StrideBox Review - September 2014 - Fitness Subscription Box

What is it? StrideBox
How Much? $15 per month, plus $5 shipping
What's in it? 6-8 curated samples of performance products, running accessories, gear, and nutritional products to enhance your active lifestyle
StrideBox is a fitness subscription box aimed at runners. Each month, StrideBox sends out a box full of "Stuff Runners Want". StrideBox may include everything from apparel and accessories, to nutrition products and performance supplements. The products included are focused on running, training, and recovery.

 First look - not much to see!

For those of you that live in an apartment, StrideBox is small enough to fit into a  condo-sized mail box so you don't have to worry about missing the mail delivery!

Product card

 StrideBox sticker (there's one in every box!)

Multi Functional Seamless Bandana ($9.99)
Last month I asked for more clothing/accessories and they delivered. This is like the buffs the contestants on Survivor wear to identify their team. It can be word as a bandana, hair tie, headband, wristband, face cover, and many other things. I won't use it for running but it might be good for camping or hiking.

A3 Bar in Peanut Butter & Jelly  (1 bar, $2.20)
This is an all natural, gluten-free snack that is packed with protein and carbs.

SK Energy Shot in Strawberry Lemonade (1 bottle, $2.99)
This contains natural caffeine sourced from green coffee beans. Use it on a run, or whenever you need a boost. Strawberry Lemonade is a new flavour in the SK lineup.

MRM Reload Recover in Watermelon and Lemonade (2 servings, $2.50)
Reload is a recovery drink full of amino acids that helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness while supporting muscle recovery.

Clif SHOT Bloks in Strawberry (1 pack, $1.99)
Provides quick, chewable energy while training and racing.

BEET ELITE Neo Shot (1 pack, $3.50)
This new product contains concentrated beet juice crystals that help the body make more Nitric Oxide to extend endurance and improve intensity.

GU Energy Gel in Root Beer (1 pack, $1.45)
All the "GU" you want in an exciting new flavour... I love root beer but I'm not sure about this.

The September StrideBox contained seven products, valued around $24.62. I paid $20 US for this box, so I got what I paid for. As with last month, the majority of this box is supplement and nutrition items. There is still a decent amount of variety with the products, but I would still like to see more from the apparel and accessories categories. I was impressed that three of the products are new to the market (either new product or new flavour). I enjoyed this box, but I have cancelled my StrideBox subscription for now, because I'm not running often enough or far enough to need so many fitness supplements.

If running and fitness is your hobby, check out StrideBox.
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  1. Nice mix of stuff! Not a box I would go for since I'm not really into fitness right now.


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