UrthBox Review - April 2014 - Healthy Snack Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? UrthBox
How much? Small Box: $29/month, $72/quarterly ($24 per box), $115/semi-annually ($19 per box) plus $6 shipping per box. Medium & large size boxes available as well.
What's in it? Healthy full-size treats meeting your dietary need. Choose from Classic, Vegan, Diet, or Gluten-Free. Small Box includes 7-10 products.

UrthBox is a newer subscription box service, based in California. They offer affordable shipping to Canada at just $6 per box, so when I saw a promo code offering $10 off one box, I signed up. It's good timing too because Snackbox, the Canadian equivalent of this box, recently, and quietly, merged with US based Healthy Surprise. For those that are looking for an alternative to Snackbox, this may be it. Urth Box costs quite a bit less than Healthy Surprise (and even a bit less than Snackbox).

Urth Box offers several different subscription options:
  • Small - starts at $29 per month*. Includes 7-10 snacks
  • Medium - starts at $39 per month*. Includes 12-15 snacks
  • Large - starts at $49 per month*. Includes 20-24 snacks.
*Save money by signing up and pre-paying for a 3 or 6 month subscription.

Once you've chosen your size, you select the type of box you want to receive. This is the feature that makes Urth Box unique among the other healthy snack boxes on the market. 
  • Classic Box - Healthy snacks, organic, non-GMO
  • Vegan Box - No animal or dairy products
  • Gluten-Free - 100% Gluten-Free products
  • Diet Box - Calorie/Fat/Carb conscious products

I selected the Gluten Free box. 

Along with healthy snacks, Urth box also occasionally includes extras like supplements, hair & skin care, personal hygiene products, gourmet food items, and more. The first thing I saw when I opened my box was two items marked with "BONUS" stickers!

Natural Delights Medjool Dates (4.3oz bag $2.49 x 2)
Dates are a great healthy snack or treat option. I'm not 100% in love yet but they are growing on me.

Deeply Rooted ROOTS Super Food Drink Mix (11g packet $2 x 2)
I received ROOTS samples in a previous subscription box and I don't  think I've used them yet. Each packet is the equivalent of 1 scoop of the super food mix and contains a powdered blend of super food fruits & vegetables. I'm running out of Amazing Grass so I will be sure to use up these samples soon.

Wai Lana Cassava Chips in Thai Curry & Lime (1oz - $2.99)
I received Salt & Vinegar Wai Lana chips previously. Cassava is Yucca, a starchy root vegetable and an alternative to potatoes.

Hail Merry Macaroons (4 pack, $2.50)
I've also received Hail Merry's in a previous snack box. They are tasty little treats... I say treat rather than snack because the amount of sugar per serving.

Betty Lou's Gluten Free Fruit Bar in Strawberry (2oz, $1.34)
This is the only snack from this box I've eaten so far. It was good, and didn't taste like gluten-free at all.

UNREAL The Loaded One in Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat (24g, $0.80 x 2)
The motto of these bars is "Candy Unjunked". It's really just a chocolate bar made with organic, fair-trade, sustainable ingredients. Is it healthier than a Mars bar? No, probably not, but the quality ingredients make me feel better about eating it.

SunRype 100% Fruit Strip in Strawberry Watermelon (14g, $0.35 x 2)
There was some major eyebrow raising when I saw this product. I literally just read this article by Canadian Obesity expert, Dr. Yoni Freedfoff. Horray! It's gluten-free... but this tiny 0.5oz snack contains 11 grams of sugar. It claims to be made of 100% fruit, but when you read the label you see it's actually just apple puree plus a whack load of fruit juice.

HealThee Turmeric Drink with Cinnamon (6oz, $3.25)
I'm curious to try this drink. Turmeric is said to be an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. The drink also contains ginger, another ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and cinnamon, a spice that's known as an anti-fungal. (I use pure cinnamon in my house plants to ward of fungal gnats!). This drink seems that it might be good for an upset stomach... we will see.

elanni Vegan Pate in Mushroom (4.4oz, $4.99)
I have a love/hate relationship with mushrooms so I'm really unsure about this product. I'm thinking it might be good mixed in with a pasta sauce.

Zouq Curry Crunch (1oz, $1.49)
This is a "Sweet & Sour Trail Mix" made mainly from chickpeas, lentils, peanuts, green peas, and spices. 

Caveman Cookies (1 cookie, $0.25)
I've tried Caveman Cookies before and I like them a lot. They are incredibly sweet because of all the honey used as binder, but good for an occasional indulgence.

Bach Rescue Pearls Natural Stress Relief (28 capsules, $9.99 x 2)
These are all-natural, non-narcotic, and non-habit forming capsules that help relieve stress. The ingredients are  all derived from plant sources. (See more here.)

I'm really pleased with this UrthBox. I received 12 different products (17 items total) from 12 different brands. I paid $21 for this box ($25* + $6 shipping - $10 discount) and received just over $48 worth of products. A few products are new to me and I'm looking forward to trying them out, especially the Curry Crunch and Turmeric Drink. I would categorize quite a few of the items in this box as treats rather than snacks. I don't find things laden with sugar to be healthy, even if they are made from natural/organic ingredients and are gluten-free... but treats aren't bad when enjoyed in moderation. The Unreal bars the perfect size for a little indulgence, as are the Hail Merry Macaroons. I would have liked to have seen more truly healthy snack options and not so many sugary items, but that is a personal preference... I'm wondering if the Diet box would be a better option for me.

If you are interested in trying out UrthBox, you can save $10 off your first month too. Use promo code CRUNCHWEEK at checkout. Your first month's box will only be $25 (based on a monthly recurring subscription).

*The per month subscription cost bumped to $29/month since I joined.

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  1. Hi Jill!! I love your site and I'm getting pretty hooked on subscription boxes myself. How long did your Urthbox take to ship to you in Canada? I ordered mine, and I was just curious since it is shipped from the US

    1. It's about 1-2 weeks. Not too bad.

  2. This company has the worst customer service ever.

    I just moved and I changed my address on the website the only place you can change it. I get the tracking info for my August boxes, I'm subscribed to three boxes, and I check to see where my boxes are. Tracking info says they've been delivered, they shipped them to the old address though.

    Obviously I'm pretty disappointed so I email them letting them know what happened. They respond saying that I should have emailed them to change my shipping address and that if I want my August boxes I will have to pay $6 more per box for them to be shipped to the correct address, the address that I had already changed on their website which says NOTHING anywhere as far as having to email them to change your shipping location.

    I let them know that I thought it was pretty messed up how they were handling this situation considering it was their error and their website issues that caused it to happen. To which they let me know that they would be adding a note to their website to email them if you need to change your shipping address. Yet are still requiring that I pay them another $18 on top of the already $70+ that I paid for my August boxes.

    Now they've stopped responding to me and are censoring me from their Facebook page.

    This is a terrible company with terrible standards, they will not last long.

  3. This company SUCKS. I’ve compiled all of the complaints I have found on this company so far. See for yourself on my blog. I will be updating as I find more.


    1. The next box I received after this April 2014 one was a terrible experience. Read that post here: http://cdnboxaddict.blogspot.ca/2014/09/urth-box-review-may-2014-healthy-snack.html

  4. Look at all the reviews on yelp and you will notice 90% of the reviews are negative.

    1. This review is from April 2014, when I had a good experience. If you look at my other Urth Box reviews, you will see a variety of experiences. One was so bad I never subscribed again.


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