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What is it? The Honest Company
How Much? See below (US$, plus $5.95 shipping and $8.95 Canadian surcharge)
What's in it? See below
  • Essentials Bundle - Mix & match 5 full size personal care & home cleaning essentials.  $39.95/moth
  • Health & Wellness Bundle - Mix & match 2 full size vitamin or supplement products each month.  $39.95/month
  • Diapers & Wipes Bundle -  One month supply of diapers & wipes (6 packages diapers/4 packages wipes). $79.95/month
  • Feeding Bundle - 4 tubs of Organic Premium Infant Formula and jar of Baby DHA shipped at your preferred frequency. $119.95/bundle (saves $20 vs buying individual products). 

Founded by Jessica Alba and Chris Gavigan, The Honest Company strives to promote health and sustainability. Honest Company products are safe and non-toxic and backed by their Honestly Free Guarantee.  The Honest Company manufactures and distributes household cleaning products, and bath and body care goods, as well as baby care essentials. Through The Honest Co. you can bundle your favourite products and have them delivered to your door.

Honest promotes itself as a monthly service, but really you can have bundles shipped to you at 4 week, 5 week, or 6 week intervals. When it gets close to your bundle ship date, you can go into your account and push the date back even future, allowing you skip as often or as much as you'd like. I have mine set up to ship every 6 weeks, then I go in and manually push it back so I get a bundle roughly every season, or four times per year.

The Honest Company offers a Diapers & Wipes Bundle, an Essentials Bundle of household and body products, and a Health & Wellness Bundle with vitamins and supplements. They recently launched a Feeding Bundle, which offers organic premium baby formula. Honest offers free trials of each bundle. Just pay $5.95 shipping (per trial) and get a trial size selection of their top products from each category. You can try out one bundle, or all three. Once signed up for the trial, you are automatically enrolled in the membership program, so unless you cancel within the required time, you will continue to be billed and receive shipments from The Honest Co. Learn more about the bundles and see a review of my Essentials Bundle free-trial here.

I started my Honest Co. journey with a free trial of the Essentials Bundle. This is now my sixth shipment. I have nearly all the household cleaning supplies, and now I'm venturing into the bath & body products.

Since Canadians pay $54.85 US per bundle (including shipping & fees), I normally try to include five high value items in my bundle to make it worthwhile. The goal is to only add items to my bundle that are worth $10 or more (which will make my bundle worth at least $50 retail). Each month, you can add up to 3 additional items to your shipment at 25% off, so that is how I get the lower valued items. Since I already have pretty well every cleaning product, it's getting harder to find items for $10 or more. This is what I ended up with for my Spring bundle:

Honest Sunscreen Spray ($13.95)
Our ultra pure, mineral-based non-whitening sunscreen spray is super easy to apply for no mess, no fuss fun in the sun!

Honest Sunscreen Lotion ($13.95)
Protecting your skin just got easier with our non-toxic, non-nano, non-whitening sunscreen! Super safe and super effective — providing the best broad spectrum protection for your family.

I ordered these too items in anticipation of Spring. I live in Vancouver so we haven't really experienced winter at all. Bulbs were sprouting in mid-February! I've been wanting to try natural sunscreens so this is a good start.

Honest Shampoo & Body Wash ($9.95)
A delightfully tear-free, plant-based cleanser perfect for the whole family – honestly clean and extremely satisfying!
This is one of the products included in the free trial bundle. I enjoyed it when I received it so thought I would  try it again. I like the smell and it's a tear-free formula so would be good to use on my nieces.

Honest Oxy Boost ($7.95)
Honest Oxy Boost is an ultra-versatile, eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to conventional chlorine bleach. Destain. Deodorize. Delight in the possibilities.
This is one of my favourite Honest products. I re-order almost every time.

Honest Suds Up ($12.95)
Tackle tough, crusty, greasy, grimy dishes with just a dash of plant-based soap & our dirt-busting, durable bamboo brush. A super-safe, super-effective, super duo!

I wasn't sure about this product when I ordered it, but now I love it. It comes in a pretty gift box so I plan to order a few more as gifts for my mom and sister. The blue part in the ceramic dish has a spring on the underside, so you add dish soap to the ceramic dish and when you need to clean something, just press the brush into the dish and it will get suds up!

My Spring Honest Essentials Bundle included five items valued at $58.75 US retail. My goal was to select five items that would reach or surpass the $54.84 US I paid for this bundle, so I achieved that goal and made this bundle worthwhile. Each item works out to about $10.99 with shipping, so I saved on some items, and paid a little more for a couple items. Had I selected lower value items, I would have ended up paying more than the products are worth, so keep that in mind when you assemble your own bundle. Because of the cost, I only get bundles every 3 to 4 months. It takes some effort on my part, because I have to keep logging into my account each month to push back the shipping date. These are the little tricks I have to ensure I am getting the most out of the Honest Co. Essentials Bundle program. Apparently Honest products are sold at US Target stores now, and since I only live about an hour from the border, my plan is to check out what they have in store to see if it's necessary to continue with the online subscription. If my favourite items can be purchased in store, I will cancel my subscription as there is no point in paying $15 US for shipping when I can pickup the products myself.

If you are interested in trying an Honest Bundle, you can save 35% off your first bundle purchase using promo code MARBUNDLES35OFF at checkout. This offer is valid on first time subscribers only and ends March 15, 2015. After March 15, use promo code INVITED10 to save $10 off your first bundle purchase.

Click here to check out The Honest Company

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  1. The thing I love about this subscription service is how you can customize your delivery/payment plan! I get an essentials bundle every two to three months depending on when I need to stock up! Love that I'm not locked into paying for it every month and I don't need to remember to skip or cancel. Great company!


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