Panty by Post Review - January 2015 - Canadian Undergarment Subscription Box + PROMO CODE!

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Panty by Post
How much? See below
What's in it? A pretty panty in the size and style of your choice. Available in size XS to 5x/

Panty by Post is a premium undergarment subscription service, based in my hometown, Vancouver! Panty by Post sends pretty, luxurious panties to your door every month. Panty by Post has made a few changes to their website and subscription service, so offered to send me another parcel for review.
We have a new and upgraded Panty by Post website and shop. Panty by Post has launched a new shop so now you can buy a premium subscription for our fabulous intimates shipped monthly to your doorstep but also add jewelry, socks and lingerie sets. We have new subscription options too: Basics, Signature and Premium.

The new subscription models are great, and one of them is actually lower than their previous options. Shipping and tax is extra.
  • Everyday Basics: Fill your panty drawer with these comfy, easy breezy, everyday elegant styles.
    • $15 per month. $45 for 3 months. Save 5% on 6 months. Save 10% on 12 months. 
  • Signature Line: A fun collection of playful and sexy bottoms. All are unique, colorful & stylish.
    • $22 per month. $66 for 3 months. Save 5% on 6 months. Save 10% on 12 months.
  • Premium Luxe: Enjoy high end fabrics, ultra feminine cuts and one-of-a kind looks.
    • $35 per month. $105 for 3 months. Save 5% on 6 months. Save 10% on 12 months.

As well as a new shop and subscription options, Panty by Post has also expanded their focus and is trying to incorporate Fair Trade products into their business.
We now buy fair trade products made in Colombia from companies that support single moms, excellent working conditions for employees and have high environmental standards and beliefs. We believe our customers want something more then just our luxe products, they want to buy carefully and support companies that have a holistic vision.  
Panty by Post arrives in a small, relatively flat parcel that fits in a condo-size mail box.The panty comes wrapped nearly in tissue.

Estivo Hipster in Flamingo - Signature Line
This pantie is made in Columbia and is a nylon blend. It's pretty, bright, fun, and comfy! It's very well made with not stitch or string out of place. Estivo is a Colombian swimwear and lingerie company, so I couldn't find a price online, but I have no doubt it is worth the $22 subscription price.

Panty by Post is a great subscription service for lingerie lovers. Every month you get a fun, sexy new surprise in the mail. Who doesn't love sexy surprises!? And these aren't panties you could find at your local mall or Winners store. The new global Fair Trade focus makes Panty by Post even more special. I love that Panty by Post caters to all women, with the most expansive size options of any undergarment subscription I've seen. Whether you are an XS or a 5x, Panty by Post has something for you.

If you are interested in trying Panty by Post, there are a couple promo codes available right now:
  • IMNEW15 saves you $15 on a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.
  • GET10 saves you $10 off any shop purchase of $30 or more.

 Click here to check out Panty by Post.

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