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Please see the update at the end of this post.

What is it? Urth Box
How much? Small Box: $29/month, $72/quarterly ($24 per box), $115/semi-annually ($19 per box) plus $6 shipping per box. Medium & large size boxes available as well.
What's in it? Healthy full-size treats meeting your dietary need. Choose from Classic, Vegan, Diet, or Gluten-Free. Small Box includes 7-10 products.
Yup, you read the title of this post correctly. This is a review for the May Urth Box! I will explain more later in the review.

Urth Box is based in California and offers several different subscription options:
  • Small - starts at $29 per month*. Includes 7-10 snacks
  • Medium - starts at $39 per month*. Includes 12-15 snacks
  • Large - starts at $49 per month*. Includes 20-24 snacks.
*Save money by signing up and pre-paying for a 3 or 6 month subscription.

Once you've chosen your size, you select the type of box you want to receive. This is the feature that makes Urth Box unique among the other healthy snack boxes on the market. 
  • Classic Box - Healthy snacks, organic, non-GMO
  • Vegan Box - No animal or dairy products
  • Gluten-Free - 100% Gluten-Free products
  • Diet Box - Calorie/Fat/Carb conscious products

I first subscribed to the Gluten-Free Urth Box in April and reviewed it here. I then cancelled my subscription, but was still supposed to receive the May box. Apparently, I never received it and I completely forgot about it, until an Urth Box showed up in my mailbox on September 3rd. I was very confused. I checked my online banking and didn't see any payment withdraws and I checked my Urth Box account and confirmed my account was still inactive. This box was a complete mystery. I e-mailed Urth Box and asked why they shipped me an August box. While awaiting reply, I opened it up.

This was my actual first look. Something didn't seem right. The products were tossed all over the box, the tissue was torn and crumpled, and there was popcorn loose all over the box.

Once the cards were removed, this is what I saw. It was a mess. The popcorn had a greasy coating that was all over EVERYTHING. At this point, I was still incredibly confused. Then by chance I looked at the shipping label and did a double take. The postage date was May 23, 2014. MAY! 

I pulled the product card out and confirmed... yup, May! Where had the box been for the past 3 months?! It wasn't inspected by customs (they use yellow tape marked with CBSA) and there was no notice from Canada Post. The box was completely sealed when I received it. I guess it just got lost somewhere along the road from California to British Columbia and at some point, re-appeared and found it's way home. I e-mailed Urth Box again to let them know the mystery was solved, but also to include a photo of the state of the box and to express my disappointment. It's not their fault, but as a paying customer, it was still a disappointing Urth Box experience. To this day, two weeks later, I still have not received a reply or any sort of acknowledgement from Urth Box. I'm not looking for (or expecting) a replacement box or any sort of compensation, but good customer service means acknowledging customer e-mails and concerns. Urth Box failed here.

Now for the review...
This is the product that leaked. Either it wasn't sealed properly to begin with, or pressure during transit caused it to explode. Either way, the popcorn was all over the box. I don't even know what brand this was because I threw it out so quickly. This product has no value.

The Daily Crave Veggie Chips (1oz, $1)

Frontier Crunchy Energy Bites in Almond Blueberry Lemon (20g, $1.75)

Go Healthy New York Date Bar in Cashew (45g, $1.40)

 Eden Spicy Pumpkin Dry Roasted Seeds (1oz, $0.87)

Eda-Zen Crncha Ma-Me Freeze-Dried Edamame in Jalapeno (20g, $2.25)

ips All Natural Egg White Chips in Aged White Cheddar (1oz, $1.40)

Stur Water Enhancer with Stevia in Lemon Tea (56ml, $4)

goChia!  Drink Chia! in Strawberry Citrus (10oz, $3)

The May Urth Box contained nine eight products, with an approximate retail value of $15.67. Even with the excluded popcorn product, there is absolutely no way this box came close to the $34.90 CDN I paid. I think the dismal value only adds insult to injury. The April box had a $48 value so I have a really hard time understanding how the May box included less than $20 worth of product. It's a complete rip off and I'm not at all sorry I cancelled this box. It would have been better if the May box had never arrived at all. I wouldn't be missing anything.

If for some reason this review made you want to try Urth Box, you can save $10 off your first month by using promo code CRUNCHWEEK at checkout. Order by September 30th and you will receive the October box.

**UPDATE**   October 19, 2014
I've received a couple e-mails over the past few weeks, most recently today. I thought it might be good to add an update to this post. One of the e-mails had screen shots of a post Urthbox made on Facebook, in reference to my blog post.

First of all, Urth Box is completely correct that this probably was an isolated incident, but It was not an issue with Canadian Customs. I've experienced a box inspected by Customs before, and this one, most definitely, was not. The issue was with the United States and Canadian postal systems and it was beyond any of our control. Second, had I noticed sooner that I never received my May box, I'm 100% positive Urth Box would have sent me a new box. This is my own fault for not keeping track of my boxes and it's actually the first (and hopefully last) time that ever happens. 

As for their assertion that they will happily replace damaged items, I think it's more a case of they will happily replace damaged items if you ask. I e-mailed twice on September 5th - first when I first received the box and again right after opening it and finding the damaged popcorn bag. I included a photo (the 3rd photo in this post). I received the automated response confirming receipt of the e-mail, and that was it. I wasn't seeking any compensation when I e-mailed, nor did I specifically ask for a reply, but one would think it's good business sense to reply to a customer and, at the very least, acknowledge the negative experience. When I wrote the original post, two weeks after sending the e-mail, I still hadn't received a reply to my e-mails. This is still the case today. The only acknowledgement I have received directly from UrthBox is a comment on my Instagram photo. There was no offer to replace the damaged product.

If this is how UrthBox demonstrates that it is a priority for them to assist unhappy customers and make them happy, like I said above, they failed. There was no effort made on their part to turn this negative experience into a positive one. I'm sure there are hundreds and thousands of happy UrthBox customers out there, but I was not one of them. I wouldn't go as far as to tell people not to subscribe. Form your own opinion based multiple reviews, spanning several months worth of boxes, from several different bloggers. My post reflects one bad experience from one crappy box and I'm sure that isn't the norm. All I can say for certain, is that I won't be subscribing again.

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  1. Yeah, box does not seem all that great. Can't believe the May box came now for you.

  2. SCAM ALERT. Company will charge to renew your subscription without your consent, and will refuse to offer any refunds. Their excuse is that you need to contact them before the trial is up, for which we received no notice that they were going to charge us before the trial was done. We are reporting them to Visa and the BBB for resolution, . Their snacks were awful as well and they offer terrible value.

    1. That's generally how subscription based services work. It's not a scam. It's up to the subscriber to read the fine print and know the terms of service.


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