NatureBox Review - September 2014 - Healthy Snack Subscription Box

This is my last September box post! October posts coming next week! 

What is it? NatureBox
How Much? $19.95/month plus $4.95/month shipping
What’s in it?  A box of five different - but always delicious - snacks delivered to your door.

NatureBox is a very popular US based snack subscription service that recently started shipping to Canada. The boxes ship via Canada Post, with no additional duties or taxes. The Canadian rollout is currently in "beta" phase, which means Canadian customers won't be able to experience NatureBox the same way our American counterparts do.

The main difference is that, while in "beta" phase, Canadian customers do not have box customization options. Instead of being able to choose the snacks each month, we will received a fixed 5-snack box, curated by the NatureBox experts. NatureBox predicts Canadian customers will have full access to the interactive site by late 2014. 

 There's no product card included in the box. Instead all the info can be found on the NatureBox website.

Ancient Grains Granola (142g)
This has a mix of oats, quinoa, kamut, amaranth, spelt, and toasted coconut. I will use it on my yogurt in the mornings.

Apple Cinnamon Crave (113g)
This is a fruit and nut mix with peanuts, almonds, and apples. It's sweet and salty and will be great for hiking!

Flax Fortune Coins, (113g)
These were soooo good. I love the sweet taste of fortune cookies and that is exactly what they tasted like, with the added bonus of flax. If I could buy more, I totally would.

Santa Fe Corn Stix (158g)
I took these to work and they were a hit with my co-workers.

Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps (99g)
Nature box suggests eating these savoury, crunchy crackers on their own, or crumble over a salad.

My September NatureBox included 5 snacks, totaling 625 grams of food! I paid $24.90 US for this box, and I'm pretty certain it's worth what I paid. Had I purchased similar snacks of this size and quality on my own, I probably would have ended up spending more than $25. It's a good mix of snacks, from sweet, to salty, to savoury. The Flax Fortune Coins were my absolute favourite.

Click here to check out NatureBox.

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  1. Everything looks yummy here! Very nice box for the month.


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