Topbox Review - November 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Topbox
How Much? $12 per month, shipping included
What’s in it?  4 deluxe beauty samples
Topbox arrived later than expected this week, but that's due to the Remembrance day holiday. Normally the boxes arrive on the 10th, but given Monday was a holiday, the package didn't ship until yesterday, arriving early this morning.

Once again I opted for a regular Topbox.

Product card. 

Shu Uemura - Whitefficient Whitening Lotion (20ml, $10)
I am not comfortable with this product. The name alone is offensive. If you Google it and look at the marketing materials, it's aimed at women of Asian decent. Granted Shu Uemura is a Japanese company, in my view, the inherent root of products like these is racism. Here is one good article on the subject. And here is a funny one (it's minimally NSFW). Again, this is just my view, but I'm surprised to see a product like this included in Topbox.

Update:  For those that received the whitening lotion, Topbox says they will be replacing it. Just e-mail them to let them know.

Cover FX - CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment SPF 30 (5ml, $7.50)
I can certainly use a product like this. I'm always keen for cosmetics with SPF. 

T. Langhans - Handcrafted Castile Soap in Lemongrass (18g sample,  $1.60)
 This soap smells divine. Fresh and fruity.

 Parfums Issey Miyake - Pleats Please (4ml sample, $4.24)
The cards says this has "joyous upbeat notes". I find it funky floral; funky in a bad way. 

Trend Trunk Gift Card (Mystery Value)
I'm not including this in my box valuation, but I wanted to showcase it in my review. I checked my card and it is worth $5. I can't get anything on Trend Trunk for $5. Instead of a "gift card" it is more of a "discount card".

My November Topbox contained 4 products valued at just over $23. This is one of the lower value Topboxes in recent memory and it's also my least favourite Topbox of all time.

What do you think of the November Topbox?

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  1. I "wished" for the Estee Lauder box and got it - and I'm so glad I did, based on everyone else's reviews of the regular one. The eyeliner is amazing, I love the modern muse perfume, and the 2 wrinkle serums/lotions are such a great value, although those I planned to give to my mom anyways.

    1. I second Andrea's comment. I got the same Estee Lauder box and am very pleased with it.

    2. I will keep that in mind if the EL box comes available again.

  2. Agree with you on the whitening lotion! WTF!? I guess you can counter-act its effects with the tinted moisturiser, lol...Topbox has been crashing and burning in a big way the last couple of months.

    Here's my review. I'm jealous of your soap!

    1. Your post is funny! Love your writing style :)
      I agree, Topbox has been a let down lately, compared to Ipsy which has been fabulous.
      Are you contacting them again about your dupe product?

    2. Yep! First thing I did, lol...


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