Quarterly Co. Hello Fresh Review - November 2013 - Lifestyle Subscription Box

** This box is no longer available from Quarterly Co. Click here for other food curators from Quarterly.**
How Much? $50 or $100 per quarter, depending on contributor
What’s in it? Curated gifts from influential contributors and cultural icons. Currently there are 45 contributors, curating boxes of everything from technology, to food, to fashion, and everything in between.

I have always been curious about the mysterious subscription service called Quarterly Co. For a long time it was hard to find reviews of the various Quarterly Co. boxes and with a high price point, I was apprehensive about subscribing to an unproven service.

I finally took a chance when I learned that HelloFresh, the fresh meal preparation subscription service, was joining Quarterly as a contributor. HelloFresh doesn't ship to Canada, but the Quarterly Co. version of Hello Fresh does. I signed up immediately! Curated by HelloFresh founder Hamish Shephard, HelloFresh for Quarterly Co. is "all about helping you match the joys of everyday life with the speed of everyday life".

Whether it is the latest gadget we have discovered in the HelloFresh kitchens in New York, or unique discoveries by our European teams, or the perfect product for laidback living from our Aussie team—we want to share them with you. Having lived and worked on every continent, I want to share the best ideas, products and inspiration for the ultimate convenient home lifestyle.

Other than the blurb above, there was no other information and no spoilers posted about what to expect from HelloFresh. I figured Quarterly Co.'s HelloFresh offering to include cooking gadgets and food related items, sort of like a Tyler Florence Fancy Box. Priced at $100, plus $20 shipping to Canada, I was still taking a risk with this box, but I had to do it!

My box shipped at the beginning of November and arrived today. I think it took just about two weeks to arrive. Unfortunately, Quarterly does not provide tracking numbers for International shipments so I was in the dark about when to expect my box.

The box included a letter from Hamish detailing the products and why they were chosen. Each Quarterly mailing includes a unique hashtag for subscribers to join in the discussion on Twitter. This HelloFresh Quarterly Co. mailing is identified by hashtag #FSH01.

All the products in the box flow together in a way that I didn't fully understand until I read the product card. I  laid out my review so you will see the connection too.

Mercado - Multi-Compartment Produce Bag  ($24.99)
This is a produce bag for the market. It has mesh pockets in the front to hold delicate fruites and veggies, as well as interior loops to hold bottles. The bag is made of heavy duty materials to hold lots of weight. I'm torn about whether or not to save for market season and use it myself or gift it to my mother. She lives on a little island and travels by boat to get her groceries. I'm sure she would find this useful.

Joseph Joseph - Rinse & Chop Plus ($15)
After you bring your veggies home, it's time to wash and prep them. I love multi-purpose products.This is a cutting board and strainer in one. Rinse and chop your fresh market veggies at the same time!

Kuhn Rikon - Citrus Knife Colori Set ($18)
Don't forget the knives! Hamish says don't be fooled but their size and cute colours. These knives are made of high quality carbon steel and will become a kitchen staple.

Marianne's Pantry - Porcini Mushroom Spice Blend (3oz, $9)
Once your veggies are prepped, it's time to enhance the flavour using this earthy spice blend. I can't wait to try it out as a rub for pork tenderloin.

Nudo - Olio D'Oliva Extra Vergine (250ml, $10)
Another way to enhance fresh veggies is to cook them simply then drizzle with EVOO. Hamish says this olive oil is perfect for drizzling, dipping, and roasting because of its low acidity and fruity taste. On a side note, Nudo is an adoption program. You adopt an Italian olive tree for a year and then get discounts on Nudo products. It's a tad pricey but would make a fun gift for the person who has everything... chances are they don't have an olive tree!

afire - Northern White Cedar Mini Grilling Planks ($12.99)
It's time to get cooking. These mini planks are said to add an "out-of-this-world" smokiness to meats, fish, and vegetables and are ideal for small plates, single servings, or appetizers. For me, there is one catch. I don't own a grill. I did however recently "re-pin" a gorgeous holiday table setting where larger round cedar plants were used as plate chargers and serving trays. I plan to use these in a similar way to create a rustic, woodsy holiday table this year.

Jonathan Wild Cherry Spoons - Medium Spatula  ($16)
Last but not least, the cooking utensils.This spoon is meant to take us "back to basics". Hamish says he wants to take us to the next level, but we can't make it to the top without having the fundamentals.

The first HelloFresh mailing from Quarterly Co. included 7 products valued at $106. The cost of the box is $100, plus shipping. Quarterly Co. boxes are not known to be "value boxes" where you get significantly more value for what you paid, but they do seem to have a value equal to the amount paid. I really love the thought behind the products in the box and how everything was tied together. While I probably wouldn't have bought any of these items on my own, I will absolutely use everything I received.

What do you think of HelloFresh for Quarterly Co. ?

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  1. I love that there is a story and flow to the box, even if it only breaks even in value.

    1. Yes I love when you can see there is actually thought put into the curation, rather than just a bunch of crap thrown into a box.

  2. Looks like great products. I just subscribed to Nina Garcia and Uncluttered on Quarterly.co. Shipping is expensive! Hope it's worth it!


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