Wantable Intimates Box Review - July 2014 - Undergarment Subscription Box

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What is it? Wantable
How Much? $36 monthly or $40 one time purchase, plus approximately $10 shipping
What's in it? Intimates box includes 4-5 premium essentials. Make up box includes 4-5 full-size premium makeup products. Accessories box includes 3-4 boutique jewellery pieces. All are picked to match your profile preferences.
After receiving a successful Wantable box in June, I opted to stay on board for another month to see what I would get. For July, Wantable was promoting shapewear by Jewel Toned, so I was expecting to get one of those, but everything else was a mystery.

First look - Is that a scarf??

Jewel Toned Contour Hourglass Dress in Royal Blue ($44)
I like the tank style of this piece, but it's not something I would wear as a dress on its own. It will be great as a slip or undergarment piece though. Wantable lists this as being worth $28 but the Jewel Toned website is selling them for $44. Not sure why the discrepancy, but I've gone with the MSRP for review purposes.

Third Love Lace Thong in Azalea Pink ($13) and promo card
I'm happy with this thong. It's my usual style for daily wear, although pink wouldn't be my first choice for colour. The promo card gives $10 off a bra at Third Love. Bras start at $39 and there are a lot of beautiful pieces available. Not sure yet if they ship to Canada though. Wantable lists the price of this panty as $10, even though Third Love is selling it for $13.

I love this pair of panties too. Stretchy lace fabric and vibrant blue colour. Plus another $10 off bra purchase card. Wantable lists the value of this pair at $15, which Third Love is selling them for $21.

NikiBiki Capri Leggings in Ivory ($17.99)
It's not a scarf... it's a super soft, stretchy pair of leggings... in ivory. Not something I would ever wear as part of regular clothing so I will use these for sleepwear or under my ski gear in the winter.

My July Wantable Intimates box contained four items, plus two promo gift cards. The approximate retail value of the items I received is $95.99, not counting the promo cards. (For some reason, Wantable's pricing puts it at $75 value). I'm happy with both pairs of panties and I will likely use the shapewear dress as an undergarment at some point. I'm a little confused by the leggings since they seem to be a little thick and warm for summer, but they will make good sleepwear through the fall and winter. Overall I'm happy with this box and glad I re-subscribed.

Are you interested in trying Wantable? Click here.

*Note* Comments are now disabled on all Wantable Intimates post due to the amount of spam comments I was receiving from South Asian escort services.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup it's pretty good. I've unsubscribed for now though. It's hard to justify the price.

  2. Love what you got, I got the uggliest pair of leggings I have ever seen. LOL.


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