Wantable Intimates Box Review - June 2014 - Undergarment Subscription Box

This box was received complimentary for review and this post contains referral links.
What is it? Wantable
How Much? $36 monthly or $40 one time purchase, plus approximately $10 shipping
What's in it? Intimates box includes 4-5 premium essentials. Make up box includes 4-5 full-size premium makeup products. Accessories box includes 3-4 boutique jewellery pieces. All are picked to match your profile preferences.

It's been a while since I reviewed Wantable. I subscribed to Wantable Intimates for about 6 months, and If you recall my past reviews, the last couple months of my subscription were pretty disappointing. I was getting an awful lot of socks, boy shorts, and tank tops. After tweeking my profile and prefernces a few times, I finally gave up and cancelled my subscription in April. 

Wantable recently offered its affiliates the opportunity to receive a complimentary review box. It's been a few months since I've tried the service and I wanted to see if anything has changed, so I signed up.   

First look 
The weather is finally heating up and our Intimates Box is following suit! Banish the boring underwear blues and slip into something slinky and sassy! Our June Intimates Box is sexy, practical, and everything in between!
Since this is a review box, I kept my quiz pretty basic. I only selected "Dislike" for hosiery and accessories. This means I won't receive any items from those categories. Since everything else was set to "Like" or "Love", that left lots of options and hope that I would receive some great products.

Second look - More sock! :-/

Puma - Women's 3-pack Low Cut Sock ($12)
Ok this isn't terrible. I've been meaning to buy new athletic socks anyway. Not crazy about the colours, but they will do the job.

Honeydew Florence Knicker Boyshort in Cactus Flower ($18)
More boyshorts! I never understood why I received so many boyshort panties when I had thong style set to Love and everything else set to Like. These are cute though and I like the colour.

Eighty One Enterprises Falling For You Babydoll & Thong ($30)
This item has no manufacterer tags and I can't find it, or the company, online anywhere. The only Google hits are from other Wantable subscribers. Suspicious but... I love it. This is what I have been waiting for all these months. I kept seeing other bloggers get super cute and sexy items and I was stuck with socks, boy shorts, and tank tops. It's about freaking time, Wantable.
*Update* I found something very similar available wholesale only here.

Pima Apparel Slub Tank in Jade ($12)
I received the t-shirt version of this tank in my March box. Same colour too. I really liked the t-shirt so the tank is great. It fits a little looser than the tee and will be great for summer. I wish I had received it in white or another basic colour, but jade isn't terrible.

My complimentary June Wantable Intimates box includes four items, valued at $72.  Out of seven months worth of boxes, this is by far the best Wantable Intimates box I've received. I love the babydoll and the tank top. The socks are a much needed staple right now. The panties are the only item I am not 100% thrilled about, but they are cute, and they will be worn. This box almost makes me want to re-subscribe. In fact... I think I might make it my birthday present to myself at the end of summer.

What do you think of the June Wantable Intimates box?

Interested in signing up for Wantable? Click here.

*Note* Comments are now disabled on all Wantable Intimates post due to the amount of spam comments I was receiving from South Asian escort services.


  1. i loved the intimates box i got but it's sadly not in the budget right now! glad this box was a better hit for you :)

  2. I love the babydoll you received! Awesome colour! I also got one in my June box, but it's not nearly as cute!


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