Hitha On The Go for Quarterly.Co Review - #HGQ03 Fall 2014 - Lifestyle Subscription Box

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How Much? $50 per quarter plus $20 shipping
What’s in it? Hitha will send items and guides to help you pack light and arrive in style.

Quarterly Co. sends curated packages from people you care about. Boxes contain gifts selected by influential contributors and cultural icons. Currently there are about 30 influencers, curating boxes of everything from technology and toys, to food and cooking, to fashion and home decor, and everything in between.

The Hitha on the Go box is curated by Hitha Palepu, a blogger and travel expert. Every 3 months, Hitha and Quarterly send a package of travel goods and packing accessories. Her blog, Hitha On The Go, offers fabulous travel, packing, and style tips.

This is the third installment of Hitha on the Go's Quarterly box. It was supposed to ship in November. When I still hadn't received a box by December 30th, I e-mailed Quarterly to find out what was up. They apologized and offered to send me a new box right away. This one arrived January 16th and came with a surprise COD fee! This is the third time I have been charged COD by Canada Post on a Quarterly shipment. I e-mailed Quarterly about it and they refunded me the amount paid with no questions asked. Quarterly has great customer service!

Now to the box... it was big at 22 inches long! Upon opening it up, I found most of the space filled with crinkle paper. Hmm.

Each Quarterly mailing includes a letter from the curator, describing the items and explaining why they were selected. Hitha's previous mailings have all had a theme, and this one was no different. For HGQ03, Hitha is teaching us all about efficient packing!
I'm bringing all my favorite products for packing clothing AND the specific system I use for packing clothing in this box. 
"What do I pack and how do I pack it?" Those are the questions Hitha hopes to help us answer with this box. 

Hitha on the Go How to Pack Clothing PDF Guide ($18)
Hitha recently redesigned her website and now offers many of her travel guides for sale as PDFs. All subscribers to HGQ03 received an e-mail with a free download link to "How to Pack Cloths". It's said to be the complete packing guide to help you travel with style and grace. Hitha offers this 13-page guide on her website for $18. It's a good guide and has an interactive section (record trip details, planned activities, brainstorm outfits, write a packing list), but nothing new. Most of the information contained within can easily be found for free on Pinterest. That's where I usually find great packing tips and guides.

The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic (60ml, $8)
This nontoxic formula with antibacterial properties adds scent while removing odor. Spray to freshen clothing and bedding between washes. Ideal for deodorizing outerwear, car interiors, sneakers, and luggage. Works great for closets and drawers, too!

The Laundress Stain Solution (15ml Packet, $0.99)
Whether you’re rescuing a brand-new shirt or reviving your antique bedding and heirlooms, just one drop of this powerful solution safely removes stubborn stains, old and new. Safe for all washable fabrics—both whites and colors.

Hitha included these items for on-the-go garment care. Hitha insists that everything you pack should be able to be worn twice. A few spritzes of Fabric Fresh will remove odours and prolong the wear-ability of your clothing while traveling. The Stain Solution packet is handy in case of spill emergencies. Both are gentle enough to be used on silk and cashmere. I am familiar with The Laundress and have actually been using Fabric Fresh and Crease Release for years. I'm actually surprised Hitha didn't include a travel size bottle of Crease Release in the box. It's a great product! At first I was perturbed that the Stain Solution was only a packet, rather than the 60ml travel size, but then came to realize spills and stains are usually a rare occurrence, especially on a short trip. Why sacrifice valuable travel real-estate on a bottle you may never need. A couple packets would do just fine, unless you are a messy, clumsy sort.

Kikkerland World Map Laundry Bag ($6)
Stop mixing your dirty clothes with your clean clothes while traveling. The travel laundry bag is perfect for jetsetters everywhere! Holds 6.6LBS or 676 ounces (20 liters) of laundry, and folds up into a compact pouch. Carabiner allows you to clip it to your bag or luggage.

Self explanatory and I'm not sure why I've never used a travel laundry bag in the past.

Mane Message Solid Color Hair Ties (5 Hair Ties, $7)
I hate ribbon hair ties and I'm getting sick of receiving them in boxes, but Hitha provided a great alternative use so I don't have to keep giving mine away. Any efficient packer knows the best way to conserve space in your bag is to roll your clothing rather than fold. Hitha uses ribbon hair ties to secure her clothing rolls and keep them from unraveling. Since ribbon hair ties don't leave creases in your hair, she says the same logic applies with your clothing, "thus reducing the potential for wrinkles and creases in your rolled items". Ahhh... so that's why she didn't include Crease Release!

MiracleFold Junior Size Clothing Folder ($34.99 retail, $23.99 Amazon)
Hitha says this gadget will transform the way we pack AND do laundry. This contraption fold your shirts, sweaters, and dresses perfectly, every single time. Hitha says your drawers and suitcases will never look better. The Junior Size is meant for kids, small clothes, and travel. I'm not convinced on this one... I'm a fan of the "How to Fold a T-Shirt in 5 Seconds" method. I don't know that a plastic board will make much of an impact on my t-shirt drawer, or in my luggage, but I will keep you posted. I have a trip coming up in a few weeks so I will give it a try.

The fall 2014 edition of Hitha on the Go, HGQ03, contained six items, with an approximate retail value of $75 US. This box costs Canadians $70 US ($50 box, plus $20 shipping). The steep shipping fee means much of the value is lost, but it's still a great box if travel and style are interests of yours. I've enjoyed my mailings from Hitha so far, and I have put many of the items and advice I've received to use. Her boxes are always well thought out and include items I never would have thought to use, or items I've learned to use in a new way. I'll be sticking around for HGQ04.

Of note, Quarterly.Co recently sent an e-mail advising of changes for 2015. The text can be viewed here.

I'm excited for the referral program and loyalty perks. The bundled box plans could be great too, if it means saving money (especially on shipping costs!). Another major change is that they are cancelling the no-hassel return policy. Boxes are no longer returnable, unless there is a defect. Not a big deal for Canadian subscribers, since we couldn't take advantage of the free return policy anyway.

If you are interested in HGQ03, it is still available for purchase in Best of Quarterly (so is HGQ01), or subscribe to Hitha on the Go to receive the next box, which ships in February 2015.
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  1. Nice review on the box. Not something I'm interested in but great to hear there starting referral program and loyalty perks.

  2. Not going to lie I had a good laugh when you said this one was for efficient packing, and yet the box everything came in was largely unused and filled with the crinkly stuff- Very unefficient...

    1. Thankfully it's all recyclable.


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