Designher Kit Review - December 2013 - Canadian Craft Subscription Box

** This company no longer offers subscriptions.**
What is it? Designher Kit
How Much? $19 per month 
What’s in it? 3 carefully curated DIY jewellery and accessories projects  

I first learned about Designher Kit back in October when I came across their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (read my first post here). I pledged funds immediately when I saw Designerher Kit is a Canadian subscription service!

Each  month you receive a golden envelope containing all the materials needed to make 3 jewellery projects. You can specify your preference of gold tones, silver tones, or mixed tones. Instructions for the projects can be found online, at the Designher Kit Craft Table. The monthly subscription does not include tools, but you can purchase a DIY Starter Kit for $29, or $26 with a monthly subscription. The DIY Starter Kit includes 2 pairs of needle-nose pliers, a pair of round-nose plies, a pair of wire cutter pliers, 1 glue gun, 2 glue sticks, and 1 thread nipper.

I pledged enough funds to receive the DIY Starter Kit and one month of the Designher Kit service. As a bonus, all who funded through Indiegogo received an bonus 4th project.

The starter kit arrived first, in mid-December.I actually already have all the pliers required for jewellery crafts, but I decided to order the Stater Kit anyway. I thought it might be good to have an extra set in case I have a little wine and craft party with a friend or two.

My jewellery kit arrived towards the end of the month. This is what was inside the gold padded envelope. I selected mixed-tone jewellery.

Instead of project cards, they included marketing post cards. The top right one is a picture off all the projects included in my kit.

Tassel Purse Charm (gold tone)

Completed project. I was a bit disappointed in this. The gold-tone pieces are not like the silver tone-pieces in the website picture. The website pictures a lobster clasp, which makes sense for a purse charm. The hardware I received is more like a key chain. It had to be assembled differently, the tassels hang differently, and frankly it doesn't look as nice as the silver-toned hardware in the website picture. 

Tassel Bracelet (silver tone)

I really like this one, especially the colours I received (white and grey). The bracelet hangs a bit odd though. It's quite heavy at the clasp, the tassels end up dropping to the underside of the wrist, which is a bit awkward.

Ladder Necklace (gold tone)

This necklace is not what I expected. Every piece of marketing material I saw on the website and on Indiegogo showed the Spike Necklace. I signed up in October, as one of the first subscribers, so I expected to get the projects that were advertised. I don`t remember reading anywhere that the projects may be different than shown.When I found this necklace in my kit, I was rather surprised. The project itself is fine, but I am a bit disappointed to not get the cool Spike Necklace.

Delicate Bracelet (silver tone)
This is the bonus project I received. I like the bead colours I received and I'm happy I received it in silver tone.

I have mixed feelings about my first Designher Kit. There is some disappointment because of the necklace and purse charm/key chain, but other than those two complaints, I have no issue with my kit. I actually do really enjoy the pieces. The instructions were easy to find online and easy to follow. The projects were straight forward and perfect for beginners. Working on these four projects has rekindled my interest in jewellery making. 

Designerher Kit has a promo on right now to get 20% off your first month. Use code SPARK at checkout. This code expires TONIGHT, so if you want to subscribe, do it now!

What do you think of Designher Kit?

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for your review of our December 2013 Designher Kit! I'm glad you enjoyed the pieces, and had fun designing and creating!

    I wanted to address a couple of your issues with the kit, since customer service is key for us! First off, the spike necklace. The spike necklace, tassel bracelet and pearl hair pins were all part of our initial media kit, and not the December kit. My apologies that it wasn't clear on the Indiegogo page that you wouldn't be receiving these exact pieces. It does however state on the FAQs page (embedded in the Indiegogo campaign) that each months kit will be a surprise- that's half the fun!

    The key chain variance was a result of unfortunately not always being able to get the exact same finding in both gold and silver tones. It doesn't quite sit the same though, and we will do better in future kits to have pieces function the same even if they are not the identical finding.

    We sent you the tassel bracelet as your bonus project for December, but would like to send you our January Designher Kit + coveted spike necklace so that you can give it another try!

    Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

    Dara Frydman | Founder, Designher Kit

    1. Thank you for reaching out to me. I would love to try the January kit. I really enjoyed making the projects for this one. I'm happy to see your comments about the key chain. I appreciate when a company listens to concerns of consumers! Also, thank you for clarifying about the media kits. While it wasn't clearly stated on the campaign page, it's also my own fault for assuming all the projects in the photos were the ones I would receive. I had expectations so when the package arrived I was bummed to see something different. Like I said in my review though, the projects I did receive were great and I had fun putting everything together!

  2. Hi Jill,

    Do you have a referral link for this?

    1. No referral link but thank you for asking!

  3. So disappointed that I missed the campaign for this! I think it would have been a great introduction into jewelry making, and I love that they givev you the option of buying the tools with the kits.

    1. Hi Anna!

      You can still subscribe directly through our website,! Just visit the site, and choose either a monthly subscription (with or without tools) or a prepaid subscription.


      Dara F. | Founder, Designher Co.


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