Kiwi Crate Review - December 2013 - Kid's Activity Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

What is it? Kiwi Crate
How much?  $16.95/month (save w/ 6 & 12 month subscriptions), plus $6.95/month shipping
What's in it? Materials and inspiration for 2-3 activities involving art, science, games, imaginative play, and more. For kids aged 3-7.

This is a unplanned box review. I purchased gift subscriptions to Kiwi Crate for my niece's Christmas presents I recently spent the day with my nearly-3-year old niece Sydney so we worked on the December Kiwi Crate.

The theme of the December Kiwi Crate was "Polar Expedition" and included crafts and learning activities relating to the Arctic and winter.
First look

The first activity was  "My Snowball Toss". The projects are rated on "messiness" and "grownup involvement" scales. This one was low on messiness and medium on grownup involvement. The project involved stitching together felt pieces (using a shoe lace and pre-drilled holes), and applying felt stickers to create paws and ears. We then covered a plastic ball with Velcro stickers. When the Velcro covered ball is tossed at a felt bear paw, it sticks.

The project was a little difficult for Syd since she's still under age 3. I did most of the actual construction, but she helped apply the black felt stickers to the bear paws. She loved the snowball toss part. She was pretty good at catching the ball too, although the Velcro helped! Later on when my oldest niece returned home from school, the girls had a great time playing catch with their bear paws.

The next project was "My Polar Window Clings". This one was rated high on the messiness scale and medium on grownup involvement. Given Sydney's age, I ended up doing all the work on this one. I wasn't about to let her get her hands on the puffy paint, not that it mattered in the end.

To make the window clings, we used puffy paints to trace the outlines of basic images onto plastic (seal, whale, snowflakes). Then we filled the outlines in with glue, waited for the paintings to dry, then peeled them off the plastic. Well...we would have done that. I started tracing. The first two went well. I was ready to call it quits because it was a cumbersome project. We decided to do one more. Then this happened...

BLOWOUT!  Total user error. I was squeezing like crazy and nothing was happening so silly me, kept squeezing, and squeezing, and squeezing.... and squeezing... until the pressure built up so much  that the dispenser cap blew off and the paint splattered everywhere. It was on both our faces, on my clothes, and even on the wall behind me! Thankfully it all cleaned up very easily and washed out of my sweater as well. The moral of this story: No more puffy paint projects for me!

Each Kiwi Crate also includes explore! magazine. It has stories and educational tid bits, areas for colouring, and more activities. The Crate also included a great snowflake shaped cookie cutter... very handy since explore! magazine included recipes/instructions for sugar cookies and salt dough snowflake pendants!

I really love the idea of Kiwi Crate. My nieces love receiving mail and really enjoy working on the crafts. They loved last month's Storytelling themed box. My sister loves Kiwi Crate too. It gives the kids lots of fun activities to do with mom and dad. I purchased two gift subscriptions but next time I think I will only purchase one for them to share, at least while Sydney is still so young. I will definitive purchase again though. So far, feedback from my sister and from the kids has been very positive.

Are you interested in trying Kiwi Crate? New subscribers can get 40% off their first month using promo code SHARE.

Click here to sign up for Kiwi Crate!

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    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for catching that!

  2. Hi, I'm new to Canada and was wondering.......if these items are shipped from the US how much duty do you have to pay each time you receive one of these monthly boxes?


    (Great site by the way!)

    1. There is no tax or duty on items valued under $20. With things over $20, Border Services (CBSA) has discretion based on item value and country of origin. I've received orders from Julep worth 40-50 dollars and not had to pay anything extra. Some companies (Bespoke Post, Wantable, Little Black Bag, Fancy) include the tax/duty in your shipping fee so they pay CBSA in advance through a shipping broker. In my year of ordering boxes, I have never had to pay additional fees at delivery.

    2. Check here for more info:


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