Your Bijoux Box Review - March 2014 - Jewellery/Jewelry Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

What is it? Your Bijoux Box 
How Much? $35/month plus $6 shipping to Canada. Discounts for 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. 
What’s in it?  2-3 pieces of on-trend, versatile, and wearable jewellery, valued at least $70. 

I've been watching Your Bijoux Box for a while but the price always kept me from subscribing. $41 US per month is a lot to spend on jewellery items. I finally signed up after seeing a sneak peek for the March box. I had to have the Jardin Fleur necklace

First look

 Second look

I hate these cello crinkle pieces. They are messy, stick to everything, and non-recyclable. The rest of the packaging is very nice, and the box was obviously packed with care. The product card includes item descriptions, but no prices.

The product card and March Reveal only show three pieces, but there were four little pouches in my March box. I didn't use a promo code so I'm not sure why I received 4 pieces, instead of the advertised three, but I'm not complaining.

Pretty in Punk Bracelet
This is the bonus piece I received. It was first featured in the August box.

Claire Rose Bracelet 
This piece isn't my usual style but I really like it. I think it would be good for laying with other bracelets.

Orchid Skyline
This is another piece that isn't my usual style. I'm not big on long pendants like this but I checked out some styling ideas on Pinterest and now I'm excited to give it a try.

Jardin Fleur Necklace
This is the piece I wanted. It's gorgeous in person and would probably retail for close to what I paid for the entire box.  

My first Your Bijoux Box was a hit. I love the bonus spike necklace, and while the Clair Rose bracelet and Orchid Skyline necklace aren't in my comfort zone, I can't wait to try them out and style them into my wardrobe. The star of this box is the Jardin Fleur necklace. It made this box for me. The quality is great and it looks as beautiful in person as it did in the preview photos. Your Bijoux Box doesn't list pricing for these items but I would estimate I received the $70 value promised, if not more. The items I received easily cover the $41 I paid for the box, with shipping.

If you are interested in trying Your Bijoux Box, new customers can get the bonus necklace shown above (the Be Ours necklace), using promo code E&CSPARKLE at checkout. An April sneak peek has already been released. You can check it out at the Your Bijoux Box Blog.

What do you think of Your Bijoux Box?

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