Hitha On The Go for Quarterly.Co Review - #HGQ04 Winter 2015 - Lifestyle Subscription Box

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What is it? Hitha on the Go for Quarterly.Co (#HGQ04) 
How Much? $50 per quarter plus $20 shipping 
What’s in it? Hitha will send items and guides to help you pack light and arrive in style.

Quarterly Co. sends curated packages from people you care about. Boxes contain gifts selected by influential contributors and cultural icons. Currently there are about 30 influencers, curating boxes of everything from technology and toys, to food and cooking, to fashion and home decor, and everything in between.

The Hitha on the Go box is curated by Hitha Palepu, a blogger and travel expert. Every 3 months, Hitha and Quarterly send a package of travel goods and packing accessories. Her blog, Hitha On The Go, offers fabulous travel, packing, and style tips. Unfortunately, this is the last Hitha on the Go box for Quarterly. They announced via e-mail on February 27th that they will not be continuing with the subscription.

I've been subscribing since the first shipment, last spring. So far Hitha has taught me how to pack shoes, how to survive long flights, and how to pack clothing.

HGQ04 is all about packing toiletries. I wrote a spoiler and predictions post on February 3rd, and it turns out, my predictions weren't too far off.  This is the smallest Hitha on the Go box yet.

Every quarterly box includes a letter written by the curator which outlines the theme and the reasons why each product was chosen.

"If there's a single Quarterly box that is dearest, it's this one. I've filled it with the items that took my toiletry packing game from buffoon to boss lady." 

This box actually comes at a good time for me, as I'm currently in the early (very early) stages of planning a 6-week trip to Eastern Europe for later this year. Packing will be a challenge because it's 6 weeks in a 50-60 liter travel pack. I need to be ruthless about only bringing the essentials.

SW Basics Mini Toner (30ml, $12)
For most people, a good toner is an afterthought. But our Toner is an absolutely essential step in our nighttime routine. It evens skin tone and neutralizes pH, meaning we wake up both less oily AND less dry.

SW Basics Mini Exfoliant (20g, $12)
S.W. Basics Exfoliant is pure kitchen-cabinet awesomeness. We take organic oats and almonds, grind them until they’re not too rough but not too soft, add mineral-rich sea salt harvested from coasts nearby, and voila: a simple, nourishing, super-effective exfoliant that leaves your skin soft and glowing.

SW Basics Eco Cotton Round (~$2)
Cotton balls and pads are hands down our favorite way to apply our Cleanser, Toner, and Makeup Remover, but we recently learned about how nasty industrial cotton farming is for the environment. So we found some awesome makers right here in the U.S. of A. to make us these incredible, completely reusable cotton rounds from GOTS-Certified Organic, unbleached cotton.

We already knew about the Exfoliant, from the spoilers. I should have known it would be travel size, since this is a box for travel toiletry packing, but for some reason I didn't expect it to be so small. I've heard great things about SW Basics so I'm curious to try both of these products. Travel-wise, these aren't great for my needs. The bottles, although super cute, are glass so they are heavy. Size and weight must be taken into account when packing for travel. The one good thing is that the Exfoliant is a powder so it doesn't fall under TSA liquid & gel guidelines. Transferred into a small plastic container, I should have no trouble squeezing a small amount of Exfoliant into my pack. I read some comments from people disappointed about the Cotton Round, but I actually love the idea. I wish we had received more (the full size kit supplies one for each day, plus a spare). I received a small round crochet face scrubby in a previous Bonjour Jolie box, so together, the two make the perfect travel face care kit. They can be washed in the sink and left to dry overnight and be ready for use again in the morning. No disposable wipes or cotton pads necessary!

Serge Normant Travel Size Meta Revive Volumizing Dry Shampoo (2oz, $15)
A revolutionary Dry Shampoo that goes far beyond absorbing impurities. This super-boosting root thickening and volumizing spray effortlessly refreshes and reinvigorates the scalp and hair. Use between shampoos to add texture and replace limpness with vibrant body or as a quick fix during the day to boost volume.

This was the other product that was released in advance. Dry shampoo is great for travel and Hitha swears by this one. I am definitely bring a dry shampoo on my trip, I'm just not sure if it will be this one. I'm loving Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo.

Flight 001 X-Ray Quart Bag Purple ($14)
Make travel checkpoints more fun with the transparent, neon X-Ray collection.
Hitha says this bag is TSA approved in size AND transparency, but I really have my doubts. This clear version is TSA approved for size and transparency, but Flight 001 says the purple version is only TSA approved for size. It's a good bag for weekends away, but I won't be using it as my carry-on toiletry bag. I also want to toot my own horn by pointing out that I predicted in my sneak peek post that we would receive this item!

Hitha on the Go How to Pack Toiletries Guide ($8)
This box included another downloadable packing guide, created by Hitha, to help us pack toiletries. I don't mind the guides themselves, but I really wish they didn't include them in the box valuation. This exact guide is provided for free to anyone who subscribes to Hitha's mailing list.

And last but not least, we received a 20% off promo code for 3FLOZ, a site that sells travel size products from many premium brands.

The final installment of Hitha on the Go for Quarterly included five products, plus a downloadable packing guide. The retail value of these items is $63 US. I'm a little torn on this one. On the one hand, I like that the products included are ones that Hitha actually uses and endorses. On the other hand, I question how helpful these products actually are for travel. The quart bag is not TSA approved due to the purple shade and the SW Basics products come in heavy glass bottles. I also expected more. On Facebook Hitha proclaimed that "the value of the box is over $70". It's not. Hitha has written about so many great travel size products, so I'm surprised she didn't include a few more products that are practical and useful. The powdered mouthwash or Marvis toothpaste she wrote about would have been great. I am sad to see the Hitha subscription go, but she was around for a full year and I was able to get some great packing and travel tips and resources out of my mailings.

The Hitha on the Go for Quarterly box is no longer available, so if travel is an interest of yours and you are looking for something to replace the HGQ box, check out the boxes from Fathom or Travel Noire. Fathom is a travel website, and for their Quarterly box, they will send "cool and clever products for smart and passionate travelers". The first Fathom box ships this month and is still available. Travel Noire mailings will "help you travel farther, faster, and smarter than you ever thought imaginable". The first box ships in April. I'm holding off on both of these subscriptions until I see what their first boxes have to offer. 
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