Tea Sparrow Review - June 2014 - Canadian Tea Subscription Box


What is it? Tea Sparrow 
How Much? $20 per month, shipping included 
What’s in it?  4 premium loose leaf teas to make 35-40 cups of tea

In March, Tea Sparrow was featured on Ethical Deal.  The deal was a 1 month trial subscription to Tea Sparrow for only $12.50, including shipping and tax. I signed up, and then sat on my voucher until summer.

I waited until summer to redeem my voucher because I figured Tea Sparrow would offer some good blends for iced tea. I was right! The insert says it's "Time for Making Iced Tea"! Descriptions of the teas and detailed brewing instructions can be found online each month.

Aromatica Fine Teas - Thai Chai Rooibos 
The organic rooibos is beautifully spiced with whole ingredients to make sweet spicy uplifting cup of chai.

Tea Desire - Buddah Bamboo
The taste of currant-strawberry-vanilla. A new favorite with the Tea Sparrow family.

Tiesta Tea - Flap Jack Oolong
Remember that excitement of waking up to fresh-made pancakes smothered in maple syrup? Bring back that childlike enjoyment with a nostalgic maple aroma of full-favored oolong leaves, blended with fresh picked walnuts straight from California.

Mighty Leaf - Mandarin Rose Tea
Mandarin Rose boasts a garden of aromatic, candy-pink petals and rich black China tea leaves that result in a delicate wine essence with hints of chocolate and rose. This exotic Mighty Leaf signature blend offers a fragrant and visually memorable experience.

I have always been a fan of Tea Sparrow. I was signed up for a few months last year, but I ended up having such a large stockpile of tea that I had to cancel. I can't wait to brew some of these for iced tea. They all sound amazing, especially the Buddah Bamboo and Flap Jack Oolong.

Click here to check out Tea Sparrow.
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  1. i just bought so much tea! but i am still always tempted by these subscriptions, sounds great!

  2. The Buddah Bamboo is amazing! It's the only one I've tried from this box so far.


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