Bonjour Jolie Review - July 2014 - Time of the Month Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary through referral credits.

What is it? Bonjour Jolie 
How much? $16 per month plus $10 shipping to Canada 
What's in it? "Each Box Contains Feminine Products, Specialty Bath and Body Items, Gifts, Teas, and Artisianal Chocolates

I used to subscribe to Bonjour Jolie, but the last box I received was in September 2013. Bonjour Jolie contacted me out of the blue recently and advised I had earned enough referral credits for a free box. It was a very unexpected, but pleasant surprise.

If you aren't familiar with Bonjour Jolie, is a "premium subscription box designed exclusively for women to be pampered during their period". Bonjour Jolie sends you everything you need to sail through your monthly period with ease. You will receive your monthly supplies (up to 25 pieces of your choice), a gift, some edible items, and some pampering items. They also try to send the box out so it arrives just before your cycle is set to begin. It's a great concept and it's always fun to open a Bonjour Jolie box.

 Packed with care - same as always!

First look

 Product card 

There's a theme for July! I don't know if this is a recurring thing or a one off, but the theme for July is honey... or bees? Both?!

The Gift:

Bee & Amber Honey Drop Necklace ($24)

The Edibles:

Nature Valley Crunchy Oats 'n Honey bar ($1)

Joyva Honey Sesame Crunch (6 pieces, $1)

Betterbee Sweet Honey Candy (8 pieces, $1.50)

Glorybee Flavoured Honey Sticks (3 sticks, $1)

Davidson's Honey Tea (5 bags, $1.60)

No chocolate this month?!

The Pampering:

Honey Fusion Lotion Bar ($3)

Ogranic Honey Vanilla Lip Balm ($5)

Organic Honeycomb Soap ($3)
All three of the products above are labeled "Bonjour Jolie". I'm not sure if this means the Bonjour Jolie team made the soaps themselves? If so, that's pretty cool. The soaps and lip balm are listed as being available for purchase via the Bonjour Jolie shop. Problem is, the shop has not been updated since December 2013, and none of these products are listed.

Honey Almond Bath Oil Beads ($2)

PureTouch Skin Care Feminine Wipes (2 wipes, $0.50)

Advil Tablets (4 tablets,  $1)

The Supplies:

Tampax Pearl Super (18 pack - $6.49)
This is the first time I have had my Bonjour Jolie supplies come in the box. I'm not sure if it's always like this now, or just for my promo box. I was a bit bummed to see only 18 tampons and no pads or liners. Subscribers have the opportunity to select 25 items, but because this was a complimentary referral box, I didn't have that opportunity.

The July Bonjour Jolie box was a nice treat. It contained almost everything I need for period time. An assortment of feminine hygiene products would have been better than just a box of super tampons, but they're still useful. (Remember that when you sign up, you have the chance to select which products you would like to receive. You can pick any combination of pads, liners, or tampons, up to 25 units so you get exactly what you need.) The honey bath products are great and the necklace gift is very cute. As for the edibles, I'd prefer to see chocolate in a period box, but I appreciate the effort that went into sourcing out honey flavoured snacks to fit the theme. Once again it's another fun box from Bonjour Jolie. I really think this box would be great for a teenager just starting her period. It would be a nice treat every month to help offset the woes that come with being a women!

What do you think of Bonjour Jolie?

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  1. Looks like a nice array of products in this box!

  2. the necklace is gorgeous! this always seems like such a thoughtful box.

  3. That's good to know that you can get pads, bc I don't want tampons. I think I might try this next month. I think the necklace was cute! I'll check out the site.

    1. You can get pads & liners too and they carry all the top brands.


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