Amoda Tea Review - January 2015 - Canadian Tea Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? Amoda Tea 
How Much? $20/month, including shipping (CND$) 
What’s in it? 4 different tea samples, tasting notes, steeping instructions, and biodegradable tea filters

Amoda Tea is a Canadian tea company, based in Vancouver. Along with an retail e-shop, they also offer a monthly tea subscription box. The goal of Amoda Tea's Monthly Box is to allow you to easily sample unique teas from many different tea blenders, sourced from across the continent.

Explore the world's best tasting teas and the talented, small-batch brands that produce them. Experience teas you may never discover on your own.

The monthly box contains sample size pouches of four different loose leaf teas that will yield approximately 12-15 cups of tea. Amonda used to offer three 20g pouches per month, but last spring they discontinued the subscription, re-worked some things, then launched with the new "sample" approach in December 2014. I actually like this concept a lot better than the old version.

The Amoda Tea box is a flat mailer that will fit in a condo sized mailbox. Boxes ship on the 8th of each month from Vancouver, B.C.. Order by the 1st of the  month, and you will receive your first box that month.

There is approximately 3 teaspoons s in each pouch, so each month you will have enough tea to yield 12 cups of tea, plus some of the blends can be re-steeped multiple times. The directions for steeping and are listed on each pouch. I was pleased to see a small roll of tea sachets - more than 20 of them! That's the one thing that seems to be missing from most tea subscriptions, so it's nice to see Amoda has everything covered.

The January tasting box is themed "Fresh Start" and includes four "fresh tasting teas".

January's selections are fun and full of flavour. We splurged to help you start an amazing year.

Green tea, rose petals, marigold flowers, natural passionfruit, mango and grapefruit flavour.
This tea is so much more than what "tropical" might conjure in your mind. There's sweet tropical flavours for sure, but there's also an amazing floral character that envelopes the entire tea, a fun citrus finish that blends well with the vegetal notes of the green tea.

Hawaiian Ginger Jasmine (Swan Sisters)
Organic Hawaiian ginger, jasmine pearls, and orange peel.
Naturally sweet, exquisite and mellow Jasmine pearls livened up with spicy ginger and zesty citrus. The ginger is grown on an organic farm in Maui. The Dragon Pearls are infused with jasmine flowers six times when the jasmine pearls are made.
This one can be steeped 3-4 times, getting the most out of a single cup.

Rara Willow White (Nepali Tea Traders)
White tea.
It's sweet and fruity with subtle classic white tea notes. There's also citrus notes to be noticed subtly in the finish.

French Lemon Creme (Petali Tea)
Green rooibos, lemon peels, calendula, lemon wedges, vanilla.
Luscious lemon and creamy vanilla sweetness. This is built on a green rooibos base, so the blend has extra health benefits from locking in the herb's natural enzymes.
This is the only one I've had a chance to try and it is SO delicious. It smells like fresh lemon curd and tastes like lemon meringue. It's a wonderful dessert tea.

The January Amoda Tea box featured four pouches of tea, which will yield 12-16 cups. I was really impressed by the packaging, the details on the pouches and info cards, and especially by the inclusion of tea filters. The teas were impressive too all are obviously high quality and blended from premium ingredients. I love the French Lemon Creme and will definitely buy it again. I'm really looking forward to trying the Hawaiian Ginger Jasmine. An Amoda Tea subscription is more about the experience of tea sampling than it is about value, so I can't put a price estimate on this service, but I did enjoy my Amoda experience and I plan to try more of their teas.

Click here to check out Amoda Tea.

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  1. ahhh that lemon tea sounds amazing!

  2. Sounds like some yummy teas in there!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the lemon tea. I don't know what happened with mine but no matter what I did it tasted absolutely disgusting, almost rancid. The Hawaiian Ginger Jasmine was my favourite of that month. I've been subscribed to Amoda for a while now if you'd like any suggestions!


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