Project Candy Box Review - Launch Box - Candy Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

***This company is now closed.***

What is it? Project Candy Box 
How much? $30/month plus shipping, plus $5 shipping 
What's in it? At least 10 full-sized candy items

I first posted about Project Candy Box back in September. They  had just launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund for their new candy subscription service. Project Candy Box is a Canadian service, based in Calgary, Alberta. Each month, they send out a curated box full of treats.
The first box from Project Candy Box shipped mid-November. Dubbed "The Launch Box", this box features international candies, as well as classic local favourites. The team at Project Candy Box says "this is the sweet, delicious variety you can expect every month with our subscription boxes".

First look - lots of treats in here!

Instead of a traditional product card, information on all the treats can be found online. Unfortunately the page listed on the card no longer exists because Project Candy Box re-vamped their site. The Launch Box details have been posted on a temporary site though, so you can check them out here.  Since this box was full of treats from around the world, I didn't recognize very much. I'm glad the info page was available to provide more details.

Bananko - from Croatia (2)
This delicious additions to our candy boxes comes all the way from Eastern Europe and is a chocolate coated banana cream filled treat. You have definitely never had anything like this but this is what candy and chocolate is all about! The Kras company describes their product as "magical combination of a soft banana-flavored foam centre, covered with the traditional Kras chocolate". It is seriously decadent!
I didn't enjoy this one. The banana part is like the dry, weird banana candies you can get in the 25 cent section at 7-11. Not good.

Maoam  - from Germany 
Our friends at Haribo in Germany bring the biggest flavour in our box with the Maoam fruit chews. Packed with 5 powerful flavours including orange, raspberry, strawberry, lemon and cola - it is tough to choose a favorite.
I enjoyed these chewy candies. The most comparable thing here would be Starburst. Oddly, the cola flavour was my favourite.

Nik-L-Nip - from USA
Say it 5 times fast! Don't worry, we can't either. What we do know is, how we used to see these sweet treats in the candy store all the time back in the day. These wax bottles are filled with a sweet juice that rocks the taste buds.
I've never seen these before. The Project Candy Box team says do not eat the wax containers, but the packaging says "bite'em, drink'em, chew'em". I'm not sure why anyone would want to eat wax, but if you do, the ingredients say the container contains artificial flavours! The liquid inside was hard to access and it reminded me of melted Slurpee. 

Warheads - from USA (5 pieces)
If you are not familiar with Warhead candies, then shame on you! Warhead lovers will tell you that it is one of the MOST SOUR CANDIES on the market. If you can get through the first 20 seconds, then you are usually good to go to the delicious centre. 
Project Candy Box challenged people to eat all five at once then post a video online. Yikes! I could barely handle one. 

Crown Strawberry Soft Candy - from Korea 
These strawberry chews from Korea are tangy and fresh. Not to be confused with Hi-Chew, these chews are powerful and delicious.
These are another soft, chewy candy, similar to the Maoam or Starburst. Tasty!

Chewits Xtreme Sour Tutti Fruitti - from England
A generous hit of sour and sweet smacks you in the face with Chewits from our friends over in the UK. The flavour is so unique that It is hard to describe the taste. You will just have to try it and see. for yourself This candy is so good that we will come back to you with different flavors of Chewits in the future! 
These are another soft, chewy treat, but with a sour punch. 

RJ's Raspberry Choco Logs - from New Zealand 
These delicious treats bring in a satisfying and unique flavour to the box! Nested inside of a generous piece of raspberry licorice, you will find yummy milk chocolate filling. The combination is amazing and this New Zealand snack will leave you wanting more.
Raspberry licorice filled with chocolate? Sounds delicious. I'm saving it for a special someone.

Millions in Lemon & Orange - from England
The answer to your question is no this is not false advertising. We have personally counted each little tangy ball of lemon and orange and there are over a million. If you don't believe us, take the day off of school or work and  count them for yourself. You won't find this treat in too many of your local grocery stores, so savor each tiny ball of goodness. 
I have a feeling these will make a mess once opened. I won't be sharing them with my nieces that's for sure!

Goop Gum - from USA
From the makers of Toxic Waste sour candy, Goop Gum recently won an award at the Sweets Expo in Chicago, USA for the most innovative new product at the show. Toxic Waste is known for its sour PUNCH and new Goop Gum delivers a similar zing. But it is the green slime in the middle that holds the power. Enjoy this exclusive product BUT BE CAREFUL! You have been warned ;)
My first bite I thought, these aren't sour at all... but then second bite WOW! Green goop inside. Once all mashed together it's a tasty gum, but doesn't last. Two people I shared these with described the experience as "unpleasant"

Kinder Happy Hippo - from Germany
Have you ever wanted to own a pet Hippo? Of course you have! Enjoy this hazelnut chocolate treat with some crunch. Each hippo is filled with milk and nut filling and encased in a cookie-wafer shell. The Kinder Hippo is dipped into a frosting/meringue mixture.
This is super delicious and I want more. It's like a vanilla wafer cookie filled with hazelnut.  

Dib Dabs - from England
Brought to you by Candy Land our friends in England, Dib Dabs are a little bit of fizzy, dippy, strawberry heaven. Within the bag you will find a strawberry flavoured lolli along with sherbet powder. Just dip and lick, and you are good to go.
These are like Fun Dips. I used to love those when I was a kid. 

Choco Boy - from Korea
Yes, Korea! Choco Boy is our first Asian product featured in Project Candy Box. The perfect marriage of milk chocolate and biscuit, Choco Boy is a crunch that will surprise you. Why are they shaped like mushrooms?!?! Who cares, they are magically awesome!
 I received something similar to this in my Taste Japan box. From that I learned that there is a mushroom shaped cartoon character named Nameko that is very popular in Asia... so they make treats shaped like him too!

Project Candy Box's Launch Box contained twelve different products from all over the globe. It's impossible to put a value on this box, since many of the items aren't available in Canada. The box costs $20 (plus shipping), so it works out to about $1.66 per item, which is totally reasonable. The Kinder Hippo is my favourite. I like all the soft chews too so it was great to get three different types. The Bananko is my least favourite. December's box is called The Holiday Box. Sign up by December 15th and it will be yours! Use promo code CBACANDY10 to save 10% off your first order!

Click here for Project Candy Box. 

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  1. Some yummy looking candy in this box. My sister would probably enjoy one of these.

  2. You do not "eat" the bottle, you are supposed to chew them a bit like gum. We have wax straws here in Quebec but they are really uncommon. They really taste great and chewing on the wax is fun.


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