Luxe Box Review - Fall 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Luxe Box
How Much? $26 per quarter, $50 semi-annually, $96 yearly. Shipping included.
What’s in it?  7-8 Trial-size products every season (4x per year)

Yesterday I posted my Fall LOULOU Edition Luxe Box and today it's time to reveal my regular Fall edition box.

Regular Box with Shu Uemura Add-On

More great bags for travel!

My online "product card"

Shu Uemura - Cleansing Oil Shampoo (75ml, $25)
This is the product that was offered as an "add-on" to the regular box. For an additional $7, subscribers received a deluxe sized bottle, valued at $25. 

Simple Pleasures - Honey Almond Hand Cream (50ml, $10)

Blue Lagoon Iceland - Algae Mask (10ml, $20.60)

China Glaze - Autumn Nights Collection "Rendezvous with You" (Full size, $7)
I tested this out on my thumb last night and liked it so much I ended up giving myself a full manicure.

Clinique - High Impact Mascara in Black (3.5ml, $9.50)
I never complain about mascara samples, but I already received this one in my Summer LOULOU Edition Luxe Box.

The Balm - Instain Powder Blush in Swiss Dot (0.5g, $2.55)

Loose Button - Kabuki Brush (~$20)
I already received one of these in my regular Summer edition Luxe Box. 

Michael Kors - Eau de Parfum in Sporty Citurs, Sexy Amber, and GLAM Jasmine (1.5ml x 3, $7.65)
This is the only duplicate product I received in my two Fall edition boxes. Not bad. And surprisingly, I used the GLAM Jasmine scent yesterday and... I didn't hate it.

Forgot the MK Perfumes!

My Fall edition Luxe Box included 7 products, plus the Shu Uemura add-on, for a total of 8 products! I paid $26 for the box, plus $7 for the add-on. This regular edition box has an approximate value of  $77 without the Shu Uemura product, or $102 with! For $33, receiving $102 worth of product isn't bad at all. I'm a little bummed to receive another kabuki brush and mascara, but I will be able to use both those items eventually. I love the lotion and the nail polish and I'm looking forward to trying the algae face mask. I'm also pleased that this box only contains one duplicate from the Fall LOULOU box. I was worried I would get 7 repeat products. Overall, I'm happy!

What do you think of the regular Fall Luxe Box?

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  1. I didn't order this one (I took a page from your book, signed up for a different account, and got the Blue Lagoon box) but I am surprised by the anger being voiced on the Facebook page over the regular box. Do you think the criticisms are warranted?

    1. I haven't read them yet but I'm sure they are the same as every season. My first experience was after the Steven & Chris box in the Spring. The complaints were ridiculous. I wrote a commentary on my views along with my Spring box review. If you are interested, it's here:

    2. Good commentary. I think the problem for a number of people, myself included sometimes, is the lack of familiarity with exactly how MUCH some of these luxury items cost. That's why I appreciate your cost breakdowns, it helps to place things into a better perspective.

  2. See, I like this box better than your upgrade but it's too bad about the duplicates. The brush would make a nice gift if you don't need too, and that polish shade is gorgeous (I own it too!)

  3. Do you know anything about their advent calendar this year? I'm thinking it may be too late for them to offer it.

    1. I haven't seen anything about it unfortunately. It's a bit of false advertising I'd say since they use that image as a way to prevent people from unsubscribing.... HEY LOOK WHAT YOU WILL MISS IF YOU UNSUBSCRIBE!

    2. That's really too bad, I was looking forward to it.

    3. Look what was in my e-mail today:

      Hope the link works... it's an advent calendar wait list.

    4. Thanks! I got it too. I must be non-trendy as I don't really follow the current nail craze. If it's hand care, I'm interested, but if it's mostly nail polish I'm going to have to give it a pass. Sigh. I think I'lll treat myself instead to bottles of Grand Marnier and Amaretto and have myself a merry little blueberry-tea Xmas.

    5. Well the big reveal today was a let down. I decided to pass. $68 for 12 nail products is quite a bit and I don't really have any used for more nail polish!

  4. I got the exact same box....same add on, too! Loved the polish and hand cream. The shampoo was a nice luxury treat, but it didn't help my oily scalp or my dry hair. Haven't used the rest yet but this is my 3rd or 4th clinique mascara and my third MK perfume matchbox (it came out a few months ago and got one online from a Bay order and one in store). Might gift this one. Overall, enjoyed this...was my first luxe box!


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