Topbox Review - October 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Topbox
How Much? $12 per month, shipping included
What’s in it?  4 deluxe beauty samples

Topbox arrived very early this month. I received the shipping notice, AND the package, on October 2nd! Usually Topbox ships by the 10th of the month so it was a pleasant surprise to see the purple bubble mailer in my mailbox. I opted for the regular Topbox again this month.

Product card

Wella Professionals - Stay Brilliant Color Protection Lotion (150ml, $12.99 - FULL SIZE)

I don't have colour treated hair so I will probably gift this to my mom. Some people received this product in the September Topbox. It's always nice to get full size products!

B. Kamins - Brightening Mask (0.5oz, $18)

This is an anti-aging and brightening face mask. I always like seeing products from Canadian companies represented. B. Kamins products are pricey so the samples are always higher value.

Lise Watier - Teint Age Control Supreme (5ml, $8)

This is another product many people received in the September Topbox. This is a foundation "with the power of skincare", and another anti-aging product. 

Elizabeth Arden - Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick (0.75g, $6)

I haven't tried these yet but they are really fun, bright colours. It's billed as a long lasting lipstick, but I don't believe any lip product lasts 12 hours... we will see!

My October Topbox contained four products, valued at $45. This Topbox was somewhat underwhelming because at least two of the products were featured last month. I'm happy with the value and the size of the samples though, so it's not a total bust.

What did you get in your October Topbox?

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  1. I went with the Cosmetics Magazine upgrade.

  2. I got the same box as you. It was also delivered on Oct 2, along with the shipping notice. I was a bit underwhelmed with the products, but have tried the mask already, and it is nice feeling.

    1. Oh good! I hope to try it this week.

  3. Omigosh, I feel so silly. I was wondering why I got a Murale box... I don't recall picking any Prive boxes but who knows! I would've loved to receive the Elizabeth Arden lipstick! That would've been awesome.

    1. Very interesting! I never saw a Murale box advertised either. Your samples are great though. Much better than mine!

  4. Mine was the exact same as yours..
    Also a little underwhelmed, the foundation was too dark for me and I'm not quite concerned about anti aging products yet - still dealing with hormonal acne over here, so I gave that to my mom who used it yesterday and LOVED it. I never wear lipstick, so also gave that to her, and she's pretty excited to try it. I was excited about the full sized hair colour protectant, something I can actually use! The mask seems nice too, just haven't tried it yet.

    1. I'm worried about the foundation. It took me a long time to find the shade listed on it... "neutral" in french. I doubt it will work for my fair skin.

  5. I'm glad I decided to upgrade to the Cosmetics Magazine box, except I'm still waiting for it! I got an email saying some items were damaged and they're waiting for new ones to come in. I can't wait to get it!

  6. I got the same box as you. The too-dark foundation was a repeat from the one I got in September :(

    I have high hopes for the mask (fingers crossed!). I'm trying it out tonight.

    I was seriously disappointed with this one...after I really liked the September one!

  7. I wish I lived in Canada so I could get a topbox too. They look really nice and the price is just the right spot.

  8. I got this same box. How disappointing. I could use the mask and hair stuff, but it was sort of underwhelming. I hope I get my upgrade wish this month.

    BTW....we must live near each other....we keep getting twin boxes for our subscriptions!


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