Artisan Food Club Review - March 2015 - Canadian Gourmet Food Subscription Box + DISCOUNT

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? Artisan Food Club 
How Much? $75 per month (CDN$). Free shipping on 3 & 6 month subscriptions.  
What's in it? A variety of full-size hand-crafted, premium foods centred around a theme.

The Artisan Food Club is a new Canadian subscription service from Warm Wishes Gifts, a gift basket company based in Ottawa. Artisan Food Club is a food-of-the-month club that allows you to discover local, Canadian, and on occasion, International artisan foods. Every month there will be a different theme featuring a new bundle of carefully selected Artisan foods. You will receive at your door step a variety of full-size premium foods that have been lovingly hand-crafted by some super passionate people. You can order a single box, a 3-month subscription, or a 6-month subscription. The Artisan Food Club accepts credit, Paypal, or COD. If you sign up in March, you will receive the March box that I am reviewing here. The next batch ships March 30th.

The Ottawa box comes in a wooden bushel (basket) and is hand delivered. Shipments going to the rest of Canada come expertly packed in a large gift box. The packaging was seriously beautiful. Upon removing the lid, I found the box filled with crinkle paper and wrapped with a ribbon (around the inside - genius! I'm going to steal this idea). The crinkle paper was covered with cello wrap, which kept everything neat and contained. They also induced a personalized note. I have no idea how they packed this box so well and so carefully. I tried to re-pack everything up after I dug it all out, and I could not fit it into the box. The Warm Wishes Gift people are gift package wizards.

The theme for March is Maple Madness. I could smell deliciousness right off the bat! Upon further inspection, it looks like I have everything I need to put together a delicious maple inspired breakfast. That means it's actually two themes in this box!

Maple Walnut Biscotti by Sushina Artisan Baked Goods (~$5)
Maple walnut biscotti with maple drizzle, lovingly made by hand by our local artisan pastry chef.
I've never been a biscotti fan, but this smells so good. It will be great with my morning coffee.

Really Horrible Rum Vanilla Maple Syrup (120ml, $12)
Made using real vanilla beans and Ontario maple syrup, vanilla is an incredible flavour and works very well with maple syrup and well who doesn't like rum?

Really Horrible Barrel Aged Maple Syrup (120ml, $12)
Ontario maple syrup is given a smoky flavour using charred oak, while cutting some of the bitterness associated with maple syrup.

I love the name of this company! I'm looking forward to trying both of these syrups next time I make pancakes.

Tree Well Sparkling Maple Sap (750ml, $20)
Canadian maple sap is unlike any other beverage on the planet. Crafted seasonally in small batches, TreeWell's sparkling maple sap tastes like the first hint of spring. Crisp, subtly sweet and absolutely refreshing. TreeWell is best served chilled in a tall champagne flute, surrounded by good company.
I've never heard of this product before. It's non-alcoholic so it's safe for kids. It might be something good to try at Easter brunch in April.

Almost Perfect Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix (345g, $10)
Make mouth watering pancakes or crêpes with this mix that is created using a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Almost Perfect Pancake Mix is made using only organic and natural ingredients.
Now I have something to serve as a vessel for the delicious maple syrup shown above.

Happy Goat Coffee Company The G (1/2 lb, $9.50)
This unique blend is spicy with a velvety texture and nutty aroma. Notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. Full City+ Style Roast. In the blend there is Nicaraguan as the base which gives this blend a satisfying sweetness, then Guatemalan Antigua is added to contribute body and a rich aroma, then just a pinch of the Ugandan Bugisu which gives the blend excitement with its delicious wine like characteristics and great full balanced body.
I could smell this coffee as soon as I opened the box. I love the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans!

The March Artisan Food Club box from Warm Wishes Gifts included six full size products, valued at $69.50 CDN. This box costs $75, with free shipping in Ottawa, or $25 for shipping across Canada. to BC*. I'm a really bummed that the value is so low, because I LOVE this box. It's such a well curated collection of items, all produced in Ottawa by small, independent businesses. The products I received are unique, and interesting. I'm looking forward to trying each one. The concept behind the Artisan Food Club is great and there is definitely a market for a box like this, but at $75 per box, I would expect to receive at least what I paid, if not a little more. Aside from the value, everything else was perfect. The packaging, presentation and product selection are all fantastic. One or two extra items would have made this box perfect and well worth the price. I should also note, I have no issue with the $25 shipping cost as this box was big and heavy. Canada Post parcel rates are expensive, so $25 to send a 7.4lb box from Ottawa to Vancouver seems like a bargain.

*Warm Wishes Gifts e-mailed to clarify that shipping is free Canada-wide with 3 or 6 month subscriptions. A single month subscription incurs a shipping fee (outside of Ottawa-Gatineau), relative to your proximity to Ottawa. For BC, it's $25.

If you are interested in the Artisan Food Club, you can save $10 of this exact box if you order before March 31st. No promo code is required. That means you can get this bundle for $65 plus tax/shipping instead of $75, which makes it a better value.

Click Artisan Food Club to check out the Artisan Food Club.

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  1. I received this box a couple weeks ago and was VERY pleased with the contents. Yes, it is expensive ($65) but at the same time, the items are full sized and great quality. I was also very impressed by the packaging.

    I subscribed for 6 months even before getting my first box, and was accidentally charged shipping at checkout. I emailed and received my credit right away. Love their customer service.

    Can't wait to see what the next months are going to bring!!


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