Julep Maven Review - October 2013 - Beauty Subscription Box

What is it? Julep Maven
How Much? $19.99 per month, shipping included
What’s in it? At least $40 worth of products chosen depending on your style profile, or upgrade your box for an additional $50 and get the entire collection for the month ($220 value).

The theme of the October Maven boxes is "The Rebel Set" and includes colours and products to "light up your dark side". I opted for the Modern Beauty box with a few polish add-ons.

First look

Add on colours

Valerie (Bombshell collection) - Teal with iridescent microshimmer. ($14)

Anisa (Classic with a Twist collection) - Deep burgundy creme. ($14)

Cleopatra (Bombshell collection) - Black latex creme. ($14)

Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener ($22)
Two intensely pigmented colors—carbon black and brown shimmer—that glide on smoothly and blend like a dream.

Mask Noir (2.5oz, $32)
A peel-off mask of gentle kaolin clay and black volcanic ash.

In honour of Halloween, Julep also included a little packet of candy corn in the October box. I love when Julep includes candies and added bonuses! I love the black latex polish and I can't wait to try out the Mask Noir. My October Maven box included two products valued at $54 (not including the add-on polishes). I'm pretty happy with this box!

What do you think of the October Modern Beauty Julep Maven box?

If you are interested in trying Julep, please use my referral link! Use promo code FREECOLOR to get your first box free!

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  1. I've been having some not so good experiences with Julep's CS lately. Anyways not one of my favourite boxes, everything is so overpriced! Those are pretty colours though.

    1. That's too bad. I agree the products are over prices. I never buy outside of a sale. I've never had issues with CS though. They take awhile to respond but have always been accomodating.

  2. I signed up for a Maven account which is basically a monthly subscription. It was such a HASSLE to remember to go online every month and change the products or cancel the order completely. You only have a 4 day window to edit/cancel, and if you forget or go on vacation, you get charged. They are very strict about this. It sucks paying for products you don't want. Needless to say, I cancelled my account.

    The polish is decent, but I'd stay away from their skin care and makeup.

    1. Julep Maven is a monthly subscription and I promote it as such. I've never had a problem with the monthly window because they send an e-mail reminder so I log in almost immediately, whether from home, work, or from my phone on the go. I have skipped several months with no troubles and never received a box I didn't desire.

      Their makeup and skincare is improving greatly. My favourite eye liner at the moment is the Kajal Eye Glider and I LOVE the Strawberry Mint Lip Balm. Not such a fan of the Grapefruit Body Scrub though.


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