Seasons Box Update

*This box is closed*

Last week I posted about how SeasonsBox had let it slip on Facebook that they would no longer be shipping to Canada. September 1st, I checked the website for the box reveal to find a blank page. The website was down (and still is), and they were not responding to Facebook messages. After all the issues and complaints, I was worried that the people behind SeasonsBox had simply closed shop and cut their losses.

Today, they finally broke the silence. First they posted on Facebook that the website was down for updates and they would be updating soon with an "exciting announcement". The announcement came this afternoon.

For the second time 6 months, SeasonsBox is under new management. Canadian shipping will continue. Communication has already improved. The September box only has three items, but one of them (the lotion) is worth $75 apparently.

My subscription ends after the September box. I'm not sure if I will subscribe again. If I do, I'm going to wait a few months and see how the new changes play out.

What do you think about the new, new SeasonsBox?

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  1. I bought a year's subscription, until next April, I think. I am happy, happy about these changes. Wonder who bought the company.

  2. I don't know about Seasons box, I don't really trust it these days. Will be curious to see how the next few months go!


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