Nerd Block Jr. Girls Review - October 2014 - Canadian Kids Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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 ** As of August 2017, this company is no longer in business.** 

What is it? Nerd Block Jr. Girls
How much? $13.99/month, plus $6 shipping per box, plus GST (US dollars)
What's in it? Awesome nerd gear for kids aged 6-11

Nerd Block is a Canadian-based subscription service that sends a monthly mystery package filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles. The products chosen represent all genres from movies, television, video games, internet, and more! There are 7 Blocks to choose from:  Nerd Block Classic, Arcade Block, Comic Block, Horror Block, Sci-Fi Block, Nerd Block Jr. Boys, and Nerd Block Jr. Girls. The Jr. Blocks are $13.99, plus shipping and the other Blocks are $19.99, plus shipping. This review is for the Nerd Block Jr. Girls.

This is my second Nerd Block Jr for girls. You can check out my review of the first one here

Funko Hello Kitty Mummy Vinyl Figure ($12.99)

Disney Frozen Bracelets ($2.94)

Savvi Costume Face Tattoos in Bat & Spiders ($14.99)

Dreamworks Dragons Riders of Berk Graphic Novel ($5.88)

AAA Vacations Lanyard & Disney Pin (no value)

The October Nerd Block Jr. Girls contained five items, valued at $36.80. I paid $20.99 US for this box, which equaled $24.04 CDN. I have mixed feelings on this box. The Hello Kitty Mummy figure and face tattoos are great items, in time for Halloween. The Frozen bracelets are a cheap party favour item, but my nieces will love them. The Dragons graphic novel also made an appearance in this month's Nerd Block Jr. Boys box (as did the face tattoos). My nieces aren't old enough to read a book like this yet (the oldest is in grade 1 French Immersion), so I will add it to the donation pile. The lanyard and pin are the most confusing items. They are promotional giveaway items and I have no idea why Nerd Block thought it was a good idea to include them in this box. The boys box contained five toy/collectible items this month. I guess tossing in a freebie lanyard was Nerd Block's way of making the girl and boy boxes equal. Lucky enough though, I am going on a family trip to Disneyland early in the new year, so perhaps the lanyard will come in handy to hold our passes. If not for that, it would be a garbage item.

If you are interested in trying Nerd Block, click here. You can save 10% off your first box by using promo code SUPERHERO. The November blocks ship November 15th. Both girls and boys blocks will feature Penguins of Madagascar, the new animated film from Dreamworks!

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