Topbox Review - December 2014 - Canadian Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Topbox
How Much? $12 per month plus tax, shipping included
What’s in it?  4 deluxe beauty samples  
Topbox is a Canadian subscription service that sends four deluxe samples from top beauty brands each month. Topbox is the premiere monthly beauty subscription box in Canada and at only $12 per month, it's a great intro box for those interested in what the beauty box craze is all about.

My December Topbox shipped on the 15th and arrived on the 17th. As usual, I selected a regular box, with "eco-packaging". The eco-packaging means my products are packaged in a reusable organza bag instead of the signature tube.

I didn't see any spoilers this month, so I had no idea what to expect. I also make a point to never read the product card until I've completely unboxed everything. Product cards spoil the initial fun!

Faith Aromatherapy & Apothecary Gingerbread Shower Gel (251ml full size, $15.99)
This is a great full sized product with a lovely holiday scent. My bottle wasn't fully sealed though. It looks like someone peeled the foil seal back to take a sniff. 

Marsk Natural Mineral Eye Shadow in Rich List (1.2g full size, $22.50)
This is a glitzy gold mineral eye shadow. Not totally sure how I feel about it... might end up on my swap board.

Kinetics Nail Polish in Ice Smoothie (15ml full size, $12)
This is the third Kinetics polish I've received from Topbox. Time for something new, me thinks.

Eslor Introductory Collection
I received this set in a previous Beauty Box 5 box and I wasn't impressed then either. Some people have said these four 5ml foil packets are worth $15. I feel foil packets are worth nothing, no matter the retail value of the full size product.

My December Topbox included four items, with an approximate retail value of $65.49 with the Eslor packets, or $50.49 without. It's a decent value, considering this box only costs $13.44 with tax (in BC), but I'm not super thrilled. Three of my four items are full size, which is great, but did I really need another Kinetics nail polish? I love the body wash, but the eye shadow is so-so for me. I'm really torn this month because I enjoy Topbox, but with new top level subscription services shipping to Canada now, there's a lot more competition. I'm not sure if Topbox will make the cut in the new year.

Click here if you are interested in checking out Topbox.
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  1. I have to say that I felt the same way about the Eslor stuff - until I tried it. It is seriously amazing, IMO, and the cleanser and mosturizer lasted several uses. I just purchased the full size versions of the cleanser and scrub in the Topbox Black Friday sale. Loving this brand so much.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I still have my samples from BB5 so I will keep an open mind and give them a try. :)

    2. I agree with tlc, I have been really impressed with the Eslor products, especially the four-sample package for a facial.

  2. I was not impressed with mybox either. Yours at least had the Faith ( which I love that line of body scrub). I got Marsk blush which I won't use, the same nail polish as you, the Elsor like you and some really rubbish small jar of face cream - Botanicals something.. I'd have to check.( that was 1/4 full). It smells icky and has made my chin break out more than usual. NOT impressed. Yet again.

    1. If not for the Faith product, this box would have been a complete and total bust.

  3. The Eslor products are good - but I do wish they weren't foil packets (I'm one that still values them even though they are in the packets) but I enjoy using their products.
    I would be happy if I got your eyehadow color - I got black. I mean I might use it, but really how often are you going to use black shadow?!
    Not the best TopBox!
    Renee C.

    1. Yea I think my bias is that they are foils. If they were packaged better I would have no issue.

  4. I am not impressed too, and I was disappointed.
    I received my first topbox this month and I asked for the regular topbox with a box, but I received a prive topbox with only two little bottles 100ml of the same product, only the colour of the cap changed in a eco -bag. I am asking me for the value as I received little bottles.
    I contact them and they just tell me that I received a prive box. And that's it, nothing more!!!
    Nothing about the choice I made and they do not want to do something about that.
    I cancelled my subscription the same day.
    I was so disappointed fro the first topbox!

    1. That sounds like a terrible experience! No wonder you cancelled. I'm surprised to hear their customer service was so unhelpful.

  5. I unsubscribed today after 14 months. I used to think "I will never unsubscribe" but the last 3-4 months have gotten pathetic. So many nail polishes, and I only ever paint my toes. Plus, foil packs, curl-specific hair products, and tacky lip and eye colours weren't really tooting my horn.


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