SilkCrate Review - March 2015 - Beauty Subscription Box + April Sneak Peek + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.

**This company is no longer in business.**

What is it? SilkCrate BathBox
How much? $36 per month, plus $10.99 shipping to Canada (US$)
What's in it? High quality hand crafted bath and spa products

SilkCrate is a new company that crafts bath and body products so you can "put yourself first". Along with an online shop, SilkCrate also offers a monthly BathBox full of their handmade products. Each month you will receive carefully selected handcrafted items such as Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Soy Candles, Body Scrubs, and other surprise goodies. Each month also brings exciting new scents for you to try. SilkCrate's products are handmade from scratch, using all natural ingredients.

The box shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was raining in Vancouver the day my box arrived, which explains the blurred ink on the box. I also noticed the box wasn't sealed with tape, so anyone could open the box and take a peek. It actually appears that someone may have done just that since the tissue inside was pulled apart a bit. Nothing was missing, so I didn't worry about it too much.

First look - a well coordinated collection! 

Product cards 

Milk & Oatmeal Cookies Brown Sugar Scrub (8oz, $14.50)
Treat yourself with a brown sugar scrub that smells as good as it looks! A delectable oatmeal and cookie scent with a touch of milk and honey will leave your skin looking and feeling better than ever.
Sugar scrubs are my favourite and this one smells great.

Champagne Wishes Bath Bomb (6oz, $6.75)
The unmistakable fizzing, the intoxicating aroma of champagne and hint of pear, gold shimmering across the water, Champagne Wishes is the ultimate extravagant evening, you will never want to forget.I'm not a huge fan of bath boms, but this one has me wanting to take a bath... a champagne bubble bath!

Grapefruit Lemongrass Scented Bath Salts (9oz, $9.50) and Wooden Scoop ($5.95)Enjoy a therapeutic experience with a blend of Epsom and Dead Sea salts that will leave you feeling more relaxed than ever. Scented with deliciously sweet grapefruit and hint of fresh lemongrass it's perfect for spring time, or anytime for that matter.
I don't use bath salts often, but this is another product that makes me want to have a bath, RIGHT NOW! These salts smell fresh and citrusy. 

Honeysuckle Blossom Soy Candle (5oz, $8.95)
Enjoy the fresh scent of the outdoors from the comfort of your bath (or anywhere else in the home). This sweet smelling honeysuckle blossom is enough to remind you of spring time no matter what time of the year it is.I remember sucking on honeysuckle blossoms as a kid. They tasted better than they smell. I love that this box came with a candle, but the scent is too floral smelling for my tastes. I prefer food scents - citrus or vanilla.

The March SilkCrate BathBox included five items with a retail value of $45.65 US. I really enjoyed unboxing this box. The entire presentation had a very professional feel to it. The packaging and labeling is very well done. I like the mix of products and I love that they included a candle - a must have for a relaxing spa day. Every product smells delicious (except that darn floral candle, but that's just personal preference). If this box interests you, it's available for one time purchase for $40 from the SilkCrate shop. Also, until April 1st, you can use promo code FOOLSGOLD to save 25% off your order and get this March box for only $30, plus $10.99 shipping.

A sneak peek has been released for the April BathBox. Each April SilkCrate BathBox will include:

And remember that promo code I mentioned? Well it's good on subscriptions too! Use promo code FOOLSGOLD at checkout and save 25% off your entire order, including 6 month and 12 month subscriptions. On a month-to-month subscription, you can get your first box for $27, plus shipping. The promo expires April 1st, so if you want to try Silk Crate, sign up now!

Click here to check out the SilkCrate BathBox.
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  1. Everything sounds and looks so nice. I'm not really into bath products myself but this seems like a perfect subscription to gift to someone.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Their store is down at the moment. I hope it not permanent. So glad I found your blog. Your review makes me want to subscribe to this box. Thanks!


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