Birchbox Canada Review - March 2015 - Canadian Beauty Subscription Box

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** Birchbox is no longer operating in Canada**
What is it? Birchbox Canada 
How Much? $10/month plus $4.95 shipping, or $159.40/year including shipping (CDN $) 
What’s in it? Five personalized beauty samples, tailored to your profile.

Birchbox is the premiere beauty sampling service in the US and it's the service that launched the entire beauty box craze. Established in New York in 2010 by two friends, Birchbox now has operations in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, and most recently, Canada!

The only crummy part about Birchbox coming to Canada is that the Canadian site is completely separate from the US site. On the plus side, we are billed in Canadian dollars and the box ships from within Canada, but the Canadian site doesn't offer all the cool perks and promos that the US site gets (Birchbox Aces, Sample Choice, Limited Edition boxes etc). The samples are different too. To get an idea of what sort of samples you might receive, scroll through the Birchbox CA shop and check out the brands. They've been adding more and more every month.
I love the boxes that Birchbox has been sending lately. They all have cute and fun designs. I need to find something creative to do with them.

Product card

First look 

beautyblender Single Spong with Mini Solid Cleanser ($32)
Unlike traditional sponges, the soft texture and elliptical shape of the beautyblender® allows foundation to blend into skin with a natural finish and no streaks. When saturated with water, the sponge will expand to twice its size, making it easy to cover your whole face and still get into all the nooks and crannies.
I already have a beautyblender, but I don't use it because I don't wear foundation regularly. I do enjoy it though, and it works as well as it says it does. This exact product is not sold through Birchbox, but is available from Murale for $32.

Number 4 Hair Care Hydrating Shampoo (1oz, $3.28)
Number 4™ uses vitamin B5 to condition hair and silicone to bump up the gloss factor, plus the brand’s patented Liquid Complexes™. Each of the four complexes is a different blend of natural ingredients, designed to help protect, purify, strengthen, and revitalize hair.
Goodness this shampoo is expensive. It's 25 ounces (740mL) for $82 CDN! Yikes.

Mirenesse Mattifying Lip Rouge in New York (1.7g, $7.04)
This velvety color is formulated to stay in place all day—no lip liner required! The mousse-like texture fills in fine lines for fuller lips while a proprietary blend of Gel-lite technology delivers vibrant color that doesn’t fade or feather. 

I've never tried Mirenesse before but I don't think this colour is for me. I prefer neutrals.

Paula's Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol (15ml, $10.80)
This potent cream is loaded with antioxidants (which support collagen production) and retinol (a tried-and-true wrinkle reducer), plus shea butter and other moisturizers—leaving smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking . The lightweight formula soaks in quickly for a silky (never greasy) finish, and works well with dry, normal, or combination skin.
My sister raves about Paula's Choice but I've only ever tried the Clinical KP Treatment Cloths from the Winter 2014 Edition Luxe Box. I wasn't too thrilled with those, but I'm still very keen to try her skincare line so this product is a good start.

Harvey Prince Ageless Sample
This lovely scent has layers of fresh citrus, pomegranate, and mango as well as jasmine, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood. It’s guaranteed to make you feel good.
This is the third Harvey Prince sample I've received from various subscription boxes, and it's actually the first one I like. It's very fresh and citrusy. 

My March Birchbox contained five items with a retail value over $53. The bulk of the value is in the beautyblender, and I will be using it as a gift since I already have one. There is a lot of variety with these samples and they are decent sized. I'm most excited to try the Paula's Choice serum. The shampoo will be used, but I can already say I don't like the scent. The lipgloss, although a great product, isn't for me, so it will be passed on. Even though I won't personally use everything in this box, I'm still happy with this month's Birchbox.

Click here to check out Birchbox.

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  1. My box was brown, I just noticed everyone's was colorful! Boo!
    And, whoa who would spend $82 on shampoo?! I still think it is weird that they don't send a shampoo and a conditioner... !
    Renee C.

    1. At least it's not a conditioner with no shampoo! That would be quite eyebrow raising.

    2. I got a brown box too. I think its super weird as well that some of us got a shampoo, and others got a conditioner only. And they aren't even the same brand! lol

  2. I got this month's box becasue of the beauty blender but I'm pretty happy with the products I got. My box was different from yours though. Its just a light brown but it would have been so much fun to have gotten that box.

    1. that's too bad. I guess they ran out of the colourful boxes.


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