Awesome Pack Review - February 2015 - Canadian Family & Kids Activity Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Awesome Pack 
How Much? $49.99/month plus tax (CDN$). Shipping included. 
What’s in it? See below
  • Family Pack: A customised pack of games, puzzles, and activities for 2 adults & 2 children. Add-on additional children for $4.99 each. Includes a family board game, a family activity, an activity for each child, an activity book, and other awesome goodies.
  • Big Kids: A customised pack of games, puzzles, and activities for adults. Includes a big kid board game, a big kid activity, a big kid mini game, and other awesome goodies for adults and big kids.

Awesome Pack is a Canadian subscription service that "focuses on Awesome Family Fun time". Each month, Awesome Pack sends a box of awesome games and activities for your entire family. Awesome Pack is completely customisable and caters to your family’s size, ages and gender. They also offer a pack for families without kids (Big Kids pack).

When you sign up for Awesome Pack, they want to know your family name and the names, birth dates, & gender of all members of your family. This information helps them customise your pack. You also get to fill out a brief survey outlining what type of games your family enjoys and which games your family already owns so you won't see duplicates.

First look!

This is my second Awesome Pack. The first was sent in December 2014. Once again, the pack is customized for my sister's family. Her two girls are aged 4 and 6. The last Awesome Pack we received had lots of fun Frozen things, so they loved it.

Minnie Mouse Magic Pen Painting (2 x $4.49)
The magic pen "paints" pictures without having to use coloured crayons. The kids can just scribble across the pages and colours magically appear. They were pretty impressed at first but it's wearing off quickly for the older one. The younger one seems to enjoy it as she is finally able to stay in the lines while colouring! We were just in Disneyland in mid-February, so the Minnie Mouse theme was fun for them.

My Little Pony Fun Packs (2 x $4.99)
Each pack has a micro comic book, a micro poster, a sticker sheet, and a tattoo. There's a lot of fun in each pack, but like the colouring book, the fun wears off quickly.

4M Safari Origami Kit ($6.95)
This kit is aimed at kids 5+, but it was too advanced for both girls, and even I had trouble following the instructions to create folded animals. We ended up putting this one aside to try again in the future.

Panini Disney Frozen Sticker Pack (4 packs of 7 stickers, $1.50 x 4)
Last time we received sticker books along with two packs of stickers. It was good to see more stickers to add to the books... now if only I could find where I put the books.

Vampires of the Night Board Game ($29.95)
Last time we received a Spuzzle game and the kids (and parents) really enjoyed it. My sister said it was easy for both kids to play and it is was short and sweet. They could complete the game in 30 minutes or less, so it was a good pre-bed activity. Vampires of the Night is supposed to be a quick game, but it's for ages 6+ so may not be suitable for my youngest niece. We will give it a try though. She's a smart one! Here is the write up (via Indigo):
Oh no! The wicked vampire hunter secretly flew above the old castle and emptied a whole sack of stinky garlic over the ruins! It is Leo Longtooth's job to watch over the sleeping vampire children in the castle's basement, and he must protect them from the horrible stench in the air. Can you help Leo clear the smelly garlic out of the ruins? With the help of the little glowing bat, you can magically clear the garlic out of the castle without touching it! Be careful, though - if the garlic falls through the cracks in the floor, it will spread its nasty smells into the basement where the vampire children sleep. Have fun playing Vampires of the Night in the light, in the twilight, or even in the dark with this unique glow in the dark 3-dimensional board! For 2-4 players, ages 6+.
The February Awesome Pack included ten items, valued just under $62. The pack included a board game, a craft activity, a colouring activity, and two sticker activities. My nieces love it when I show up at their house with a new Awesome Pack. They enjoy the individual activities (stickers, puzzles, colouring). Their mom and I appreciate that Awesome Pack includes doubles of these items so there is one for each of them. Unfortunately the Origami craft/group activity for this month was too advanced for the kids, and I had a tough time making sense of the instructions so I couldn't even make a bird, which is supposed to be the easiest. We haven't played the Vampires of the Night game, but from reading the reviews and game premise, I think the kids will enjoy it.

In my last review I mentioned that it would be great if Awesome Pack offered a quarterly subscription plan, or the ability to skip months. I learned that they do offer the ability to skip. Just fire them an e-mail requesting a skip and they will put it in manually. After talking with my sister about the December Awesome Pack, she mentioned that it would make a great gift for a family friend. She was looking for something unique for the entire family and thought a few months of Awesome Pack would fit the bill. It would be great if Awesome Pack offered gift subscriptions so people could gift Awesomeness to all of their Awesome friends. I know what I would get my sister's family for Christmas!

Click here to check out Awesome Pack and if you sign up, use promo code CDNISAWESOME to save $5 off your first pack. Code expires April 30, 2015.

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