Stitch Set Review - Knitting Subscription Box + DISCOUNT

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Stitch Set
How Much? $46/month including shipping (outside of US)
What’s in it? Everything necessary to complete a knitting project

Stitch Set is a monthly subscription service for knitters. Each month Stitch Set sends all the materials, tools, and instructions required to make one project. Stitch Set is tailored for beginning knitters, but people of all skill levels can benefit from Stitch Set. When Stitch Set contacted me about trying out a kit, I jumped at the chance. I have absolutely zero knitting experience, but I've always wanted to learn. 
Our patterns will range from beginner to easy. We want to remain accessible to those who don't currently know how to knit. Every set includes custom made instructions with full color photos that outline all techniques needed to complete that month's project.
Each Stitch Set kit comes in a draw string cloth sack. It includes everything needed to make the month's project, including custom instructions with photos, a knitting pattern, yarn, needles, scissors, and any accessories (buttons, clasps, etc).

Stitch Set sent me the April kit to review. The set has the materials necessary to make a "Spring Scarf/Cowl".

Pattern with photos.

Boye Jumbo Plastic Knitting Needle Pair

Willow Yarns - Vines in Morning Glory

Scissors, wooden buttons, needle & thread
The Stitch Set blog entry for this kit showed a full travel sewing kit, which I did not receive.

Bath & Body Works Jelly Pops Lip Gloss in Pomegranate
The kit also included a surprise gift!

I've had this kit for a few weeks, and this is my progress so far. I am an expert at the "cast on" stitch! Beyond that, I haven't made any progress. I've been having trouble with the jumbo needles. Christine, the Stitch Set founder, directed me to some YouTube videos for help, but I'm having a hard time translating the videos and pictures into practical application. I was told by some knitters I know that this kit probably wasn't the best one to send to someone with zero previous knitting experience. I'd never even held a knitting needle until I received this kit. Regardless, this hasn't deterred me. I picked up some standard size needle and basic yarn from the craft store and I'm practicing stitches with those. Once I am more comfortable on the standard size needle, I will come back to this kit and try again. I'm also waiting for my mother to visit next month so she can give me some hands-on pointers! While Stitch Set is aimed at beginners, as a someone with no previous experience with knitting, I found this particular kit was beyond my abilities. I feel like Stitch Set would probably be better for someone who has some knowledge, but is still in the beginning stages. 

In regards to value, all of these items could be purchased for less than the $46 per month subscription cost, but this box is more of an experience based service. Those who enjoy knitting would appreciate receiving a complete kit every month. No need to go out to the craft store and scour the knitting section for ideas and supplies. Instead everything you need comes to you. You might want it just for fun, or it might be to gain more experience with knitting. Either way, it's a great way to try new knitting projects that you may not have picked out on your own. Stitch Set is a great concept and would be a great gift for someone who loves knitting.

If you are interested in trying Stitch Set, you can get 20% off your first month. Stitch Set's payment system is not currently set up for promo codes, but after you sign up, send Christine an e-mail and she will manually apply a 20% discount to your first month. E-mail

Click here to check out Stitch Set.
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  1. Looks like a great set for someone wanting to try knitting.

  2. s a knitter I can say it is a good idea. You receive the surprise of a wool and tools that sometimes are hard to find... (I am wool addict) ... and it looks great, but I think this set is expensive..
    You have the chance to try it!!!


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