Designher Kit Review - January 2014 - Canadian Craft Subscription Box

I received this kit complimentary for review.
** This company no longer offers subscriptions.**
What is it? Designher Kit 
How Much? $19 per month 
What’s in it? 3 carefully curated DIY jewellery and accessories project

Designher Kit is a DIY jewellery subscription based in Toronto. After reviewing the December 2013 kit and being somewhat disappointed, Dara of Designher Co. offered to send me a the January kit, along with the cool Spike Necklace featured in the media kits.

With Designher Kit, each  month you receive a golden envelope containing all the materials needed to make 3 jewellery projects. You can specify your preference of gold tones, silver tones, or mixed tones. The monthly subscription does not include tools, but you can purchase a DIY Starter Kit that contains all the tools required for home jewellery crafting.

The January kit featured a necklace, a bracelet, and a hair comb. All three projects use pearl beads, so I guess there is a bit of a theme. The card only shows a picture of the items. Instructions for the projects can be found online, at the Designher Kit Craft Table.

I took the first four pictures in January upon receiving my golden envelope. Unfortunately, due to life constraints, I only recently found the time to sit down and work on the projects. I was also waiting for a sunny afternoon, since it's difficult to craft with tiny pieces in poor light. Sunny January afternoons are few and far between in Vancouver!

Project 1: Peal Bracelet
The online instructions are easy to find and easy to follow. Each step includes written instruction and a photo.

The first step is always organize your supplies! I pulled my old Bead Design Board out of storage and went to work.

I followed a different pattern than the tutorial image, but I love my result. 

Project 2: Spike Necklace (Bonus)

The Spike Necklace was not part of the January kit, but Dara included it as a bonus. I'm glad she did. I love this necklace!

This one was more labour intensive. I attached the spike beads to jump rings, then attached the rings to each chain link, one at a time. I misread the instructions and started from an end instead of the middle so I have to go back and remove some pieces and re-attach them. In total, this project took about an hour.

I ended up shortening my chain a bit, and might shorten it more still so it sits nicely. I love the result and I'm very happy I received the silver-tone pieces.

Project 3: Treasure Hair Comb

With my light fading, I set to work on the hair comb. This one involved stringing beads on a wire one at a time, then wrapping the wire around the comb tongs.

It was a quick and straight forward project. Not sure what I will do with this hair comb, but it turned out lovely.

Project 4: Pearl & Spike Necklace
I started this one after dark so I don't have a before photo.  I ended up finishing this piece the next morning. I laid out all the beads on my Design Board and mapped out my pattern and measured to ensure the chain ends were equal length. This project involves stringing the beads onto a wire, then attaching the wire to the chain ends. It's a fun piece - a little bit edgy and a little bit glam.

I really enjoyed working on the projects from the January Designher Kit. My absolute favourite piece is the Spike Necklace. Runner up would be the pear bracelet. Every project turned out exactly as described, with no troubles. After I finished the last project in the morning, I pulled out my old jewellery making kit and went to work making a bracelet for a friend's birthday gift. You can check out the finished project on Instagram. Now I'm thinking of all the things I can make for people for holiday and birthday gifts this year. A little craft bug has infected me! Thank you, Dara and Designher Co. :)

What do you think of the January Designher Kit?

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  1. I love this review! You've actually made me want to sign up and give it a try. If you have a referral code I'd love to use it and give you the bonus credits. Thanks Jill xox

    1. I appreciate that, but I do not have a referral code to this one. I hope you enjoy it!


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