GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box Review - November 2014 - Handmade Goods Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box 
How Much? $29.99 US per month, plus $15 shipping to Canada OR add Artisan Prime to your account for $5 a month and enjoy free shipping. 
What’s in it? Up to 3 items handcrafted by global artisans

GlobeIn is a e-marketplace that connects local artisans with the global economy. GlobeIn represents hundreds of artisans, from over 40 countries. Through GlobeIn, you can find one-of-a-kind items, learn about different cultures, and hear stories from the artisans first hand. Read more about how your GlobeIn purchase helps communities in need by clicking here.

There are currently four Artisan Gift Boxes to choose from:
  • Explore the World with Deepak Chopra - Get up to 3 items plus mediation series from the Chopra Center.
  • Awesome & Unexpected - A varied collection that will be a pleasant surprise every month. Learn about each item, its craft, and its creator.
  • Statement Jewelry -  Ethnic, eclectic and eye-catching jewelry pieces. Get beautiful wearables that double as conversation pieces.
  • Global Home - Exotic art, ethnic kitchenware, and functional items for the home. Create a home that  talks. 
I opted to subscribe to the Awesome & Unexpected box. Of note - you can change your box choice each month. Next month I might try Global Home!

My GlobeIn box shipped November 17th and arrived November 24th. The box is smaller than I expected, at only 9 inches square.

The card indicates that my items come from New Delhi, India and are made by women from all over the country, organized by entrepreneur Mamta Buzzaria. According to GlobeIn, Mamta "trained over 500 rural/underprivileged semi literate & uneducated persons in embroidery, tailoring, cutting, designing and retailing including customer service". The products in this month's box come from Mamta's brands The Elephant Company and 

Mamta is a crafts person at heart and a builder of dreams. She's also known as The Entrepreneur Alchemist. Anything that catches her eye becomes a new project as she thinks about how to design and market it. Her entrepreneurship is about creativity, passion, collaboration, and resilience. 


The material used is from all over the country, textiles from Varanasi, cotton hand block traditional prints from Sanganer in Rajasthan and village clusters doing Kantha embroidery in rural Rajasthan, beaded jewelry is made by a trained group of women from low income group and is done in beautiful hand made glass and metal beads,in Maharashtra.

Eco Corner Bani Thani Passport Holder  (~$12)
I can't find this exact design online but the linked one is the same brand and style. It's printed cotton canvas with slots inside for a passport and cards. Bani Thani is a famous Indian painting... it's India's Mona Lisa.

Plume Peacock Turquoise Mouse Pad ($3)
Did you know the national bird of India is a peacock? I love this bright and fun design.

Modern Vintage Transport Bullet Steel Card Holder ($6)
The Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle has been manufactured in India since 1949. This card holder will come in handy to hold my Canadian Box Addict business cards! I don't have one yet so this is great.

The November Awesome & Unexpected gift box from GlobeIn included three items produced in India, with a retail value of around $21 US. I received this box for free (plus $5 shipping), using a promo code. Regular price for this box is $45 with shipping to Canada, so a $21 value really does not make this one worth while.  On the flip side, I LOVE the items I received. All three items are fun, well made, and useful to me. I love that each one represents India in some way. Given the type of subscription this is and the nature of handmade artisan products, it's likely that the value of a GlobeIn box could fluctuate month-to-month. I just hope they don't fluctuate on the low end too often. Regardless of the low value this month, I'm sticking with GlobeIn for another month. I enjoyed my products from India immensely and the subscription benefits a worthy cause. It's worth another chance.

If you are interested in trying  a GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box, you can get your first box 50% off on a monthly subscription using promo code BOXHALOFF, or get your first box free on a 6-month subscription using promo code FREEMONTH6. And remember, at checkout, keep the $5 Artisan Prime in your cart and your shipping is only $5 per month instead of $15.

Click here to check out the GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box

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  1. Some great items you received in the box but agree, the price is a little to steep for me to buy.

  2. I chose the GlobeIn Global Home, and received the same card from the same woman that you did. My items were a smallish purple runner that I LOVE, and two pretty, blue cotton pillow covers that I like but are a stretch for me. I have no idea what the value is but I am also going to stick with it for one more month to get a better feel for the company/products.


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