty excited about this box. He set up all the sausage rolls on the box and took his own pictures to send to a few buddies to let them know what was coming. Then he got together with a couple of the guys for beer and salami night. I had no idea guys do this sort of thing. It gave me a good indication of how a gift of Carnivore Club would be received by a foodie or meat-loving man!

The supplier for March is Barilo's Fine Sausage from New Market, Ontario. Barilo's Fine Sausages is family owned company. Founder Nikolay Barilo brought his craft from his homeland of Moldova to Canada, where he now works side by side with his wife and children. With over 100 years of experience combined, they manufacture and distribute an assortment of more than 50 top quality European-style deli meats, including salamis, bolognas, sausages, bacons, hams, loins, pastramis, wieners and dry cured meats. In the March Carnivore Club, we received Barilo's line of Russian-style dry salamis. All of these salamis are soy free, MSG free, and gluten free.

Zernistaya Dry Salami  
Made with pork, beef, and spices to create an amazing depth of flavor. This is the most basic and classic of the four. I don't normally like salami, but I enjoyed this one. The flavour of the pork and beef came through and it wasn't overly greasy or salty like some cured meats can be.

Moskovskaya Dry Salami
This is the most marbled of the four selections, and is made of beef and pork. It has a smoky and salty flavour and the marbling creates a "decadent, creamy note". This one is supposed to contrast well with tart or acidic foods like fruit, pickles and wine. G didn't like this one. He said it was very dry and the skin was very tough.

Braunshweiskaya Dry Salami
Braunshweiskaya (how the heck do you pronounce that?) is aged for a minimum of five weeks in special climate controlled chambers. The meat is course-chopped and creates a hearty, full figured salami. Carnivore Club recommends pairing it with mild cheese like Oka or Gruyere. G said this one was very greasy, but tasty.

Stolichnaya Dry Salami
Vodka salami? Not quite. Instead of vodka, this salami is infused with brandy, which creates a sweet and slightly acidic note and brings out the richness of the meat. Carnivore Club recommends a pairing of crackers or bread, and a glass of red wine or cognac. G and his friends said this one had a good balance of flavour and was a bit salty.

On the back of the product card there was a recipe for Salami Chips - basically just dehydrated slices of salami. Of course, G had to make them. He said they were fun to make but the chips dried out quickly after baking and had to be consumed within a couple days, otherwise they were hard, inedible little pucks.

The March Carnivore Club box included four generous salami rolls from Barilo's Fine Sausage. I'm not sure what the actual retail price is for these, but similar sized salamis sell for anywhere between $8 and $15 online. I would put these on the higher end of the scale because of the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing. The $50 per month fee includes shipping and taxes, so you are definitely  getting your money's worth. Even better than value is the experience. Seeing G's reaction to the box and hearing about his boys night was more than enough to sell me on this service. I'm eying it as a Christmas gift for him. It was a great way to try something new and a great reason to bring some friends together for a night of salami tasting and socializing. I like the changes Carnivore Club has made and I look forward to seeing more from them.

Click here to check out Carnivore Club.

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  1. i love that these are all GF! at first i didn't think i would like this but it sounds great.

  2. What an interesting food subscription!

  3. Being Russian in Canada that is what I miss probably the most. Thank you for shating! Next time I buy something from your sell board and we meet I'll teach you how to pronunce Braunshweiskaya correctly. If it has been done right, it is a pain to chew but heaven to taste receptors. By the way Stolichnaya is not about vodka all the time, the word means "from capital" and used in man different names.


    1. Hi! Thanks for the great comment. Braunshweiskaya is a scary looking word!

    2. Yes) Jill where is your promo code if you have one? It is 10% off for the first box and in the description box shows it is "Blogger- Ramble mom". If you have one I'd rather use yours)

    3. HI Anna,
      I don't have a promo code unfortunately so use whichever one you can find!


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