Julep Maven Review - February 2014 - Beauty Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Julep Maven
How Much? $19.99 per month, shipping included
What’s in it? At least $40 worth of products chosen depending on your style profile, or upgrade your box for an additional fee and get the entire collection.

I was so busy this last week focusing on the anniversary of my subscription with Beauty Box 5, I completely forgot that it's also the year anniversary of my subscription to Julep. Julep was my second ever beauty box subscription and I stuck with it for an entire year. I only skipped one box in 2013 (August), but I really appreciated the option was there to skip whenever I wanted and however many times I wanted.

I recently learned from my new favourite beauty review blog (Brightest Bulb in the Box), that Julep has changed the rules regarding skipping. Robyn explains it with much more detail, but the gist of it is, you can only skip once every six months. Apparently this change only applies to those who subscribed AFTER December 18th, 2013. Those of us who were already Mavens prior to the December box won't see a difference. Without the option to skip, I have a feeling Julep is going to see a lot more people cancelling subscriptions.

This February box marks the start of my second year with Julep. February 2014 features the Dramatic Collection. The Modern Beauty box, which is the one I received, featured two make up products, as well as a special polish, which was included in every box.

First look

 Product cards

Julep Eye Sheen in Pale Nude Shimmer (0.15oz, $18)
This gorgeous liquid eyeshadow glides on easily and sets to a satin finish that stays put all day. The buildable, blendable formula is enriched with our proprietary Power Cell ComplexTM.

Liquid/Cream shadows really intimidate me! I opted for the nude shade as I figured it was the most versatile. Robyn has a great review of the product with swatches. Kalyn described these eye sheens as awesome (she has a great beauty review blog too). I look forward to playing around and experimenting.

Ink Gel Eyeliner (0.15oz, $22) and Angled Liner Brush ($18)
A creamy jet-black eyeliner packed with encapsulated pigments that deliver intense lines with a silky-smooth, smudge-proof finish. A precision brush with angled synthetic bristles designed to deposit color close to the lash line.

This is another intimidating product. I'm still learning to master eyeliner. I prefer liquid over pencil (Stila is my favourite), but I have never tried gel, nor have I ever tried to apply eyeliner using a brush like this. Robyn raves about this liner and says it's easy to apply. I didn't feel so intimidated after reading her review.

Every box included the polish on the right. It's called "Love" and was included as a bonus gift from Jane, the founder of Julep. Love is described as a gold, pearl and fuchsia microglitter ($14 value). Love is not currently available for sale.

I opted for two add-ons this month. I am still loving dark polish colours so I went with Rooney, a dark walnut creme from the Boho Glam collection, and Judi, an English violet creme from the Bombshell collection.

My February 2014 Julep Maven box included 4 products, plus the two add-ons I selected. The retail value of the 4 items included in the Modern Beauty box is  $72! I received the box for $19.99. The add on polishes were only $4.99 each. As always, Julep offers great value in their monthly Maven boxes. I look forward to experimenting with the new makeup products!

Are you interested in subscribing? Please consider using my referral link. You can also use promo code FREEBOX to get your first box free. Just pay the shipping fee!

Current subscribers can use promo code BEMINE to get 2 polishes for the price of 1, or use code SHEEN10 to save 10% on the Eye Sheen of your choice. Both these codes expire March 1, 2014.

What did you think of the February 2014 Julep Maven boxes?

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  1. Replies
    1. Everyone seems pleased with it from what I've seen. Score one for Julep, finally!

  2. great link to robyn's review, really cool to see the new shadows in action. i'm skipping julep at the moment but this box definitely tempted me!


    1. I love Robyn's site. I don't know much about makeup at all. I just review boxes! lol

  3. This sounds awesome! Totally getting on this! I clicked through with your link, but it asks me for a referral code... Any idea what yours would be?

    1. Thanks strange. Which link did you use? My affiliate code is 782629 but I've never heard of a referral code. Could be the same. If it's too much trouble just skip straight to the site and shop away! I appreciate you using my links though. :)

    2. Oh! I just found this one... this is if you are signing up for a Julep Maven subscription;


      So my referral ID is 118815. Good to know! LOL

    3. Yay! It worked! I put in that referral code, so hopefully it worked! Thanks Jill!

    4. hahaha... Because I'd left the Julep page open waiting for you to respond, it took the items out of my bag... I almost just made an order with nothing in it... But now I've ordered! The welcome box was free (thanks to the code!) so I picked up the cuticle oil... and some neutral nail polish collection... So excited! Thanks for sharing!


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