Lip Love Review - February 2015 - Beauty Susbcription Bag

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What is it? Lip Love 
How much? $20.95 US per month, including shipping
What's in it? 3 full size lip products plus 1 bonus full size cosmetic from So Susan Cosmetics

So Susan Cosmetics is a UK based brand that recently launched it's own subscription service called Lip Love. Many of you will be familiar with So Susan Cosmetics or Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics (owed by So Susan) as they have been appearing in more and more subscription boxes lately. I learned about the Lip Love subscription while working on my review for the February Lip Monthly, which included a So Susan lip pencil. 

For $20.95 US per month, including postage, you receive a cosmetics bag filled with four full size products the So Susan company of brands (So Susan, Jelly Pong Pong, The Beauty Crop). Three of the four items will be lip products and the value will be at least $55 US. The bags are published in advance each month so you can decide if you'd like to receive it or skip it. Skipping is done through your account (go to "My Subscription" then click "Submit Skip Request"). If you want to receive the bag, do nothing and it will be shipped automatically around the 20th of the month. It doesn't look like you can cancel through your account (or I haven't figured out how yet), so to cancel you'd have to e-mail them. The bag ships from the UK and the declaration card was marked as commercial sample and valued at 10£ (about $19 CDN). The bag was small enough to fit in my condo-size mail box.

Eco-Chic Canvas Makeup Bag ($10)
The bag is canvas and has a waterproof lining on the inside. It's a good size - a little larger than most Ipsy bags. 

The February launch bag was called The Red Carpet Collection. Inspired by the awards season in February, the bag was designed with the latest celeb lip trends in mind. 

Our February 2015 bag is all about the glamour and glitz, and all the wonderful colours and makeup you see at the awards.

As a special bonus, the launch bag included a "Red Carpet Stars" Silver Anklet Chain, which they have valued at $13 US. It's rather flimsy and cheap looking so I question the value, but it's a bonus item, so I'm not too concerned.

So Susan Cheek Jelly ($12.50)
Cheek Jelly is a gel stain that tints lips and cheeks in a luminous, natural wash of colour. The sheer, lightweight texture enables you to blend and build the shade up for a perfectly personalized hue.

I would probably use this as a lip stain before I would use it as a cheek product, but I do like how So Susan has so many dual purpose products.

So Susan Lip Dome Plumping Lip Tint in Melon ($10) 
A luscious, long-wearing hybrid between a rich stain and a hydrating balm, our Lip Dome strikes the perfect balance between non-drying, pigmented colour and cushiony-soft, full lips. 

I received the Blackcurrant shade in my February Lip Monthly bag. I haven't tried either one yet. I think I will gift this one to my mother since it's more her colour.

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain ($25 sale $16) 
An air-whipped multitasking creamy pomade that blends seamlessly onto your lips & cheeks for 12 hours of long-lasting wear. Powered by a vegetable-derived Ceramide Complex to help keep skin moisturized & enhance skin elasticity, and Wild Rose Wax which helps heal chapped & dry lips. 

I received this exact product in my February Lip Monthly. Both are on my Sell/Swap board if anyone is interested!

Jelly Pong Pong Undetectable Concealer in Cream ($31)
An intense but not occlusive texture thanks to the carefully-formulated canvas skincare base, our concealer is virtually undetectable once blended onto the skin. This reduces the appearances of all kinds of skin imperfections with one subtle swatch.

The product card and the online preview say I was supposed to receive a So Susan Concealer Quad (same as the one I received in the March Glossybox), but I received this concealer instead. No complaints because I already have the concealer quad, and the value of this concealer is a few dollars more, but some people may take issue with the product switch. 

The Lip Love Launch Bag from February 2015 contained four full size cosmetics, plus a bonus anklet. The retail value of these products is $91.50 US with the bonus ($82.50 with sale prices), or $78.50 without the bonus ($69.50 with sale prices). I didn't include the value of the bag, but it's worth another $10 US! This box costs $20.95 US per month, and I paid $27.18 CDN with exchange. The value is definitely there so I'm happy with that. I love the packaging of So Susan and Jelly Pong Pong products and I think some of these items would make great gifts. Two of these products are duplicates for me, but that is the risk with a branded subscription that is also offering it's products to subscription boxes. In the last two years I have received at least a dozen Jelly Pong Pong and So Susan products, so duplicates would be expected. It would be nice if it was just a general cosmetics subscription instead of lip focused so we could get a bit of everything each month... and it actually looks like they are already going that way in March, since there is only one lip product included. That's something to keep in mind if you subscribe expecting mostly lip products. Overall I am happy with the products I received. 
The March bag is called the "I Love to Travel" bag.
This bag is designed in ode to all who have dared to travel far and wide, whether in this realm or in their dreams. It’s all about being audacious in your decisions, translating into bold shades, multifunctional textures and foolproof travel-friendly sizes.
I decided to skip this one, only because I already have two Fairy Lashes mascaras and the shadow palette doesn't interest me. The March bag is still available for purchase so if you would like to try out
Lip Love, click here .

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  1. I bought this when you post about it and I used you as a reference. How long did it take once you got your shipping notice?

    1. I ordered Feb 21st and received shipping notice on Feb 26th. It arrived March 11, so took just about two weeks.

    2. Great! Mine should be here next week then.

  2. Looks like a pretty good box with the value to it.

  3. Yours is the second review I've read where the single concealer was substituted for the Quad. Too bad they had to do a substitution without letting people know.

  4. I really enjoy So Susan products - I think that the March bag looks good!
    Renee C.


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