Bonjour Jolie Review - September 2013 - Time of the Month Subscription Box

What is it? Bonjour Jolie 
How much? $16 per month plus $10 shipping to Canada 
What's in it? "Each Box Contains Feminine Products, Specialty Bath and Body Items, Gifts, Teas, and Artisianal Chocolates"

My three month subscription came to an end after August, but Bonjour Jolie was kind enough to send me one more box as a thank you for referring some new subscribers. The theme of September's box is "Go Vegan!" and features edible and pampering products that are all vegan.

First look

Product card

The Supplies:

25 assorted pads, liners, and tampons (brand & type of my choosing, approximate value $10)
They used to offer 30 units and I'm not sure when this changed. I noticed this month I only received 25, so went back to my August box and counted 25 there as well. There were definitely 30 in the May box, because I counted, but since then I didn't pay much attention.
The Gift:


Personalized Silver Necklace ($16)
Everyone received a personalized necklace this month! Mine comes with a stamped J charm, a leaf charm, and a blue/pink Murano glass bead. I LOVE this necklace. I am all over leaf charms lately. It's the absolute perfect necklace for me. This is one of the things I love about Bonjour Jolie. The personalized touches are incredible.

The Edibles:

Desidero Chocolates - Gourmellow (1 piece, $3)
This was tasty. I ate it almost immediately. It's a vegan marshmallow truffle bar, made with coconut oil and tapioca syrup. 

Leccare Lollipops in Salted Caramel and Peach Cobbler (2 lollis, $2)
The lollis aren't listed on the product card this month. They were included in the August box so I guess they are a bit of a bonus.

SerendipiTea Tea Company (5 tea bags + muslin sachet, $3.50)
This is a fun collection of loose leaf teas. They smell fantastic. Funny enough, an independent coffee shop down the street from my house features SerendipiTea products - all the way from Manhasset, New York! I've enjoyed Ruby Slipper a few times before. 

The Pampering: 

U Just Relax Bath Tea (1 sachet, $2)
Place this sachet in your bath or hang it in the shower for calming aromatherapy. It can be dried and re-used two to four times. 

Always Radiant Feminine Wipes (2 packets, $0.50)

Sunny Day Botanicals Pomegranate Vegan Body Lotion (7ml sample, $7)
This smells fantastic!

Puur Body Vegan Lip Balm in Sweet Vanilla (Full size, $3.50)
Created and branded specifically for Bonjour Jolie.

Just Pure Minerals Glow Bronzer & Brush ($1.50 sample)

Advil (4 pills)

The September Bonjour Jolie box has an approximate value of $49. The best item by far is the personalized necklace. It's my favourite gift item from any of the Bonjour Jolie boxes I've received. After a disappointing August box, I'm really pleased with the September offering.

What do you think of the September Bonjour Jolie box?

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  1. that necklace is gorgeous and makes the whole box worthwhile! I haven't subbed to this but it is lovely.

  2. The necklace is gorgeous. I wish something like that came before I unsubbed. I may have stayed then


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