Paws & Play Review - April 2014 - Pet Subscription Box

I received this box complimentary for review.

** November 2016 - This company is no longer in business **
What is it? Paws & Play
How Much? $15-$39 per month plus $5 shipping for all plans.
What’s in it? A collection of new & exciting discoveries for your pet.
  • To Go Box: 4-7 popular items from previous boxes for dog or cat ($15)
  • Premium Box: 7-10 of the best and newest products for dog or cat ($30
  • Mix Pet Box: 9-17 items for your cat AND dog! ($39)
There's another new pet subscription box on the Canadian market and this one caters to dogs AND cats! Paws & Play officially launches in May, but they generously sent me the introductory pre-release box for review.

Paws & Play ships from Winnipeg, Manitoba, via Canada Post. This box is for a dog. Paws & Play does not have the option to choose different subscriptions based on pet size. Instead you can choose between cat, dog, or both!

First Look

The box did not include a product card, but all the items can be found on the Paws & Play website. Since my mother's dogs are still on the island, this box was reviewed by Jack, a very rambunctious golden retriever.

The Barkery Dog Cookie ($3)
I have no idea what was inside this cookie (it smelled a bit like pumpkin) but Jack loved it and gobbled it up in seconds.

Rollover Beef & Veggie Dinner ($2)
This is a "complete nutritionally balanced meal". It's a very strange little thing and would probably serve better as a treat than a meal, since it's so small.

Open Range 6" Beef Chomper Stick ($2)

This is another one Jack gobbled up. After nudging it around with his nose, then carrying it around the living room in his mouth, he finally settle in and ate it up in less than a minute.

Petcurean NOW Fresh Grain Free Pet Food (0.5lb, $5)
This kibble is turkey, salmon, and duck flavour and the number one ingredient is de-boned turkey. It's all natural and grain-free.

The Honest Kitchen Keen Dehydrated Whole Food for Dogs (113g trial size, $5)
This is an interesting product. It's a dry, ground mix with the texture of flour or baking mix. Just add water and you have 1 pound of fresh dog food. It's made from turkey and vegetables, and contains no corn, wheat, soy, rice, or artificial preservatives. Serving suggestions include serving alone, using as a kibble topper, mix with raw food, or use in place of canned food. It's said to be a convenient alternative for on-the go or travelling.

Our Pets Brand - LOLdog Squeak Toy ($6)
This was a hit with Jack. As soon as he discovered the squeaker it did not leave his mouth. By the end of the evening he was well on his way to having that squeaker removed. Why do dogs do this?!

Viva La Dog Spa Petite Puppy Dog Shampoo in Powder Puff Scent (475ml, $12)
I don't like the smell of this shampoo, but I suppose it's better than wet dog smell!

Excuse the poor quality photo... he wouldn't stay still!

The introductory Paws & Play box was a hit with Jack. He kept going back to the box and sticking his nose in it, trying to find more treats. The LOL toy, which my mom's dogs would have turned their noses to and ignored, was the most popular item with Jack. I think Jack's human liked the dog shampoo best! The box contained 7 items with an approximate retail value of $35. Two of the products are from Canadian companies (Petcurean and Open Range), which is always nice to see. I love that Paws & Play offers a mix box for both dogs and cats. That's something no other pet subscription service offers so it's great for those with babies of the feline and canine variety.

Next month I will be reviewing a cat box from Paws & Play so keep an eye out!

What do you think of Paws & Play?

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  1. I love that you can customize this box for a dog and cat! Would save me a little money instead of doubling up on boxes. That being said, I think being able to customize for the size of dog is important, with Bark Box I have it set to "Medium Size' and I haven't received any of these easy to destroy soft toys. Which is good! Haha.

    1. I was contacted by Paws & Play today and they will soon be offering subscriptions by pet size... small, medium, large AND extra large!

  2. Jill, it would also be nice if you could have "two" dogs as an option. Although if I buy two toys they always want the same toy.
    My two destroy anything fluffy and sole purpose it to remove squeakers. The only toys are the tuffies that are still in one piece.

    1. If you buy two To Go Boxes at $15 each, plus $5 shipping each, that equals $40 which is actually less than a mixed dog & cat box which would be $39 plus $5 shipping. My other thought was to contact them to see if instead of a mixed box you could get a double dog box (they are seriously great people and would probably accommodate), but I think purchasing two To Go Boxes works out better for you, and save you $4 per month.

    2. According to the FAQ the Mixed Box has an option for multi dog houses as well :)
      "Third option, the Mixed Box, is a carefully selected mixture of items based on your membership preference. It can contain a mixture for multi dog houses, multi cat houses as well as cat and dog households. The Mixed Box will feature double the toys, double the treats and a whole lot of family fun!"

    3. This review was posted in April. Paws & Play, as a newer company, has worked hard and been very good about listening to feedback and reviews and they have tweaked their subscription plans and terms to suit subscribers needs. The change in the FAQ you read is a result of reviews and requests from subscribers.

  3. I signed up for Paws & Play's wait list and received the pre-release premium cat box at half price, along with the add-on which offered 2-3 more items for $2.95. The box was great! It was full to the top and Rosie (my Maine Coon mix) loves everything in it except for the soft foods. Those will go to the feral cats in my area :) It had a great mix of toys, nip, treats and even a hygiene item (a full pkg of moist wipes). We'll be signing up for a premium subscription since she loved it so much.

    1. Awesome! I'm so glad you and Rosie enjoyed it!


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