Beauty Box 5 Review - June 2014 - Beauty Subscription Box

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What is it? Beauty Box 5 
How Much? $12/month, $30/quarter, $99/year  plus $3 shipping per box 
What's in it? 5 samples from your favourite beauty brands 

Beauty Box 5 shipped around the 8th and arrived on the 17th this month. Their shipping has really improved from the old 3 week turnaround.

The theme for June is "Summer Chic". The summer mantra is "less effort, more cool" and in June BB5 is recommending we focus on iconic and easy hot weather basics like sunscreen and mascara. 

The box also included several little promo cards to give out to friends. New subscribers can get a free introductory box, or save $12 on a term subscription when they use promo code FREE614. Unfortunately the promo is valid for first-time US customers only. No love for the Canadians.

Product card

Nicka K. New York Nail Color in Ripe Apple ($4.99)
I received this exact same polish in my December Ipsy bag. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now.

Organix Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner (foil samples)
Oh look. Another foil sample that I could have picked up for free.

Vitabath Body Wash in Wild Red Cherry (2oz, $2.95)
Vitabath products are sold at my local dollar store. This is not a good thing.

GlamNatural Mascara in Black (sample, $8 value)
This is another duplicate product for me. I received it in my July 2013 Vegan Cuts box

eslor Introductory Collection (foil samples x 4)
This is a new skincare line so they included samples of 4 products from the line. I also noticed that some Summer Edition Luxe Boxes included eslor samples as well. The company is making the rounds.

The June 2014 Beauty Box 5 included 5 products, valued around $15.94. It's another extremely low value box from BB5, and another box that prominently features foil packet samples. I don't even assign a value to the foil packets because normally those types of samples are handed out for free. Beauty Box 5 is offering so many promos for free boxes and discounted year subscriptions, that I wonder if a low value box is the new normal. I've always seen Beauty Box 5 as a great "intro box" for those just getting into the world of subscription boxes, but lately I'm not so sure it's worth it. It is still the least expensive box out there, but the products are such a random assortment of... crap. I don't normally discover anything new or exciting from BB5 and the products they include are often "behind the times", as evidenced with the Nicka K and GlamNatural products, which made the rounds in beauty boxes last year.

Beauty Box 5 may still be a good intro box for those looking to see what subscription boxes are all about, but don't expect great value, or new and exciting products.

If for some reason this review makes you want to try BB5, you can sign up here.

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  1. Though I agree with your points with all of the above, the Eslor packets are actually worth quite a bit (about $15 altogether) because the original sized products are very expensive. I've only tried the soothing cream and it really is amazing to me, especially on my summer bug bites. It's true that companies will give out those sorts of packets for free, though. I've cancelled my subscription and July is my last month. It's too bad.

    1. I stopped putting a value on foil packets a while ago. 0.02ml of product is not worth anything, regardless of the value of the full size product. In my view, foil packets should be bonus items only and not count towards the total products for the month. In a perfect subscription box world...

  2. i agree... i just had my subscription end and i decided not to renew. there were a few times i thought i would have but given the june box (my last one was may) i'm glad i didn't!

  3. Totally agree as well, once my subscription ends I'm done with this box!

  4. I agree! I got exactly the same box. I would have at least liked the lilac nail polish and the cupcake vitabath. I've at least never seen the cupcake flavor in stores.
    The coconut water shampoo and conditioner should have been deluxe sample sized.
    I am just letting the subscription run out and I'm done.

    1. I think I will do the same. I have until February 2015 though!

  5. I hate foil samples and tiny mascara wands. Nailed it, BeautyBox5 :)

    1. They've been including foil samples for months now. Very budget.

  6. I agree! because i got exact the same box which!!! I love it :) ,,,,,,

    beeswax-free makeup, water-resistant makeup

    1. You obviously didn't read the review because I did not love it at all. And thanks for the spam links.


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