Wantable Intimates Box Review - November 2014 - Undergarment Subscription Box

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What is it? Wantable
How Much? $36 monthly or $40 one time purchase, plus approximately $11 shipping/tax
What's in it? Intimates box includes 3-4 premium essentials. Make up box includes 4-5 full-size premium makeup products. Accessories box includes 4 boutique accessories. All are picked to match your profile preferences.

Wantable is a subscription service that offers a monthly Makeup Box, Accessories Box, or Intimates Box.  Each box offers a selection of hand-picked premium products, selected based on your profile preferences. My last Wantable Intimates box was in July. I was never super thrilled with the products I received, but Wantable has made some changes, so I re-subscribed to see what the changes were all about.

The first change I noted is that the Canadian shipping/handling charge went from $5 plus tax/duty to $6 plus tax/duty. The additional charges are GST or HST (depending where you live), and an 8% Canadian Apparel Duty charge. For me in BC, the additional shipping/tax is $11.01, on top of the $36 per month charge.

For the Wantable box itself, the big change is that the Wantable Intimates box now includes 3-4 items instead of 4-5 items. They are touting the box as having better quality, and higher value items.

Other changes were to product categories and quiz choices. Here is a full list of the changes, from the Wantable Blog:
1) We created a new lingerie category (OoLaLa!).
2) We rearranged the color and style questions so you can “Like/Love/Dislike” certain color combinations for different categories (i.e. maybe  you “Like” bright  panties, but don’t “Like” bright bras. Now you can customize each category’s color and style).
3) We renamed our styles: Neutral to Basic. Bright to Colorful. Pretty and Polished to Polished. Fun and Flirty to Flirty. Soft bra to Bra.
4) We added a sexy style option for lingerie and panties.
5) We combined tanks and camis into the loungewear category.
6) We combined the tights category with the hosiery category. Leggings became its own category.
7) We updated the sock height options to include ankle, knee, over-the-knee.
8) You can now tell us what kind of shape wear you’d like: tops, bottoms, one-pieces.
9) We added a question about sock patterns.
10) We added inseam to sizing.
These are all welcome changes. Many people had issue with lingerie being considered loungwear, so I'd say that is the biggest and best change. Since I was trying out the service for the first time all over again, I kepy my quiz fairly basic. The only thing I "disliked" was the tights/hoisery and legging categories. I "loved" loungewear and panties. Everything else was a "like".

Dreamwave by Pajama Drama Plush Pants ($24 Wantable price or $14.99 at Target)
These are super comfy cozy pants and will be great for cold winter nights... but in typical Wantable fashion the value is over-inflated.

Nouveau by Pajama Drama Dot PJ Set in Raspberry ($39.99 Wantable price or $18.99 on Amazon)
Two issues here. 1: This set is two sizes smaller than my profile/quiz size. 2: THE PRICE! Seriously Wantable? I like the look of the PJ's but the sizing is very off. The pants fit fine despite being two sizes too small. There is no drawstring and the elastic waistband isn't very tight, so if someone who was actually this size wore them, they would probably fall right off. The top is too tight across the chest, which is a given because it's NOT MY SIZE!

MUK LUKS Mary Jane Aloe Socks ($8)
So these lounge socks are infused with aloe... but I can't find why or what it does. Makes them soft? This is the only item that is priced about right. Target sells a 3-pack for $25.

My November Wantable Intimates box contained three items with an ACTUAL value of $41.98. Wantable claims these items are valued at $71.99. The box ends up being worth less than I paid. I seriously laughed when I opened this box. It felt like a joke. Two pajama items, one of them not my size, and a pair of slipper socks. It was only made worse when I started searching online for the items and pricing and found this box wasn't even worth the $47.01 US I paid for it. And you know that "simple and hassle free" return policy? Not if you're Canadian. You can return the box, but it's not free. I e-mailed Wantable about my concerns. For the size issue, they offered to send me a new set at no cost. For the price discrepancies, Wantable said they go based on manufacture suggested retail prices. One good thing about Wantable is that their customer service is top notch. Any time I have contacted CS, they have been quick, professional, and helpful.

If for some reason this post makes you want to sign up for a Wantable Intimates box, click here

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  1. Oh, boo. I've been eyeing Wantable Intimates for a while but I just haven't been convinced that the products would be of good enough quality to please me. And with the additional charges + the actual value of these products... well, at least now I know I won't be bothering. But this is so disappointing! I really want a great box like this.

    Brenna from Esther's Ever After

  2. Bummer that they inflated the prices on them and that you got the wrong size. I'm not really into lounge or undergarment wear so this subscription box doesn't really interest me anything.

  3. Love your shoot-from-the-hip comments :) thanks!

  4. You're right about the price it's over exaggerate. Some of the brand they carry you can actually find it at the discount store (TJmaxx) for so much cheaper. I didn't realize that until I went shopping again, its been awhile I havent been into discount store so I guess I'll shop there instead of subscribing every month. Also, just to let you know you got 4 items in your box, the pj set count as 2 pieces. I received my Nov box and I only got 2 items, 1 pj set and 1 tank. I contacted them told them the issue and said I got 3 items because the pj set count as 2 which Im really disappointed. I have seen reviews from others and I would consider the set as 1 if they gotten 2-3 more items aside from the pj set. So to make sense if you get 1 pj set = 2 pieces + 2 more items you got 4 pieces. If you got 1 pj set and 3 more items you got 5. They claim you'll recieve 3-4. Not so happy at all.The only thing I like about them is the CS, they are really responsive to your concerns through email.

  5. Here's what I did instead:

    I really wanted to love Wantable but I just couldn't justify the cost, especially here in Canada.

    1. Totally agree. I've long felt that the stuff in Wantable is comparable to Winners finds.


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